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Remember when old people were so stupid?

We never figure everything out.

My grandmother was ahead of her time.

Who would try to kiss us?

We removed the “No Girls” sign...

Post Title: Living in Tree Houses Post Date: March 19, 2016 When I was 10, my girlfriends and I disappeared into the woods after school and climbed up the big oak tree to the shack ...

Millions of U.S. jobs taken by foreigners

Consider the numbers

The immigrant nation argument fails.

Does Trump speak for you?

A voter’s view doesn’t really matter

There is no place in America for any of this — vote Trump.

Flesh meets hard concrete

Mature lady trips in Mission Beach

My mother has been dead for two years now, but we never cease to feel that we have been given a gift by her inheritance, which allowed for our condo here. (Today, I am silently ...

Sometimes a painting calls to you

Or it whispers and makes you weep

Grandma hopes for new memories.

He says he will never retire

In San Diego, dreaming of what it was like to be young

Life and its burdens could not help but weigh us down.

Hammering away on that mall-crazy Carlsbad City Council

If projections are too low, local traffic will be a nightmare

Ten reasons to vote "No on A" in Carlsbad’s Special Election

The Carlsbad Lagoon Mall and money

How much will it bring to the community?

Carlsbad expected to revel in splendor at the mall.

Perhaps hope in life after death is the only answer

Make a story out of it

Merely good might become great.

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