Andrew Hamlin

Andrew Hamlin
Andrew Hamlin likes to photograph shoes and write about dog shit. He was born and raised in Seattle, Washington, where he resides today. He attended the Evergreen State College, where he wrote and edited arts coverage for the Cooper Point Journal. He is the film critic for the Northwest Asian Weekly, and he’s published arts coverage and criticism in the San Diego Reader, Village Voice, Seattle Times, Seattle Weekly, Goldmine, and other publications. He misses Helen Wiggin. Hamlin’s website is

Articles by Andrew Hamlin

The influence of Krautrock, Zamrock, Northern soul, blues, and prog on San Diego’s Volcano

“We just wanted to put together heavy bluesy jam bands”

The San Diego all-star band Volcano, who release their debut album The Island on February 15, blend the sounds of Fela Kuti, Can, James Brown, and the Allman Brothers. Asked how a bunch of stoners ...

North Park hipsters don’t bother Zydeco musician Ruben Moreno

“Reminds me of parts of Houston today. Minus the southern cooking.”

Zydeco musician Ruben Moreno admits that, strictly speaking, he doesn’t live anywhere — or at least not for very long. But he proudly counts the Sun Dog City as one of his somewheres. “I live ...

How Gang of Four’s Andy Gill survived the Balboa Park Carousel

This year marks the 40th anniversary of their Entertainment! debut

Andy Gill’s the guitarist, lyricist, political and cultural commentator, record producer, photographer, and last remaining founder member in Gang of Four, and surely no shrinking violet. But he just about met his match at the ...

Full-body synesthesia

A musical experience involving not only the ears, but the whole body

The Multisensory Aesthetic Experience hasn’t toured in years. But they remember the sweet spots in the lower 48, and how to celebrate them. “San Diego is a uniquely special place for the band,” explains MAE’s ...

Mostly upsides

Veronica May finds that trauma can cause serious growth

It might seem strange to fixate on the upside of a condition that turns your life into chaos and just might kill you. But singer/songwriter Veronica May is determined to stay optimistic. “So many upsides,” ...

Life through music

Christopher Hollyday releases his first album in 26 years

Christopher Hollyday — jazz saxophone prodigy, composer, teacher — wasn’t sure he’d landed in a good jazz town when he moved here in 1996. “I checked the San Diego Reader [for jazz listings]. I listened ...

Unleash the fire

Castle’s raw, stripped down approach is often compared to early Rush

Castle’s video for "Deal Thy Fate," the title tune of their new album, shows them mostly romping under Mojave heat near the band’s pad in Joshua Tree; but it throws in some eerie things materializing ...

El Ten Eleven’s double-necked axe

“I had to come up with my own techniques and tunings for playing both necks at the same time.”

Playing guitar and bass more-or-less at once, in real time, with only two hands, might strike one as a strenuous proposition. But Kristian Dunn, of instrumental duo El Ten Eleven, makes it work. With a ...

The sad but beautiful ’80s sound of Paper Kites

It’s important to have some role models, particularly for male vocalists

I figured Aussie bands would be good for plenty of stories about driving long stretches gig to gig over their home continent. I was disappointed. “Most Australian bands when they tour,” explains Paper Kites singer ...

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