Joseph O'Brien

Joseph O'Brien
Joseph O’Brien was born in Freehold, NJ, and lives on a homestead with his wife and nine children in rural Soldiers Grove, WI. He is managing editor of Adoremus Bulletin, a short-story editor for Tuscany Press, Wellesley, Mass., and poetry editor and staff writer (Set 'Em Up Joe and Sheep and Goats) for the San Diego Reader, where his poetry has been published in the past. His poems also have appeared in the Kickapoo Free Press, Dappled Things, America, and Chronicles.

Articles by Joseph O'Brien

The value of Colossians scripture

“Singing to God with gratitude in your hearts….”

Mar Vista Baptist Church Contact: 888 5th St, Imperial Beach 619-424-7877 Membership: 30 Pastor: Daniel Mullen Age: 62 Born: Glendale Formation: Southern California Seminary, El Cajon Years Ordained: 9 San Diego Reader: What’s your ...

Dominico Barberi heralded the “Second Spring” for Catholicism with John Henry Newman

The Italian priest was also a member of the Passionists congregation

Dominico Barberi Alas! O Lord, Sovereign ruler of the universe, thou who from nothing didst create all things, and with the power of thy arm dost preserve and uphold them; thou, who didst deign to ...

The “Prayers and Squares” of Spirit of Joy Lutheran

They have made over 1500 quilts, specifically for individuals who need prayers.

Spirit of Joy Lutheran Church Contact: 1735 Main St., Ramona 760-788-7456 Membership: 400 Pastor: Dan Erlenbusch Age: 68 Born: Columbus, OH. Formation: California Sate University-Fullerton; Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary, Columbia, SC. Years Ordained: 42 ...

Henry Weedall: devoted English priest and Catholic educator

Weedall devoted his life to the formation of young souls

Henry Weedall Let us begin with the virtue of religion. Of this a principal duty is worship, reason teaches us to worship God. The natural law prescribes that we should do it frequently. The divine ...

Hebrew for “loving kindness”

God is not static and we’re not static

Ner Tamid Synagogue Contact: 12348 Casa Avenida, Poway 858-513-8330 Membership: 140 families Rabbi: Sammy Seid Age: 31 Born: Mission Viejo Formation: University of California-Santa Cruz; California State-Fullerton; Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies-American Jewish University, ...

Knowledge alone frees the soul with the Mundaka Upanishad

Prayer and gifts to deities are vain and do nothing to alleviate suffering

Mundaka Upanishad Manifest, [yet] hidden; called “Moving-in-secret”: The great abode! Therein is placed that Which moves and breathes and winks. What that is, know as Being (sad) and Non-being (a-sad), As the object of desire, ...

Steve Albert REBOOTs at Poway’s All Faith Center

How you get from point A to point B in a healthy manner without spending a lot of time complaining

The All Faith Center Contact: 17762 St. Andrews Dr., Poway 858-487-8885 Membership: 18 faith teams (composed of “thousands” of members from area congregations) Pastor: Steve Albert (co-pastor with wife Abigail Albert) Age: 72 Born: ...

Matthew Hale: defender of the English crown

He was celebrated for his fairness and legal acumen and continued Oliver Cromwell’s Commonwealth of England

Matthew Hale The Great Lord of the World hath placed the Children of Men in this Earth as his Stewards; and according to the Parable in Matthew 25, He delivers to every person his Talents, ...

Lake Morena Community Church: to know God and make him known

“From Wrecked to Reconciled.”

Lake Morena Community Church Contact: 29765 Oak Drive, Campo (619) 478-5917 Membership: 100 Co-pastors: Bob and Tina Phillippi Age: 49/48 Born: Orange/San Luis Obispo Formation: Berean School of the Bible (Global University), Springfield, MO; ...