Matthew Suárez

Matthew Suárez
Matthew Suárez is a writer, musician and photographer who worked in Los Angeles as paparazzo for Bauer-Griffin and National Photo Group (2007-2011). His celebrity pictures appeared in newspapers and magazines all over the world. For the Reader he covers music, food, border and Baja stories. He also writes in his own blog, As a musician he holds a BA in classical guitar under the tutelage of O. Nicholas Raths from Saint John's University. He is also the creator of Tijuana Adventure, private tours in TJ.

Articles by Matthew Suárez

Tijuana's Chiki Jai goes bye-bye

Temporary closure was planned for famed restaurant, fire was not

I never had a meal at the famed Tijuana restaurant Chiki Jai, and now I never will. The restaurant burned down on January 19th. Founded in 1947, Chiki Jai (“little party” in Basque) was a ...

Self-deported to TJ

My friends called me stupid

My friend Jaime crossed the border illegally in late 2015. He didn’t climb the fence, sneak through a tunnel, or swim around the wall. He walked up to the Otay gate and told a Customs ...

Tijuana rain + garbage + rats = chaos

Planned water outage kicks in after the storm

Many Tijuana residents woke up on Wednesday (January 10th) to find garbage in the streets and no running water in their homes. The state’s water utility, known by its initials CESPT, had planned to suspend ...

Tijuana pedestrians in the war zone

Calle Sexta project delayed

When the clock struck midnight on December 31st, Calle Sexta in Tijuana still resembled a war zone, with half-dug trenches and seemingly abandoned equipment. Partygoers didn’t seem to mind as they stumbled from bar to ...

Foreign gas stations opening up to Mexico

Consumers happy to buy from companies other than Pemex

“There’s an Arco by my house. It’s the same thing, just with more people in line because the gasoline is supposedly gabacha,” says Linda Goodman, a Tijuana local. “The gasoline liberation allowed foreign business to ...

Tijuana Uber report

Almost three years in, car service has slipped a couple rungs

There is a vast difference between what Uber was when they started in Tijuana in 2015 and what the company is now. Cars were new and clean. Drivers used to offer water, mints, candy, or ...

Spanglish Christmas

Kind bikers, vegan meals given out, posada, shopping in Pasaje Rodríguez, Santa's Red (TJ Christmas beer)

During the holiday season, thousands of Californians head south of the border to join their families for a Mexican Navidad mixed with customary American Christmas traditions. In the Spanglish world, as with the languages, the ...

Tijuana's 21st-century taco cart has arrived

“I guess it looks nicer. I don’t think our customers care.”

The trend to design exteriors of exposed brick and finished natural wood has made it to Tijuana. Many of the new and remodeled buildings have that modern look, clashing with the old sheet-metal carts of ...

Transplanted Minnesotan's daily TJ hair show

"They were trying to touch my hair like I was some sort of messiah.”

“People touch my hair all the time without asking,” says Szavio Raaum, a 28-year-old Minnesotan who lives in Zona Norte, Tijuana’s red-light district. “You missed a perfect picture the other day. A group of schoolgirls, ...

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