Restaurant Review

Vegan Americana

Anthem goes from farmers market stand to roadside diner

The distinctive A-frame storefront design of 2611 El Cajon Boulevard gives it the appearance of a mid-century motor lodge or roadside diner, and a diner is what it has been for decades, even as the ...

The Shake Shack debate reaches So Cal

Thanks, New York

Shake Shack has landed in San Diego, and appears to be multiplying. The East Coast burger chain launched in the UTC mall last summer and opened its second Mission Valley location at the end of ...

Pad Thai three ways

There's more than one road to authenticity

Look near the top of any Thai restaurant menu in America, and you're sure to find one Thai dish in particular: Pad Thai. However, as chef Nattapon "Nat" Thitathan explained to me in a recent ...

Local fish and the people who catch them

Ironside's Dockside Dinner

While snappy terms such as "farm to table" have gone from trendy to passé due to misappropriation and overuse, the locovore movement remains relevant. Personally, I find comfort in the simplicity of knowing where my ...

Foie gras served with strawberry pickled mangos

Pizza and burgers — high minded and friendly

When North Park's D’Angelo Pizzeria closed in late 2017, I failed to notice. The small pizza shop on 30th had a mostly hyper-local following for at least the last decade, and though I must have ...

200 million fish tacos

After 35 years, Rubio's is everywhere

Rubio's Coastal Grill turns 35 this year. I've always known it better as Rubio's fish tacos. Some might also remember a time it was called Rubio's Baja Grill. When the first location opened back in ...

A second chance at Coop's chicken

Lemon Grove fried chicken counter returns from hiatus

I would spot Da Chicken Coop across the narrow parking lot as I approached Coop's West Texas BBQ. Both Lemon Grove restaurants are the work of namesake owner Bradrick "Coop" Cooper, which made me hesitate ...

Mezcla comes in from the cold

Out of the taco truck, and into a rich bowl of pozole

I'm always glad to see a good food truck make the move into a regular restaurant. I'm doubly glad when it's one of my favorite taco trucks, triply happy when it moves into a fixed ...

Is this America's next top food trend?

L.A. fast casual concept introduces Filipino dishes to Barrio Logan

All last year, I kept seeing food stories predicting Filipino food would the next great American food trend in 2018. Celebrity foodies such as Andrew Zimmern and Anthony Bourdain said so, and their claims were ...

It's not about the bun

Thai inspired burgers put sticky rice in your hands

We'd gone to Clairemont Mesa looking for Vietnamese sandwiches, and wound up finding Thai burgers. We stopped first at K Sandwiches, which has reopened two years after being destroyed by fire. I'm not sure whether ...

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