Blog Diego

Will Grandma have a Dracula coffin?

Grandpa rests there, too

Jangled at the memory of a grandparent's burial

Play-acting, maybe

There was a rehearsed quality to his pretend understanding

With hat in hand, farewell.

Grandma isn't scared of the end

"She will not get better."

She's 89, and she’s not panicked.

Who owns the embryos?

Casualties of embryonic legal warfare

Determined in court by cold legal principles.

The internet is a big time suck

Check your email, peruse social media, and play a (not-so) quick game of Candy Crush

Technology is stealing “pause time”

Shout-out to King Kong’s breath

Movie picks from Temecula

High School Musical (2006): Vanessa Hudgens as Gabriella is an undeniable phenomenon. As are her eyes and smile. Blonde Ashley Tisdale likes to wag her tail. Her brother is a great dancer. The supporting cast ...

Your demons are a bore

You’re under a curse? So what?

Not all amazing clowns don a costume.

As I drove home, I passed another cemetery

It’s a nice purging

In a short sermon, Father Larry Dolan spoke of our human bodies as tents. As we walk further into the forest, the tent gets tattered.

Drop your unrealistic expectations and stay married

You can recover from sexual boredom

As a marriage counselor, I have spent ten years observing couples try to stay together. The majority of couples work hard to preserve their marriage and family stability. Most relational conflict is everyday run-of-the-mill stuff ...

Out-of-towners influence the Strawberry Field vote

Carlsbad shopping mall debate continues

The homework is done on Carlsbad mayor Matt Hall.