Theater antireviews

Andrew Lloyd Webber ruined everything

The running joke among theatre-goers was that the emperor wasn’t wearing any clothes

I naively went to a musical about a Jane Austen novel with the hope that I would be hearing at least a little music from the period. You know, the kind of music Jane would ...

When monsters tapdance

Would we chalk it up as a funny gag, or would that monster prove itself through artistic expression?

Humanity reserves a special reverence for the act of creation. Most oral or written religious traditions start with a creation myth to explain how the world and humankind came to be. These origin stories provide ...

Chaos, order, Huey Lewis

The Heart of Rock & Roll is a new musical at The Old Globe. It runs through October 21. The title is borrowed from the famous Huey Lewis and the News song, but this is ...

Communicating Doors: Between memory and imagination

While we can’t physically time travel, our minds do it all the time

Communicating Doors: Between memory and imagination

The dreaded Q

The V and B sounds have a similar relationship

The dreaded Q

When theater goes bad

A good laugh, a good cry, or a pleasant waste of a couple hours

When theater goes bad

California blonde ground zero

Peppered with vocal quirks such as uptalk or vocal fry

California blonde ground zero

Tragedies that end in weddings

Laughing helps us cope

When a would-be husband levels a slanderous accusation of infidelity against a virgin bride on her wedding day, a bickering couple sets out to avenge the maiden’s subsequent death. Or so might read the TV ...

The importance of being important

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” So goes an oft-cited Oscar Wilde quote. Except it’s unlikely he said it. At least, he didn’t write it. And if he did, it’s 50/50 that he’d have ...

Love can't exist without goofy jokes

Obviously, my child brain didn’t think in terms of production values

Though I’d never attended a live performance of Barefoot in the Park before this week, in a way, Neil Simon’s 1963 comedy provided my first-ever theatrical experience. I viewed it as a small child, sitting ...

Escape from Plato’s cave

Freedom from the constraints of perception is necessary in the pursuit of knowledge and truth

According to Greek mythology, humankind can credit the knowledge and inspiration behind any artful act of creation to the nine muses. These daughters of Zeus represented tragedy, comedy, epic poetry, music, and other media available ...

Something about vulnerability

No second takes, no do-overs.

When I saw A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, I was reminded me how much I prefer anything live to anything recorded. As in, I might really enjoy a live music ...

Vienna Sausages don't get that kind of love

Putting the SPAM in Spamalot

As the story goes, pork shoulder was a tough sell in 1920s America, so a scion of the Hormel Foods empire devised a way to blend the cheap meat with ham and preservatives, and in ...

If only you had a brain

Queens focuses on the personal and the visceral

I saw Queens on the eve of Independence Day, so I was particularly struck by the fact that not a single positive thing was said about the United States in the entire show. How can ...

I'd like to buy the world a stout

...or send you to Once

Drink a few pints in a Dublin pub, and there’s a better than even chance you’ll be asked to sing. Drink a fourth and you’ll probably comply. As if there weren’t enough of a musical ...

Let’s Be Friends

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