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What does KOD mean to you?

J. Cole, Omar Apollo, Jade Bird, Timbiriche, and The Flatliners, plus Young Thug

J. Cole’s KOD Tour pulls into Viejas Arena on August 22, promoting a same-named full-length released in April with a title said to either stand for Kill Our Demons, Kids on Drugs, or King Overdosed, ...

Being the Change, Firefly Dreams, California's Fallen Soldiers, Vista Strawberry Festival, Poe Ballantine

Events May 24-30, 2018

Thursday | 24 BEING THE CHANGE Being the Change: Live Well and Spark a Climate Revolution is written by Peter Kalmus, an atmospheric scientist at Caltech and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. The book delves into ...

Dome on the range

Relax in the shaded hollow of an ancient sand dune

The Coyote Mountains are part of a larger area known as the Colorado region of the Sonoran Desert. Here two plates meet, the Pacific Plate to the west and the North American Plate to the ...

Bless your little heart

Southern women shine in Steel Magnolias

I went to college in Dallas, which is not really in the South, but is a sort of first cousin. We had our share of Southern Belles on campus, including one of my roommates. One ...

Cherchez la femme in Afghanistan

Both on stage and in the story, the women are directed

When they first meet, Mariam can’t stand young Laila. With good reason: in her early 30s, Mariam’s the dutiful wife of Rasheed, an abusive control freak. To him, she’s lower than a house cat. Now ...

Three decades of liquor, women, drugs, and killing

Eddie Spaghetti celebrates 30 years of Supersuckers

It’ll be a few months before Chicago-based doom metal band the Skull releases their sophomore album, The Endless Road Turns Dark, so your first chance to hear a selection of tracks may be when they ...

Rough beauty on Ocotillo Ridge

What is the difference between a thorn and a spine?

Three geothermal natural springs once flowed freely from the northern face of the Tierra Blanca Mountains, creating a desert oasis that was known to the Kumeyaay people. The abundant water now fills swimming pools and ...

Creation vs. consumption

Rothko believes his paintings are living, pulsing, communicating beings

“I wonder if they will forgive me?” painter Mark Rothko asks towards the end of Red. “They” are his paintings, and what he needs forgiveness for is hanging them in the posh Four Seasons restaurant ...

The Wind and the Breeze, grunion runs, Embrace of the Serpent, Little Red Riding Hood, Life of Agony

Events May 17-23, 2018

Thursday | 17 THE WIND AND THE BREEZE What happens when “you stand your ground on shifting sands”? Sam, the greatest hip-hop emcee in Rockford, Illinois, is about to find out, since friends have “challenged ...

Not conned

Dennis Quaid's had a couple of toes dipped in the music pool since 1987

Headquartered in Sweden, but sporting two British members, Hillbilly Moon Explosion is celebrating 20 years of playing jump blues, swing, and barroom rock ‘n’ roll with a tour that hits Soda Bar on June 9. ...

Sixth-level drama geek

With its back to us, the set conjures a mirror universe.

Stage backdrops exist in the same way Newton’s Laws exist. They establish which direction is up, and remind us two solid objects cannot occupy the same space. However, once we understand the basic framework, they’re ...

Controlled chaos

The dashes become madder, the hand-offs quicker, and the stage becomes a whirling kaleidoscope.

Noises from backstage during a performance — i.e. “noises off” — are one of the great bugaboos of live theater. They could be anything: flubbed costume changes, microphone left on, missing prop. They yank us ...

The Canyoneers walk two cleaned-up canyons

Flourishing, accessible native habitats in an urban setting

Manzanita and Hollywood Canyons demonstrate the ability of nature to thrive in disturbed areas and neighborhoods. Not only are these canyons necessary habitats for native flora and fauna, they also act as windows into San ...

Rooftop movies, Red, Tacotopia, Gator by the Bay, Shaper Fest, Nada Surf

Events May 3-9, 2018

Thursday | 10 MOVIES ON HYATT ROOFTOP We’ll always have drive-ins, but for years, Cinema Under the Stars in Mission Hills was the main urban alternative to hardtop movie houses. Digital projection and inflatable screens ...

Never mind the songs, it's the lineups that are on shuffle

A whole lot of Yes men are coming to town

Even the most die-hard Yes fans are probably confused about two different bands hitting the road this summer with productions billed as Yes 50th Anniversary celebrations. Having hosted dozens of members over the years since ...

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