Waterfront stories

San Diego, surfing epicenter

Mike Doyle and the early '60s, Coronado kid gets thrashed in Hawaii, complete surf glossary, surfing guide to Baja, early days of surf movies, Rusty Preisendorfer’s success as shaper and marketer

Shifting Sands The boaters are all for the proposed harbor expansion. Many of them surf themselves, or are ex-surfers who switched to boating in their later years — but they say surfing is a "one-on-one" ...

Soggy jetskier unable to remount ski

Plus drug busts

July 15 HP issued a citation to a boater in the A-1 Anchorage who did not have a valid permit. HP were dispatched to the area of Buoy 22 for a boater needing assistance. It ...

How to dive Cardiff Reef

You won't see any spaces to swim around the kelp canopy

The following comes from DiveBums.com Getting Wet: Head to the north end of the parking lot and enter the water where the lagoon flows into the ocean. You'll most likely see surfers to the south ...

Pacific Beach has waves for both right and left

I’m getting better with my right side

Name: Victor Taveira Age: 24 From: Point Loma Location: Tourmaline Surf Park “I usually go to OB, but it’s mostly right-hand waves, so I go over to Pacific Beach, because it has waves for both ...

Sea squirt, a small blob, shows up in Ocean Beach

Scripps scientist says common in intertidal pools

Several tourists and locals were in for a creepy encounter in Ocean Beach last week, as “this thing” washed ashore. “What is it? Daddy what IS it?” I heard a young girl of about seven ...

Rule 9 infraction, boating under the influence, and inexperienced sailor

Large sailboat hitting anchored vessels in La Playa

July 6 HP took a phone report for a subject who claimed he hired a vessel mechanic to perform some work. The subject claimed the mechanic took miscellaneous engine components and cashed checks he should ...

Seawall enhancement shot down

Grandview Beach homeowners lose permanent rights to stairs and concrete

Environmental advocates at the Surfrider Foundation's San Diego chapter are celebrating a state supreme court decision that overturned a challenge by homeowners on Leucadia's oceanfront who sought to remove restrictions on seawall construction permits they'd ...

Mahi-mahi fishing contest at Los Barriles in Baja

Our friends, the dorado

Mahi-mahi, their name in Polynesian, means “very strong.” Common in warmer waters worldwide, they have been a food fish for thousands of years. They are known by at least ten names around the globe. Here ...

Baby clams ashore on Silver Strand cause excitement, discussion

Don't eat them

"[There were] thousands of clams under the shallow surf just below the sand," said Shawn, "never have I seen something like this on our beaches." Shawn, from Chula Vista has been fishing for 20 years. ...

I just swim away

PB's Eva Greenberg's only complaint is the rocks

Name: Eva Greenberg Age: 24 From: Pacific Beach Location: Tourmaline Surf Park Eva Greenberg had just finished surfing and was showering by Lifeguard Tower 28. The 24-year old PB local first started surfing two years ...

Investigations and arrests on the waterfront

Busy in the wind

June 24 — HP investigated a vessel collision that occurred when an operator was attempting to pull out of his slip in a Harbor Island marina. The operator lost control of his boat in the ...

Big blue whales surface in San Diego

Four-hour tours on the 9 Mile Bank

As summer begins and springtime fades, the gray whales have completed their trip from the seas off Alaska to the lagoons of Baja Sur and back. But for those seeking whales to watch, this is ...

Where are Mike Doyle, Mike Hynson, Skip Frye, Joe Roper,Chris O'Rourke, Chris Godfrey, Larry Gordon, Tom Bessell now?

San Diego surfers of future past

Just prior to the advent of the pro surfing tour in the mid 1970s there was a group of San Diego-based surfers who set the pace for the sport. They helped dictate everything from how ...

Seawall mural scotched in Imperial Beach

"I have always felt it had bad juju!"

"Wow, all that hard work for nothing," said San Diego artist Brian Hebets when he heard that his prominent public mural in Imperial Beach had been painted over into a blank wall. "I heard it ...

Fish 23 hours on June 29, win Offshore Jackpot

On the Relentless, Constitution, Chief, Ocean Odyssey, Old Glory, Ranger 85, Legend, First String, Sea Adventure II, Daiwa Pacific, Producer. Pacific Queen, Prowler, Dominator, New Lo An

San Diego is the home of the world’s largest live bait sportfishing fleet. Beginning in the 1930s, vessels have been fitted to take anglers out for deep sea fishing; tournament fishing grew in the post ...

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