Golden Dreams

Dingle detour

“We’re not tourists, we’re travelers”

Dingle detour

Kenny Bania buys a slice

Scorched pesto is not something worth paying to endure

Kenny Bania buys a slice

Dead Owl, lost pearls

“Pearl Ship in the Desert” is El Centro's greatest mystery

Dead Owl, lost pearls

Mr. Stein’s ghost

Things are strangely quiet here

Mr. Stein’s ghost

Intuitive engineer

“It’ll do 120, 130 mpg. Or, for the electric version, I think I can get 1,000 miles on one charge.”

Intuitive engineer

Urban forester

“Trees are sentient beings, our partners. We need them”

Urban forester

Car-crazy Carlos’ crazy car

It’s the brands that get a bump

When the Chula Vista cop pulled Carlos Abram Reyes over, he thought maybe the 21-year old was driving a Nissan 350Z. He had some reason to think it: the rear diffuser surrounding the twin exhaust ...

St. Malo serenade

I have long held that happy people don’t make art

Through the kind indulgence of the residents and the largesse of friends and loved ones, I have on occasion been allowed to visit St. Malo, a private community of beachside homes situated at the southern ...

The two coasts: drifting apart?

How do we define “evolution”?

Are San Diegans becoming as different from New Yorkers as bonobos have become, say, from chimps? Biologist Nathan Lents was in town the other day, talking at the Central Library and on KPBS about how ...

Jaws of life (Release the Kracken!)

Their eyes pop out and their stomachs explode through their mouths

“Conserving our planet one fish at a time.” You do a double-take when you see the sign. Because Randy Hupp’s a commercial fisherman. But he is serious about this. What he’s started, from his home ...

The Jack Ryan Experience experience

“These are getting more elaborate every year,” said my fellow media person Callie as we gazed up at the full-scale model helicopter above the two-story set intended to invoke a bombed-out Middle Eastern edifice. We ...

Joy Juice

"We just want to take the edge off."

“Two claps!” says Tysheen. “Now, shout it out.” “Bula!” “OK. Gulp it down in one. And, one more clap!” This is kava-drinking in City Heights. Boy. Have to say. It’s ceremonial and it’s fun. Only ...

The heart of democracy

Peace, after more than 20 years of horrible warfare

The one thing you notice about these taxi drivers is they’re always talking. Laughing, shouting, arguing, confiding. They’ll stop only if a passenger comes trundling across from the Santa Fe Depot to their Kettner Boulevard ...

Cosplay is Mom’s thing

“I always joke that we need a smaller house and a bigger garage."

Sheila Szilagyi-Noseworthy is getting the upstairs bathroom remodeled in her pretty Poway home. “It’ll be nice,” she muses. “But I always joke that we need a smaller house and a bigger garage. That’s my dream, ...

Avenue Mural Project brought in a heavy

“This is about nothing but love.”

Has anybody seen the movie, Morgan: A Suitable Case for Treatment? About this crazy artist who couldn’t bear to see a bare wall? Each time, he had to fill it with a mural. It was ...

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