Joseph O'Brien

Joseph O'Brien
Joseph O’Brien was born in Freehold, NJ, and lives on a homestead with his wife and nine children in rural Soldiers Grove, WI. He is managing editor of Adoremus Bulletin, a short-story editor for Tuscany Press, Wellesley, Mass., and poetry editor and staff writer (Set 'Em Up Joe and Sheep and Goats) for the San Diego Reader, where his poetry has been published in the past. His poems also have appeared in the Kickapoo Free Press, Dappled Things, America, and Chronicles.

Articles by Joseph O'Brien

Neither smoke nor sweet

The Maguey Agrio’s floral quality is nothing to run away from

The Maguey Agrio served at Banker’s Hill is the Mexican answer to the whiskey sour, says its creator, Banker’s Hill bar manager Colin Berger. Referencing mescal’s plant of origin and the Spanish word for “sour,” ...

The goods and evils of eternity

James Archer's road to priesthood began at an English pub called The Ship

James Archer God and Reason In defending revelation, I wish not to deprecate human reason, much less to establish Christianity on its ruins. Reason is the most beautiful ornament of our nature, the distinguishing excellence ...

Agents of hope

Orthodoxy may be 111 years old, but it still feels relevant

Membership: 550 Pastor: Ryan Rosenbaum Age: 42 Born: Fort Benning, GA Formation: University of Washington, Seattle. WA; Talbot School of Theology-Biola University, La Mirada; Hebrew University, Jerusalem Years Ordained: 18 San Diego Reader: What is ...

Fruit bound for cocktail glory

“You could call The Chinotto an Italian Old Fashioned,”

Citrus myrtaflora—more commonly known in its native Italy as the chinotto—is a diminutive member of the orange family, and it has a secret. But it’s one of the worst kinds of secret—one that everyone knows ...

Founder of Mohism emphasizes self-restraint, self-reflection and authenticity

Mozi taught that all men should be loved equally

Mozi How do we know Heaven loves the people? Because it teaches them all. How do we know it teaches them all? Because it claims them all. How do we know it claims them all? ...

God found in Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

There are great illustrations that pop up in movies that communicate deep spiritual truths

La Mesa Church of Christ Contact: 5150 Jackson Dr., La Mesa (619) 465-5150 Membership: 100 Pastor: Graham Clifford Age: 43 Born: Salinas Formation: Dallas Christian College, Dallas, TX; Center for Christian Education, Irving, TX ...

A spicy Old Fashioned

“What sets it apart is the bittersweet chocolate coming up the back”

Consider the quotidian comforts of the common whiskey flask. The preferred vade mecum of serious sippers, this versatile vessel fits in pocket, purse, or petticoat—a genie in a bottle who, at a moment’s command, provides ...

Union of the soul with God

English lawyer and Catholic writer Charles Butler withdrew from public life to concentrate on redressing injustices

Charles Butler Mystical theology is defined to be an union of the soul with God—so intimate, that her essence is, in a manner, transformed into the essence of God, and, in consequence of it, she ...

Like getting to the center of a jelly-filled donut

“When I said, ‘Yes,’ it became a journey of understanding and discovery”

Parkway Hills Church Contact: 1227 Eastlake Parkway, Chula Vista 619-656-3697 Membership: 150 Pastor: Tim Fillmore Age: 57 Born: Placerville Formation: Nazarene Bible College, Colorado Springs, CO; Point Loma Nazarene University Years Ordained: 19 San ...

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