Waterfront stories

IB is a good place for floaters

But Sunset Cliffs has nice easy channels

Name: Peter Ramseier Age: 47 From: Imperial Beach Occupation: Airplane mechanic Peter Ramseier rolled out to surf with his two sons and their friends just hours before the Christmas Eve festivities. They surfed by the ...

Let's hope she doesn't run aground

Show boat replaces customs enforcer

Her length, including bowsprit, is 145 feet, though when considering just her hull at 130 feet by 24 feet, the Californian, a replica of the mid-nineteenth century Revenue Cutter C.W. Lawrence, weighs in at one ...

Diving wrecks near the border

USS Hogan and Trident missile tower

The following two dive sites come from divebums.com USS Hogan The 314-foot Hogan is the only wreck in this area which is serviced by San Diego's commercial dive boat operators. She is a WWII-era destroyer, ...

Beat the eagles and osprey

Lake Jennings night fishing

In San Diego County, night-fishing is usually not available until summer catfish season; most lakes close at sunset. But trout, largemouth bass and channel and blue catfish feed at night. The fish can cruise the ...

A proper tomb for "NOAA Jim"

“The ratio of concrete to water to ash was a guess.”

In 2011, a tight-knit group of divers lost a dear friend. Jim had died doing what he loved best: diving. So, after his memorial, we’d planned to scatter a portion of his ashes at sea, ...

Five best snorkeling places in San Diego

From Surf You To The Moon

The following list comes from Surf You To The Moon. 1. La Jolla Cove. Underwater kelp forests, sandy plains. Swim out 20 yards to see sea lions, fish, lobster, and sheep crab. 2.Mission Point Beach ...

The advantage of a custom board

The anti-Wavestorm arguments

“When you add it all up, a surfboard costs a few cents a wave.” — Legendary surfboard shaper, Bill Caster Generally ranging between 800 and 1,200 dollars each, custom surfboards seem expensive until considering the ...

Eyes of O.B. Pier

Guerrilla artist comes forward, explains dragon tears project

Jann Manning says, “One day when I was walking on the [O.B.] pier, which I love to do, I noticed there were a lot of holes in the pier [concrete] and it was kind of ...

Chollas Lake piers and playground make it easy

Free fishing clinic for kids under 15

Most county lakes and reservoirs offer fishing and are stocked with channel catfish, trout, blue catfish, sunfish, bluegill, and bass. For the city-bound, Chollas Lake, located centrally in Oak Park on the north side of ...

Kayak to Sunny Jim

The fight for La Jolla caves access

In the early 1920s, Frank Baum, author of The Wizard of Oz, was looking at the illuminated mouth of the cave from the darkness inside and remarked that the silhouette resembled Sunny Jim, the cartoon ...

At PB maybe I was getting in their way

Bought a Barry Snyder surfboard for $50

Name: Melissa Beach: Ocean Beach Melissa moved here from Guam two months ago. She’s a 20-year-old college student that frequents Ocean Beach because of the friendlier vibes. “At PB by the pier, it was different,” ...

Recreational fishing under attack?

“We get blamed for a lot of what the commercial guys have caused.”

“Recreational fishing in California is under attack every day,” says Wayne Kotow, executive director of the Coastal Conservation Association – California. In a year-end report to the Oceanside Senior Anglers on December 5th, he reported ...

Early whales

A juvenile gray spyhopped under Coronado bridge

This is the time of year that gray whales follow their twelve-thousand mile migratory round-trip to the Pacific lagoons of Baja California Sur, where they calve and nurse their newborns in the tranquil and food-rich ...

Trout Derby drama at Dixon Lake

Boyfriend's fish caught near contest's closing has 1/3 oz. advantage

The City of Escondido’s 39th annual Trout Derby at Dixon Lake attracted hundreds of anglers from around Southern California on December 1–3. Even without the planting of huge Nebraska tailwalkers at this year’s opener, stringers ...

Coronado was like Tahiti

Firewire surfboard snapped in half

Name Chad : Age: 37 Occupation: Law student at the University of San Diego Where: Ocean Beach Pier I found Chad surfing with his seven-foot Catch Surf Odysea in support for the “Paddle for Clean ...

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