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San Diegans love mixed martial arts – the promoter, the gym, the pros

“Cheerleading is more dangerous. So is figure skating,”

Most mixed martial arts fighters don’t worry about brain damage.

Car Hits Moped Rider in Point Loma

A female moped rider was critically injured on Wednesday afternoon, September 12, in Point Loma. The woman, reportedly in her 20s, was "heading east on Coronado Avenue when she ran a stop sign at Catalina ...

Caramelized Pear Salad

Recipe by Donald Lockhart, Executive Chef, Cusp Dining & Drinks

Chef Donald Lockhart’s recipe for caramelized pear salad.

One Busy Bassist

Bassist Mark Dresser continues to gig in Europe and the East Coast rather than home in San Diego at a 10-1 ratio.

Romance of Egypt

Ed Bedford ducks into the Egyptian Tea Room for a bite just before it changes hands.

Omakase in O'side

Omakase: patrons sit down at the sushi counter, and the chef working it goes to town presenting dishes of his or her choosing, amped to share these items with anyone willing to put themselves into ...

Moonface Beams Heartbreaking Bravery

Moonface started out as a lo-fi solo project by Spencer Krug in what little time off he had from his other bands, Wolf Parade, Sunset Rubdown, and Swan Lake (among others). To show how seriously ...

Manuok Traps Ghosts

Interview with Manuok’s Scott Mercado, whose résumé includes recording/touring stints with Black Heart Procession, the Album Leaf, Tristeza, Mr. Tube and the Flying Objects, and Ilya.

Seven Grand — A Whiskey Selection Beyond Killer

There’s no room for shoulder angels at Seven Grand. They already had their share. They’re afraid of the tartan carpet and the dark wood paneling. They panic at the sight of the wall of whiskey. ...

San Clemente East

Huge sycamores and live oak trees highlight this easy walk in the canyon bottom.

Side of Judgment

"Isn’t it nice here?” “It’s beautiful,” I said to my friend Jen. I made a sweeping glance of the restaurant’s patio, taking in the coral bougainvillea blossoms, the green leaves cascading from the trellis, and ...

Crushing the Eighties

Singer/songwriter Scott Wilson is building an online archive covering three decades’ worth of music.

Ringo Deathstarr — Shoegaze, Done Loud

Shoegaze, done loud. Ringo Deathstarr falls into the sub-grouping of rock bands that have learned a valuable lesson from forbears such as My Bloody Valentine: play your music loud enough and people will think you ...

Here's the Thing

Thursday 13Listen to the music, wo oh oh. Bay Area boogie-rock band the Doobie Brothers will be takin’ it to the streets of Harbor Island when they play Humphreys by the Bay tonight. Behind founding ...

Lawton Ferreira's NHRA Heritage Series Race Car

Lawton Ferreira has been over 200 miles per hour on public highways and never gotten a ticket.

Bossa Nova on the Breeze

Fabiana Passoni moves to Oceanside with her triplets.

Tortoise Voodoo

Han Solo frozen at the Little Fish Comic Book Studio.

Run, Coyote, Run

Backyard coyotes love backyard chickens.

Big Man. Part 1

Not just another fat guy in a diaper.

Interview with Kelly Gneiting, the 42-year-old sumo wrestler from Idaho.

Fair Enough

Blogger Rachel Schumont quits her job as public defender and begins yoga teacher training.

Wind Power for Cars; the Disempowerment of Drivers with Blinding Lights

Hi Matt:Recently I was gobsmacked by two ideas so obvious that they must be wrong...I mean, since nobody’s using them. First, I thought of wind turbines in electric cars. Propelling the car would run air ...

San Diego Senior Games in Progress

The 2012 San Diego Senior Games are now under way. Games will continue through the month of September. On Sunday, September 9, the Chula Vista Elks Lodge hosted three tournaments: bocce ball, “cornhole,” and ladder ...

Flying Coach Fisher

Qualcomm vice chairman Steve Altman has kicked in for the cause of San Diego State University basketball by picking up a travel tab for head coach Steve Fisher. According to an undated disclosure statement posted ...

Shocking Video: Skateboarding Veteran Run Over

Shortly before 2.00 a.m. on September 6, Brian Wayne Conner, a 36-year-old paraplegic who had no legs due to a war injury, was badly injured while riding his skateboard and attempting to hang onto the ...

Irwin Jacobs Goes Republican Hunting

Irwin Jacobs goes Republican hunting Who are San Diego’s heaviest super PAC hitters this election season? Of course, first place must go to Qualcomm founder and La Jolla billionaire Irwin Jacobs, with his cool $2 ...

La Jolla Flash

What a difference a year can make. Last August, La Jolla–based GOP political consultant Bob Schuman had a big winner on his hands in the form of a freshly minted presidential super PAC, Americans for ...

Eleven San Diego youth rugby teams – safer, saner

"In American football... everybody is more likely to admire the big hits”

When Poway Youth Rugby coach Phil Calio explains how he teaches the “cheek to cheek” technique, he’s only talking about tackling. “What we teach the kids,” he tells me, “is to attack right at the ...

Chargers Stadium, Affordable or Not

San Diego can hardly afford to plop $750 million or more into a subsidized football stadium for the Chargers. But increasingly, even opponents fear it may be inevitable. Former councilmember Bruce Henderson, a longtime battler ...


I Study Life This is a response to your article “Scan Diego?” (August 30). Please afford me the right to defend my reputation by publishing this response. I hope your article does not interfere with ...

In Praise of a Gold and Silver Painted Scene

In Praise of a Gold and Silver Painted Scene of the Buddha Manifestation in the Pure Land of the West, with a Preface Looking toward the west where the sun sinks away, Behold afar that ...

Orientation Week

and a family of two is exploring the Student Union. Dad is all decked out in the shirt she bought with her own money. Joyce is wearing snug cut-offs and her freshman breasts stir as ...