Waterfront stories

Getting’ buggy

Spiny lobster season opener

What bug can cost five hundred dollars? There are a bunch of them cruising along, especially near reefs and jetties. The hefty price tag is the fine for illegal take or possession of the California ...

Buzzed man at the beach falls into the drink

Underpants-wearing rescuers fish him out for hospital ride

“I’ve never heard a sound like that, “ Devin told me. “He literally fell backwards, off the cliff, and banged his head hard on the rocks.” Devin was one the three men who witnessed the ...

DIY surfboard shaping — cool but not too cool

Solana Beach, La Jolla, Morena Boulevard

In the early 1960s, surf shops, which had been little more than beach shacks where balsawood blanks were sculpted into surfboards, were replaced by storefronts where surfboards were sold along with T-shirts and trunks. By ...

Tiny surfboards

Alaias are paipos’ bigger brothers

Paipo boards are small wooden surf craft made to be ridden prone. Alaia boards are paipos’ bigger brothers and can be surfed while standing. While known in Encinitas for building and riding both traditional-style paipos ...

Kayak fishing tournament starts midnight Sunday

17 years since sport started here

In just a few years of internet postings by paddle-angler pioneers like Jim Sammons and Dennis Spike hitting the beaches with remarkable catches on an inexpensive plastic boat, the popularity of kayak fishing exploded. The ...

Tantalizing chance to fish in Encinitas forbidden zone

From Moonlight to Seaside beach

Recreational anglers, along with a scientist from Scripps Institute of Oceanography at UCSD, got to fish where the rest of us can’t — in the Marine Protected Area of Encinitas — a no-take area for ...

Festival of Sail — not fuel-driven design

Importance of the Civil War to ship technology

Though steam-driven or steam-assisted vessels first ventured onto the high seas in 1831, the main turning point from sail to side-wheel and eventually propeller for naval technology was during the Civil War. During the war, ...

The shark guy of Ocean Beach Pier

“We eat everything we catch.”

“I’ve been coming to this pier for over 20 years to fish — every Sunday and at least four times a week,” José Plascencia told me as he was loading his grandson Ethan into his ...

Cornhole finally on California beaches

Boys and Girls Club get Ballast Point and Latitude 33 to bring suds

During summer, especially in the Midwest, one can usually find a game of cornhole (tossing a corn-filled sack onto a tilted plank) in progress at the local park. During winter, it is played indoors where ...

Ocean Beach bubble man's boomerang boomerangs

"Hit me in the shin"

There are several “bubble guys” in Ocean Beach and San Diego, but there’s only one, Paul Saccone, with a boomerang. You’ll often find him on the beach, or pier, holding up his giant soap-dipped wands ...

Tim Bessell will make you an Andy Warhol surfboard — for $8,000 to $40,000

It started with forgettable film made in La Jolla

Artist Andy Warhol became famous for finding art in things as common as soup cans. While surfboards are not that common, pop art’s crown prince did have a brief brush with the functional art form. ...

Etchells sailboats will race this week from Pt. Loma along Coronado

Former underdogs not chosen by Europeans

In 1965, Stamford, Connecticut boat designer and builder Skip Etchells saw a notice by the International Yacht Racing Union announcing a contest to build four new classes of racing sailboats, including a new three-man keelboat ...

Embarcadero accident — Coast Guard crew jumped in, clothes and all (video)

Bone protruding from upper arm

Saturday, Aug. 5th, A man fell out of his boat this afternoon while in front of the South Embarcadero around 1:30 PM. Witnesses stated the man was then struck by his boat and received serious ...

Clydesdale and Athena categories in Chula Vista Challenge

Most inclusive triathlon — easy for spectators too

What is probably the most inclusive triathlon event on the West Coast will be held at South Bay’s Bayside Park this Sunday. The Chula Vista Challenge features race events for entrants in groups the ‘Itsy ...

Nearly 700 sign petition to protect Lake Miramar nutrients

Lower Otay, Murray and San Vicente reservoirs may receive the purified water, too

The city of San Diego’s plans to pump purified water into Lake Miramar is running into trouble with fishing aficionados who like to lure large-mouth bass at the lake. “Over time, pumping reclaimed potty water ...

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