Restaurant Review

We all scream for déjà vu

New ice cream shop has the feel of an old one

The Ghirardelli Chocolate Company was due to reopen this week after a long renovation, but it left a Gaslamp Quarter in need of ice cream heading into summer, and now Ghiradelli returns to find fresh ...

The case for fresh pasta

Sauces include local ingredients and vegan options

Back in the 18th and 19th centuries, Italian master chefs would hone their culinary arts in France, then return to cook for aristocratic households in Naples and Sicily, plying French techniques with Italian ingredients and ...

The world, and where to find it

A global appetite, after Bourdain

When a friend recently sought tips on local eateries he could take his children to learn about the food of foreign cultures, one of the first that came to mind was Kaiserhof. For over 30 ...

Are these the best chilaquiles in San Diego?

Don't wait ten years to find out.

Over the past decade, there’s probably not a commercial district in San Diego I’ve walked, biked, or driven through more often than that along 25th Street in Golden Hill. There are only a few dining ...

Shine on you crazy vegans

Sunny affirmations can't salvage lunch

“Food Coffee Love,” promised the chalkboard sign in the window, clarifying all was, “Vegan Organic Gluten Free.” Really? I thought. “Yes,” it pledged, “Everything.” No one else was taking a late lunch in this newish ...

A rare lamb burrito sighting

Barbacoa steamed six hours in cactus leaves

There are only a few restaurants around the country dedicated to making lamb barbacoa, and most have found their way onto my to-do list. But what I’d yet to find was any Mexican eatery serving ...

From Chargers to Game of Thrones

OB Noodle House Bar 1502's new theme

This was my first time dining at OB Noodle House Bar 1502, but I’d seen it on multiple occasions from the patio of Raglan Public House across the street. Had I known they had a ...

Somewhere between pasta and salad

A humble deli side dish keeps them coming back

It’s not a dish that typically makes or breaks a restaurant. You won’t find it in competition at the county fair. It’s not the subject of magazine top ten lists, the way pizza is, nor ...

Those are really rice noodles?

Fried eggs with tomato

“What do you recommend?” I asked my server at Rice Noodle King, a small casual restaurant that opened a couple of months ago in Kearny Mesa. Given that every one of the seventeen entrées on ...

A new place to dim sum

Come early to Mira Mesa but not too early

It wasn’t until I entered Fung Fung Yuen that I realized I’d never set foot in a dim sum restaurant that was this new. The carpet was spotless, there were no nicks on the back ...

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