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Amadeus: The victor is Mozart’s music

Putting Salieri in charge of the narrative relieves us of any controversy regarding the depiction of Mozart

If a show is only as good as its villain, then Amadeus is a great show. The title might refer to Mozart, but the show opens and closes with Salieri, the villain. The play, by ...

Foxfire: Appalachian lore

Not a musical, a play with music

The title, Foxfire, refers to a project started in 1966 by an English teacher in Appalachia who encouraged his students to hone their writing skills by documenting their family histories and Appalachian lore. They christened ...

Yo La Tengo: The Love Song Of Buckminster Fuller, Speed The Plow, Log Toss, Norse Gods, And Mead, Artwalk Carlsbad, GI Film Festival

Events September 19-September 25, 2019

Thursday | 19 Yo La Tengo: The Love Song Of Buckminster Fuller Academy Award nominated filmmaker Sam Green (The Weather Underground), in collaboration with the band Yo La Tengo, presents a “live documentary” that explores ...

Marston Canyon: follow a creek bed from Richmond Street to CA-163

Discover a quiet urban canyon connected to the Balboa Park trails network.

This urban canyon just north of Balboa Park features a wide variety of native and non-native vegetation surrounding a cobblestone creek. The canyon follows a creek bed from Richmond Street to CA-163. Two parallel trails ...

Madewell Inc. apron-style dress for Golden Hill Park’s Burgers & Beer

“Amazon is like a secret store for me. If you dig, you can find really cute stuff.”

I spent last Saturday soaking up the late summer sun at the Burgers & Beer event in Golden Hill Park. As I ate my weight in burgers, my eyes were drawn to some summer fashions ...

Romeo and Juliet with an eighties dance party

That’s the issue with this production. The first half doesn’t match the second

This tragedy starts out looking like a big party. Fair enough. Many big parties end in tragedy. It’s a great party until somebody dies. That’s what I guess director Barry Edelstein is going for with ...

And Miss Reardon Drinks a Little: never-marrieds unite! Or don’t

Generations of married folks were trained to think something must be wrong with anyone who remained unmarried late in life

What does society feel about unmarried people over the age 45? For most of our nation’s history, the majority of the population has been married, so the democratic question has typically been: how do married ...

The Virgin Trial, Kaaboo Del Mar, Fiestas Patrias Celebration, Mind Travel: Silent Hike, Railroad music and rides

Events September 12-September 18, 2019

Thursday | 12 The Virgin Trial In this thriller, the young Elizabeth navigates political and sexual intrigue in the Tudor court that threatens her freedom, and even her life. After the death of both her ...

La Mesa’s “The Stride” hike connects Jackson Park, La Mesita Park, and Lake Murray

Urban Trails Mobility Action Plan helps to make City Walks and Urban Trails program a reality

The City of La Mesa has launched a program called City Walks and Urban Trails as part of their Urban Trails Mobility Action Plan as a way to help connect the community. One of these ...

Romeo and Juliet re-imagined with choreography

Because dance is a tribal language

The Romeo and Juliet I saw at The Old Globe recently tried to “re-imagine” the classic tale. Leonard Bernstein’s West Side Story actually does it. The success of West Side Story lies in the fact ...

Adventure Hiking Scavenger Hunt, Foxfire, Burgers & Beer: The Search For The Best Burger, Surf Dog Surf-a-Thon, Carrie Underwood

Events September 5-September 11, 2019

Thursday | 5 Adventure Hiking Scavenger Hunt Join one of two scavenger hunts: “difficult” or “challenging,” depending upon your fitness and hiking skill level. Particpants will be together in one group. The object of the ...

Coastal Rail Trail: 44 miles from Oceanside to the Santa Fe Depot

This trail has both bike and hike options with ocean vistas.

The Coastal Rail Trails, when complete, will offer an opportunity to walk, hike, or bike (out of vehicular traffic) the 44 miles from Oceanside to the Santa Fe Depot in downtown San Diego. So far, ...

Paola Alberdi-inspired style from H&M, Zara, Bershka and Forever 21

Check out the San Diego fashion influencer’s Amazon “drop”

In the Refill Cafe in Hillcrest I spotted Melissa wearing the most stylish linen blazer. I admired her effortless style. When I approached her, I learned that the Napa Valley native has lived in Tijuana ...

The Coast Starlight: journey over destination

Amtrak still tries to sell us on the idea of romance of the journey

Few modes of travel better exemplify the aphorism, “It’s not the destination, it’s the journey,” than a train ride. America’s interstate rail system is neither faster nor cheaper than air travel, and if you take ...

Plumeria Festival, Nightime wildlife viewing walk, U.S. Sandsculpting Challenge, Wayward Sons, Amadeus

Events August 29-September 4, 2019

Saturday | 31 Plumeria Festival Plumeria species are indigenous to Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean but are grown as cosmopolitan ornamentals in warm regions. The festival features live entertainment, flower shows, plumeria-themed gifts, and ...

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