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San Diego Venezuelans grateful to Trump

Drenched at Waterfront Park

During the rainstorm on February 2, Oceanside resident Ana Groening trekked down to Waterfront Park while "many others didn’t make it." That Saturday, many of Groening's fellow-Venezuelans were slated to meet at the waterfront park ...

Pit bulls no match for Imperial Beach feral cats

Olive had tears of blood

“These Imperial Beach cats are ballsy,” Julie said, “normally cats just freeze and run away.” She was referring to the rash of cat attacks reported on the Ring and Facebook apps. “Both of my [Pitbull ...

Even the DA buys into Alphabetic Evolution

Transition of script lettering to graffiti writing

On January 25, Jose Venegas finished painting a mural titled Alphabetic Evolution at the juvenile office of the district attorney, located at Meadow Lark Drive, northeast from 163 and Genesee. “This 15-foot painting represents the ...

Wild West at Oceanside Airport

Monday night's death in fog

Tim Broom was not happy that a small plane crashed about 700 yards from his home near Highway 76. But when his interview aired on News 8’s 11 pm Tuesday night newscast, he could not ...

Steel ball resurfaces again at Black’s Beach

Painted with nude beaches from across the world, a pumpkin, and a golf ball

On Sunday, a crew of lifeguards at Black’s Beach discovered that “the elusive steel ball” has resurfaced after a 2-year hiatus, this time washing up along the north end of the beach. “We haven’t seen ...

I once lived in an RV in San Diego, and it sucked

Van-lifers on Fiesta Island: you are subject to police profiling

On January 26, about 150 van-lifers converged at Fiesta Island. Jarrod, 33, rolled to the Vanlife Meetup in his 2003 Ford E-350 ambulance that he purchased from Pennsylvania last week. “[I believe that] most of ...

San Diego pot producers challenged by rivals

Urbn Leaf goes after Golden State Greens

As cannabis facilities grow, so does the traffic around them. Emissions increase, air quality degrades. Yet the San Diego City Council is ignoring those environmental impacts. That’s what several appeals of permits for three new ...

A camel for San Diego Somalis

You'll know you're in City Heights

“It’s a camel, but what is the point of this?” asked Kee. “Ohhh, it’s a bike rack.” She was referring to a new red colored bike rack that measures about four feet long, on the ...

North Park garage art delayed – but on its way

Kris Moore and Don Masse art to go up at 29th and University

The art competition launched last year to add new murals to the North Park parking garage had a stated installation of Fall 2018. Obviously that did not happen. The fading original artworks by artist Blair ...

Vista child grabber gets four years prison

Admitted kidnap of girl outside library and punching her sister

A 60-year-old homeless man admitted trying to kidnap one small child and then beating up her teenaged sister who had intervened. In a plea deal, Alan Ray Sasseen will get four years in California State ...

"Bad chemical smell" on Fiesta Island

“A lot of contractors dump wood and furniture in the pits”

On January 12, Tiffany Bauer and her kitties inhaled a “bad chemical smell” exuding from a nearby fire on Fiesta Island. Bauer looked outside of her window and noticed a burning “sofa” about 100 feet ...

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