Golden Dreams

Star Bar’s star

“This is our refuge, our comfort. She is good people.”

“Longevity!” says Mr. Evans. “That’s the thing. Longevity: I come in here, and it’s familiar, welcoming, comfortable, like home. Like $2 beers on Thirsty Thursday. Still. Price unchanged! And Loni? Don’t get her mad. She’s ...

Dulzura’s full of schist

“Where there’s schist, there’s gold”

“Donald Sheckler always told me, ‘If you find schist, there’s gold somewhere nearby.’” Jim looks at the piece of schist rock he’s just kicked out of the dirt here, halfway up Mine Canyon. It’s a ...

How your genetic makeup impacts your health

Your genetics might mean your jar is already half-full

November 8 is Genetic Counselor Awareness Day. National Society of Genetic Counselors president Erica Ramos lives and works here in San Diego, and wants you to know that “your genes and your predispositions to disease ...

Skeletons and spiderwebs

“We live in hearts that we leave behind.”

On November 2, the Catholic Church celebrated the Feast of All Souls, commemorating the faithful departed who have died but who have yet to attain beatitude in heaven. The feast reminds the living to pray ...

Life-sustaining gorillas

“If I’m playing with them, I have to connect with the child in me”

Denny comes loping up to the window. He raises his hands against the glass until David Carr lifts his hands so they’re palm to palm, and would be touching were the glass not there. Then ...

Water ahead of the caravan

“More than 11,000 migrants have died out there since they first built the wall in 1996.”

“Here,” says Hugo Castro. “Put it under the branches, in shade, but where they can see it.” A gecko darts out. I lean over. I’m expected to dash off a little note on the bottle ...

The Inkwell Incidents

The details are difficult to hear

Inkwell Tattoo & Body Piercing on Main Street in Ramona is not on any of San Diego’s haunted house tours, and perhaps it’s just as well. Owner-operator Christopher Fowles has a business to run, and ...

Academic Anomaly addresses the Grievance Imbroglio

Scholarly journals publish hoax articles

In 1996, physics professor Alan Sokal submitted an article to the cultural studies journal Social Text claiming that “it is becoming increasingly apparent that physical ‘reality’ is fundamentally ‘a social and linguistic construct.’” His aim ...

To see him face consequences

I’d read my fellow Golden Dreams writer Matt Lickona’s funny July 3rd account of the “Before I die I want to…” chalkboard outside The Alibi bar, in Uptown at University and Richmond. I happened by ...

National champion auto racer

Poway's Dakota Dickerson: automobile racing is surprisingly cerebral

The guy is 21. When I was 21, I didn’t yet have my first car (which would be a Fiat 500). This guy ­— from San Diego — is driving Formula 4 cars 150 miles ...

A festa amid the fury

“O beautiful virgin of the rosary, who intercedes for us during the storm...”

“Julian had a polite but implacable contempt for Judeo-Christian tradition in virtually all its forms. He would deny this if confronted, citing evasively his affection for Dante and Giotto, but anything overtly religious filled him ...

Marsden’s military movie

“We decided the best thing we could do is tell stories”

“A few years ago,” said KPBS general manager Tom Karlo to the 25 or so people gathered in the plush quiet of the Joan & Irwin Jacobs Theater at the San Diego Museum of Photographic ...

Grow your guitar

"We need to reforest and recycle San Diego.”

“San Diegans could be growing their guitars in their front yard,” says Scott Paul. Say what? “Yes! Thousands of trees reach the end of their life cycle, and what happens? Too often, cities will mulch ...

Public pianos

"Sometimes I play here for hours. It gives me peace of mind”

They’re are a worldwide phenomenon. They say 38 cities have installed pianos worldwide so far, including London, Boston, Los Angeles. And Coronado. Saturday afternoon. Sunny, breezy. Chloe Albert’s bored. She’s with her mother, the Coronado ...

His and Hers memory quilts

“It gives you nice memories and something to snuggle under — or in Izzy’s case, sleep on.”

His and Hers memory quilts

Let’s Be Friends

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