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Name: Taylor Whitworth

Age: 25

Occupation: Entrepreneur

Neighborhood: Mission Valley

Interviewed at: Barnes & Noble, Hazard Center

What are you reading?

Rich Dad’s Guide to Investing: What the Rich Invest In, That the Poor and Middle Class Do Not! by Robert Kiyosaki. I want to start getting into investing, and I’m looking for a guide to help me. I’m kind of familiar with Kiyosaki; I recently read his Business of the 21st Century, so I know his style of writing. He states in his books that it doesn’t take a lot of wits to write a book, and he makes it very simple and straight to the point. I like that. Investing can be very overwhelming, so being able to simplify it is good. It’s different from Investing for Dummies; that one goes into a lot of depth. I’ve read a few pages of this one, and it’s more of a personal approach. He throws in his tips and a little bit of how he did it.”

Do you read a lot of business books?

“I do. I talk about them with my boyfriend. We’ve read and discussed The Business of the 21st Century, Rich Dad, Poor Dad, How to Win Friends and Influence People, Success Principles, The 10X Rule: The Only Difference Between Success and Failure, books like that.”

Do you read many other sorts of books?

“I read a lot of spiritual books and just kind of personal development books. One of my brothers is more into those, so I have that relationship — I can talk to him about them. He recommends things to me, things like Don Miguel Ruiz’s The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom — I love that one.”

Do you have a favorite author?

“I don’t.”

What book was most life-changing for you?

“It’s called Seth Speaks: The Eternal Validity of the Soul, by Jane Roberts. She’s sort of a medium, and she’s written several books —  this was in the ‘70s. Seth is a being who speaks through her, and her husband records as he’s speaking through her, and then she writes the book in his style. Seth is neither male nor female, but to make it simplified for people he calls himself Seth. That book is also very simplified: he’s just straight to the point. ‘This is how it is. I say it in this way that will make sense to you’ — to us as humans. That was fascinating.”

How so? Some people might be tempted to dismiss it as nonsense, but you didn’t.

“I’m very open-minded, and it just opened my mind up more to the way we think about certain things, because of the way our human minds are. It was kind of, like, ‘Wow, there’s so much more going on that we don’t see.’ Energies and stuff like that.”

Excerpt from Seth Speaks: “The fact is that each of you create your own physical reality; and en masse, you create both the glories and the terrors that exist within your earthly experience. Until you realize that you are the creators, you will refuse to accept responsibility. Nor can you blame a devil for the world’s misfortunes. You have grown sophisticated enough to realize that the Devil is a projection of your own psyche, but you have not grown wise enough to learn how to use your creativity constructively.”

Do you read any magazines or newspapers?

No. I’m not really much into news. If I was very interested in something that was going on, I might check The Drudge Report.

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