Musician Band
Adrienne Nims Adrienne Nims, Adrienne Nims & Spirit Wind, Raggle Taggle
Alex Heath Skank Agents
Alice Teyssier Alice Teyssier
Andrew Zahurak Black Belt Jones Band
Andy Geib Elijah Emanuel & the Revelations, Styletones, Applebrown Jazz Ensemble
Ant Ant
Anthony Sarain Plato Soul, Damaru, Middle-Earth Ensemble, Bumpasonic
Anthony Romero Sounds Perfect
April Leslie GruvMatic
Barbara Wharff Barbara Wharff
Barry Cahill Island Fever!, Robin Adler
Becky Fleming Cathryn Beeks, Groove Kitties
Becky Bar-Lev Henning Honorable Menschen
Benny Hollman Benny Hollman
Beth Ross-Buckley Camarada, Celtic Groove
Bill Shreeve San Diego Concert Jazz Band, Yavaz, Bill Shreeve
Bradley Leighton Rancho Penasquitos Flute Choir, Bradley Leighton
Brandon Boggs Bogsey and the Argonauts, Sledding with Tigers
Chad Farran Pruitt Igoe, Chad Farran, Western Collective, Blackout Party, Superunloader, Gayle Skidmore, Puente
Chris Lea ¡Society!, Betamaxx, Soul Fire
Chris Meng Martian Horses
Chuck Preble Israel Bissell
Claire Chase Claire Chase
Daniel Lee Daniel Lee & Yu Ju Jung, Daniel Lee
Danish Plato Danish Plato
Daria Mason Daria Mason
Dave Millard Blue Sky Blonde, Blue44
David Millard Latin Jazz Trio Orchestra, Kitty Baudoin
David Jackson Willovealot, Euphoria Brass Band, Town Criers (1960s)
David Borgo David Borgo, SPiRAL
David Burnett Left Coast Quintet
Del Schroeder San Diego Concert Band
Demarre McGill Art of Élan, Demarre McGill
Don Hergert Sweet Tidings Gospel Band
Doug Booth Rockola
Doug Brunelle Elegance Music, Luisa Corredor & Guarapo
Duane Decker Gnarly Beast
Elena Yarritu Elena Yarritu, San Diego Flute Quartet
Elisa Carrillo Cloud Feather
Ellen Weller Point of Contact, Ellen Weller
Emily Joyce Bunky
Eric Evans Eric Evans Project
Frank LaMarca Frank LaMarca
Gabriel Sundy Bunky, Styletones, Soul Fire, San Diego Music Awards , Nexus, Applebrown Jazz Ensemble, Gabriel Sundy, Nexus 4000
Greg Pardue PHD Jazz, Forecast, Will Faeber Band
Harold Todd Natural Sounds Trio, Taurus Authority
Harvey Sollberger Harvey Sollberger
Holly Hofmann Holly Hofmann, Mike Wofford/Holly Hofmann Quintet
Jackson Price Big Provider, Crash Encore
Jacquie Bazinet Unruly Bangs, Fictitious Dishes, Dirty Pennies

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