Trump sues local Apprentice contestant, claiming intellectual property theft

Republican candidate: “Even my mistakes are huge successes.”

Mira Mesa entrepreneur April Dwyer was famously a contestant on the 2004 season of The Apprentice, the reality show hosted by current Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. She made it through four episodes before getting ...

Local landmark(?) restaurant repurposed as mausoleum

Pernicano’s in perpetuity

Somewhere in the afterlife, former local businessman George Pernicano is twirling his famous mustache and chuckling. And while the 25-foot bronze angel that now sits atop his former restaurant in Hillcrest suggests heaven, both his ...

Area man gets rich on “Chargerrors” with paid emoji

Banking on failure

“From the first game, I had a bad feeling about this season,” recalls Local computer whiz/DJ D. Spare, creator of the Sad Charger emoji. “When Keenan Allen went down, I knew it was a sign ...

In stunning reversal, mayor withdraws his support for Chargers’ convadium

Faulconer goes nuts?

PRESS CONFERENCE OUTSIDE DEEZ NUTS NATURAL SNACK EMPORIUM, EAST VILLAGE — Just days after coming out in support of Measure C, the upcoming ballot initiative that would authorize the use of public funds — in ...

Chargers get creative in rehab

Cutting-edge medicine employed to placate restless crowds who say they’re fed up with losing

Charger trainer Dr. Isaac Moreau has been a busy man this season — busier than he’d like to be. Game after game has produced injury after injury, some of them season-ending. But he’s not just ...

Chargers’ Curator Wanker comments on The Surreal McCoy’s latest work for the Convadium Gallery


Wanker: "The original Guernica, by the Spanish artist Pablo Picasso, is generally regarded as one of the great human outcries against the horrors of war. Created in response to the bombing of a Basque country ...

The Surreal McCoy

Chargers unveil plan for dedicated gallery space in proposed convadium

For several seasons now, the San Diego art world has held its breath in anticipation, waiting to see how Chargers coach Mike McCoy would seek to differentiate his approach from the performance art antics of ...

Zoothanasia? Animal coalition applauds California’s aid-in-dying act

"Next time you're at the zoo, take a good long look at our faces."

Last Tuesday, the San Diego Zoo announced that it had made the difficult decision to euthanize Ranchipur, a 50-year-old male Asian elephant who was suffering from multiple ailments associated with old age. The news was ...

What is the most dangerous game?

Equine equivalence?

"Man, Achilles heels really seem to be our Achilles heel this season,” lamented Chargers coach Mike McCoy after losing his second player of the season, running back Brandon Oliver, to an injured Achilles tendon last ...

Thoroughbred “Trophy Wife” has to be put away after mishap at racetrack

Del Marred: critics decry traditional competition as “inhumane and retrograde"

Trophy Wife, one of the entrants expected to make a strong showing at this year’s Del Mar races, has been forced to withdraw from competition following a season-ending — and possibly worse — injury to ...

San Diego snags coveted nod from prestigious periodical

No. 4 on the charts, but No. 1 in their hearts

Citing the city’s “temperate climate, numerous underpasses, beautiful public parks, and historically generous populace,” Hobo Magazine has awarded San Diego its annual “golden shopping cart,” ranking it the number-one city in the country in which ...

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