Restaurant Review

Stuffed avocados and on-site childcare

This one’s for the parents

I didn’t notice until I was paying for my order. On the credit card receipt, between the lines to add the tip and total the amount, there was a third line for a childcare tip. ...

And for the fried chicken-waffle slider — syrup, of course

There's the mac'n'cheese, Philly cheesesteak, lumpia, and musubi slider

They say White Castle invented the slider back in 1921, selling each tiny burger patty on each tiny bun with grilled onions and pickle slice for a nickel. These days, sliders are usually sold three ...

Burger version of a dribble glass

I'd put Hundred proof up there with Rocky's

This year's burger issue prompted the usual round of complaints that Rocky's Crown Pub wasn't mentioned. Or Hodad's. I'm sure there are people who'd go to bat for Slater's 50/50. I get it. But in ...

The bomb diggity brisket

Campfire avoids fusion confusion

A friend in Los Angeles had the day off and wanted to cruise south to catch up over a meal, so I figured I'd meet him half way. I hopped on the Coaster in Old ...

Aromatic dishes and a heart for Puerto Rico

When I walked into Andrés Restaurant for the first time, the smells wafting out of the kitchen were so good, I almost didn't ask for a menu. Just give me whatever's cooking, I wanted to ...

I lucked into samoon, the Iraqi bread

Must come back for whole fish and slow chicken

Cruising Main Street in El Cajon, I spotted a sign with both English and Arabic script reading Nahrain Fish And Chicken Grill. It's a small, sparsely decorated restaurant, and the first thing you're bound to ...

Farm eating — the life for me

Rescued vegetables at Carmel Valley's Mendocino Farms

In the fast casual restaurant space, convenience and consistency is often the goal more than transcendent eating experiences. But places that can do all three can shine. Case in point: Mendocino Farms, an L.A.-based chain ...

It's the weather, stupid

I can't imagine a single New Yorker who wouldn't rather be here.

If you read a certain misguided Food & Wine article recently, you know that San Diego's dining scene is good enough to backhanded compliment, but "not the sort of thing you travel for." To that ...

Crispy Fried Chicken — almost unreasonably cheap

Vietnamese-owned Louisiana style

It's been a fine summer for fans of fried chicken in National City. In June, City Heights favorite Crispy Fried Chicken opened a second location on East Plaza Boulevard, between the 5 and 805 freeways. ...

Red Robin — 27 years later

The kids want to go back

Because I write food reviews, people assume that I like food. Yet you’d be surprised at how many people give me gift cards for chain restaurants. I get ‘em all: Chili’s, Applebee’s, Buffalo Wild Wings. ...

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