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Graveyard shift

Mount Hope Cemetery employee alleges false claims led to firing

In a new lawsuit, Manuel David Lugo, the former manager at the Mount Hope Cemetery, says his supervisors in the Parks and Recreation Department fired him because of his sexual orientation. But in order to ...

For sale: Southeast SD’s complex of death

Cemetery and mortuaries to be bought by Texas funeral giant

A major real estate wheeler-dealer from Houston is set to take over a big chunk of Southeast San Diego real estate, and the tenants aren't in a position to make a fuss about it. Greenwood ...

City cracks down on another pot dispensary

“[J]uvenile, who appeared to be 13 years old,” mentioned in complaint

While the city's newly adopted medical marijuana ordinance awaits final approval from the California Coastal Commission, city attorney Jan Goldsmith has continued his legal assault on dispensary owners and the property owners who lease to ...

All Things BBQ: Kim's Texas BBQ

Mt. Hope barbecue joint shows the true meaning of "hole in the wall"

A lot of people will tell you that their favorite restaurants are “holes in the wall,” or “hidden gems,” or at the very least, “obscure.” It’s seldom true. Then, there’s Kim’s Texas Barbecue, down in ...

Monumental: Alta M. Hulett at Mt. Hope Cemetery

Practiced law in San Diego, died at 22

Alta M. Hulett, born on June 4, 1854, in Rockford, Illinois, learned how to operate the telegraph at ten years of age and went on to become an operator. Fascinated with the legal profession, she ...

Mount Hope Photos

Costco in Mount Hope: where many ...

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