Andrew Hamlin

Andrew Hamlin
Andrew Hamlin likes to photograph shoes and write about dog shit. He was born and raised in Seattle, Washington, where he resides today. He attended the Evergreen State College, where he wrote and edited arts coverage for the Cooper Point Journal. He is the film critic for the Northwest Asian Weekly, and he’s published arts coverage and criticism in the San Diego Reader, Village Voice, Seattle Times, Seattle Weekly, Goldmine, and other publications. He misses Helen Wiggin. Hamlin’s website is

Articles by Andrew Hamlin

Thousand Below’s The Hangover moment

“We called the cops and they thought we had stolen the baby”

They rock. They roll. They shred. They mangle. But one thing you don’t expect from Thousand Below, your favorite San Diego post-hardcore slamdown quintet, is finding a home for an abandoned baby in Austin, Texas. ...

Sacri Monti’s Spinal Tap moments

Their second long-player, Waiting Room For The Magic Hour, finds them shunting in a few sounds not found in the formula

“Last summer, our tour manager had a sleepwalking problem. One mellow night at a hotel in Milan, Italy he got up while everyone was asleep and took a nap — butt naked — in the ...

Comic-Con co-founder Barry Alfonso, back in his hometown

His recently published A Voice of the Warm covers the life of Rod McKuen

“When we first came to San Diego, we lived in Golden Hill, then on Florida Street in the University Heights area. From there, we moved to a little bungalow on Eads Avenue in La Jolla. ...

Power-punk-pop trio Potty Mouth releases new album SNAFU

Soda Bar will host band on July 18th

Asked about favorite haunts when her band, Potty Mouth, comes to San Diego, drummer Victoria Mandanas replies, “The place where the seals are” — leaving unresolved whether she’s talking La Jolla, SeaWorld, or possibly both. ...

Lawrence: a steady diet of Aretha Franklin, Randy Newman, and Stevie Wonder

“So I used to have to wait outside the venue before we played”

Most acts with a few tours under their belt have San Diego stories they like to share. But Gracie Lawrence, one of a pair of siblings spearheading the band Lawrence, found she had to gather ...

Andrew Hamlin haiku

The Reader critic misses Helen Wiggin

Summer’s last party The boy bounces a pebble off his teeth *** Summer dies humid one new note in the klaxon on the fire engine *** Maid in doorway rocked back on bare heels from ...

Chon’s Play-Doh rock

Their music never goes the same way twice

Chon specialize in guitars that swirl and sway, spidering up and down scales over odd chord changes — an outgrowth of prog often called to as “math rock.” As Chon honcho Mario Camarena confesses, growing ...

Gary Wilson’s memories sweetened in The King of Endicott

The reality may or may not live up to the anticipation, but never mind reality.

Cult musician Gary Wilson — beloved by Beck, who once referred to him in a song lyric — has called San Diego home for decades. But the flamboyant fellow, fond of flinging flour onstage while ...

Pharlee melds Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and others for their brand of psychedelic speed rock

San Diego’s newest heavy rock supergroup

You summon that heavy-metal-but-high-ballin’ sound of Deep Purple circa Machine Head, cover it with sweet thick-fug mysterioso, swell up the organ, and top off with a commanding female wailing through astral planes and supreme beings ...

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