Human Crossing

Eric Trevizo: Guitar (electric) | Aaron Beeson: Guitar (acoustic), Guitar (electric), Vocals | Andy Villanueva: Drums | Diana Trevizo: Bass guitar

Genre: Alternative, Metal | Hardcore, Rock

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Inception: San Diego, 2011


Based in Alpine, Human Crossing includes former members of Nocturnal Neighbors and Disordered. The lineup features Eric Trevizo (aka Translator), Aaron Beeson (aka Beesenlightenment), and Andy (Sucio) Villanueva (all from the band Disordered), along with newest bassist Diana Trevizo.

After winning Cuyamaca College battle of the bands showcase and playing a live acoustic set on the Alpine radio station My 107.9, they began recording their first Human Crossing demos in early 2012.

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GenerationII July 31, 2012 @ 11:52 p.m.

Some of this information is wrong. The band that became Human Crossing was not Nocturnal Neighbors, it was Disordered technically. Nocturnal Neighbors was a different project all together. Also, Sucio was also in Disordered, not just Aaron and Eric.


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