Matthew Suárez

Matthew Suárez
Matthew Suárez is a writer, musician and photographer who worked in Los Angeles as paparazzo for Bauer-Griffin and National Photo Group (2007-2011). His celebrity pictures appeared in newspapers and magazines all over the world. For the Reader he covers music, food, border and Baja stories. He also writes in his own blog, As a musician he holds a BA in classical guitar under the tutelage of O. Nicholas Raths from Saint John's University. He is also the creator of Tijuana Adventure, private tours in TJ.

Articles by Matthew Suárez

Tijuana filmed in Tijuana

Univision/Netflix series to appear late fall

How embarrassing! I just looked out my balcony, all hungover and disheveled, to find un chingo de gente afuera,” (an f--- of a lot of people outside), comments Lalo, my neighbor from the building in ...

The old rusty metal gate is gone

PedEast open at San Ysidro border crossing

I remember the first time I crossed the border as a pedestrian from San Ysidro to Tijuana. It was early 2010, the pedestrian entry lay on the west side of the 5. It was a ...

Tijuana’s most violent month in all its history

Zeta newspaper tells the details

“The violence and crime in Tijuana has exceeded its own records and has imbued terror in a society, in which authorities have been surpassed and lack any leadership.” That’s how an extensive report of the ...

Afternoon at the Nelson Bar

Rantings of an ex-pat

I met a 62-year-old man at Nelson Bar in Tijuana today. He said, “I like talking to white people, you white?” Sort of, I responded. “You look white! I know everything. Ask me anything. No. ...

Mexico exits the World Cup

Americans come for the early beer, locals eat kimchi

“Estoy muy triste,” said my friend Joey in his poor Spanish after Mexico got eliminated from the World Cup. Joey (with his date) drove at dawn from Little Italy to downtown Tijuana to live the ...

Two hours from downtown TJ to bullring

The free bus to Tijuana's craft beer fair

“It started to rain!” commented Andrés “el Andy” Rodríguez, beertender and brewer at Madueño Brewing Co. I was perplexed. It didn’t rain in Tijuana or Playas the night before. “Not real rain, it started to ...

#tijuana tacolife

Tacos el Gallito, Ta'Karbon, El Nuevo Tecolote, Tacos el Dorado, Wicho's Tacos, Tacosteno

Yes, I’m one of those people — when presented with an amazing plate, I’ll take out my cell phone. Hell, I’ll even take out my DSLR and take dozens of photos before having a bite. ...

Landslide buries Tijuana neighborhood

Residents ready to lynch looters, contractor

There are neighborhoods in the hills of Tijuana that always seem to be on the verge of collapse. Narrow streets that lead up steep hills give you a sense of vertigo as you’re riding a ...

Tijuana does Hollywood… again

Local social media responds

Tijuana’s National Chamber of Commerce has unveiled its plan to build a Tijuana sign on the hill of Cerro Colorado similar to the famed Hollywood sign in Los Angeles. The proposed sign will be similar ...

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