Andrew Hamlin

Andrew Hamlin
Andrew Hamlin likes to photograph shoes and write about dog shit. He was born and raised in Seattle, Washington, where he resides today. He attended the Evergreen State College, where he wrote and edited arts coverage for the Cooper Point Journal. He is the film critic for the Northwest Asian Weekly, and he’s published arts coverage and criticism in the San Diego Reader, Village Voice, Seattle Times, Seattle Weekly, Goldmine, and other publications. He misses Helen Wiggin. Hamlin’s website is

Articles by Andrew Hamlin

A rock and my disinclination to kick at it

Seven haiku

Library sink tableau two pages hardcore porn small sunscreen tube The bride and the groom and a little brown-haired girl sticking out her tongue Fourteen hours waiting for this train hello again, wink the stars ...

Brazilian rhapsody in Solana Beach

Bebel Gilberto records EP at Belly Up

Born in New York City but raised in Mexico and Brazil, Bebel Gilberto springs from a musical family — her father the bossa nova pioneer João Gilberto, her mother the singer Miúcha — and she’s ...

What is a rock star?

Grossmont professor Raul Sandelin's Throttle the Sun asks the question

Grossmont College professor Raul Sandelin premiered his new music documentary Throttle the Sun on September 14th as part of the college’s Fall Concert Series. In the film, he’s interrogating the history of, and the changing ...

Melvins' walk with love and death

"Heat? The cops usually leave me alone."

Here comes Buzz Osborne, leader of the Melvins, back with drummer Dale Crover and Redd Kross’ Steven McDonald on bass. On July 5th they hit the Casbah, far enough from the beach for Osborne, who ...

From the X-rated Jolar Arcade to the Belly Up

Gary Wilson will be rolling around in flour, paint, and duct tape

He may not be a native, but Gary Wilson — singer, composer, multi-instrumentalist, collector of alien sunglasses, secret-agent lounge musician fetishist of flour and paint — must rank at the top of San Diego music ...

Tinariwen — from a Moroccan oasis

Grammy-winners play Belly Up with Dengue Fever Thursday night

Tinariwen’s founder, Ibrahim Ag Alhabib, watched the execution of his father, a rebel in the 1963 Mali uprising. A few years later he found musical inspiration in a film, The Fastest Guitar Alive, starring Roy ...

Modern English melts fantastic

English new wave group tours through town behind their latest, Take Me To The Trees

Modern English will always be “I Melt with You” to America — an essential ’80s love song that singer Robbie Grey once admitted is about sex during nuclear war. They’re back with a new album, ...

H.P. Lovecraft churned out fiends

Fungi From Yuggoth and Other Poems read by William E. Hart

Howard Phillips Lovecraft (1890-1937) lived whenever possible in Providence, Rhode Island (although a short-lived marriage dragged him scraping and screeching to NYC for a jaunt). He grated through poverty, obscurity, frustration, nursing his personal obsessions ...

High school survivalists the Regrettes

With a Warner Brothers record deal, no regrets for these four teens

They’re too young to hold office and at least two of them can’t vote, but the Regrettes, four teens pushing back against conventional notions of beauty, status, and worth, have a Warner Brothers recording contract, ...

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