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Nathan Fletcher’s Untold Stories

Mayoral candidate Nathan Fletcher’s somewhat tumultuous upbringing.

Boys Are Petty

Gamer Girl at Nerdcore night says, “We all grew up on Nintendo and Star Wars.”

Most Important Meal of the Day

That’s what they call breakfast, right? But, honestly, most weekdays, I’m not very good at getting my day started off right. Our household does enjoy breakfast on weekends, and we always take note of what ...

The Acoustic-Schlock Therapy of Jeffrey Joe Morin

Guitarist Jeffrey Joe Morin describes his performances as “Generally genre non-specific. I archive, treasure, and exhibit 20th-century American-standard songs of love, romance, and dramatic introspection.”

Our Generation

“Urban India, in places like Mumbai — Bombay — is going Vadoosh! You’d say ‘Kaboom!’”

What’s with this “Urban” thing? There’s “Urbn,” the bar-eatery in North Park, “Urban Eats” on Fifth Avenue in Hillcrest, and now “Urban India,” near the Gaslamp. I noticed it walking down Fourth toward Broadway the ...

Encinitas Art Auction Backstory

Over 100 people turned out for Encinitas' 101 Artist Colony's banner auction on May 20. The annual art sale invited 97 local artists to submit original paintings, on white vinyl banners, that were then hung ...


It’s Original OMG! How could writer Scott Marks miss Encinitas’s iconic La Paloma Theatre in his top ten picks of local theaters (“Our 10 Best Movie Theaters,” Cover Story, May 17)? His number one pick, ...

Battleship Is Bullship

Let’s be honest: Battleship is Bullship. That honor is soon justified, when Lieutenant Alex Hopper (Taylor Kitsch) steals a burrito to impress the va-voom daughter (Brooklyn Decker) of an admiral (Liam Neeson). A boozing screw-up ...

The Big Noise: The Free Speech Fight of 1912, Part One

Unforgettable: Long-Ago In San Diego

About a hundred years ago, the Wobblies labor movement boiled over in San Diego.

Bernie: Jack Black Is the Most Likeable Man in Carthage, Texas

Jack Black, a likeable actor, simply had to play the most likeable man in Carthage, Texas. He is Bernhardt Tiede II, currently in prison yet still loved in Carthage for having been a funeral director ...

Bowling as a Bottom of the Barrel Sporting Experience

A big hole in your television sports experience is about to be filled.

France in an Instant

Did you see the headline from China? They teleported photons over 60 miles,” I said. When David shook his head in the affirmative, I felt a sense of pride in my worldliness. “Yeah, it was ...

Lawyer's a Sinner

San Diego public defender Tim Riley on the gee-tar.

Getting Rid of Gophers

Gophers be gone!

What’s the price of war with your yard rats?

Bad Music Night in Logan Heights

It was a sad day for clowns when, last July, antiquated zoning regulations forced Technomania Circus to shut down their backyard performance space in Barrio Logan after seven years in business. Determined to continue juggling ...

Men in Black III Takes a Final Run at the Bank

In what must be a final run at the bank, Men in Black III arrives a decade after the last installment. The first two MiB shows grossed over a billion worldwide, providing rich justification for ...

Price of Influence

The Madaffers Have a Busy Schedule

Ex–San Diego city councilman Jim Madaffer, who fought for years with then–San Diego State president Steve Weber over redevelopment plans for the school’s sprawling campus just off Interstate 8, has put the full weight of ...

Jacumba trusts Dave Landman, the naked guy

The Duke of Jacumba in the dining room at his DeAnza Springs Nudist Resort

"I am thinking about becoming the Duke of Jacumba,” Dave Landman jokes. We are sitting in the dining room at his DeAnza Springs Nudist Resort, a property in Jacumba that Landman has owned for 15 ...

Desert Daze

Coachella didn’t have what Desert Daze did.

Desert Hot Springs offered an unexpectedly cool alternative to Coachella’s music fest.

Beach Goths

Thursday 24So, Black Key Dan Auerbach produced the next Growlers record, which is supposed to come out soonish, after they title it and, y’know, find a label to put it out. The Costa Mesa “beach ...

Last One Standing

“A truck to a Texan is just like his hat.”

Hands on a Hardbody at La Jolla Playhouse.

The Cult's Choice of Weapon

“I was semi-detached from the world, but not from myself,” says Ian Astbury. The Cult lyricist and singer is on the phone from Los Angeles. He explains where his head was at during the writing ...

The Moth Diaries: Moonstruck Walks, Erotic Rivalry, Repressive Authority, Nocturnal Blood

Early reviews have argued that director Mary Harron has fallen below her previous level (American Psycho, The Notorious Bettie Page) with The Moth Diaries. They might better have emphasized the intelligent skill that Harron, who ...

Irwin Jacobs’s Politicking Offspring

It’s not just family patriarch Irwin Jacobs, billionaire founder of Qualcomm, who is handing out the big political money this campaign season. Son Harlan, who has signed on as a backer of mayoral candidate Nathan ...

Blue Sky Ecological Reserve

See several native San Diego habitat types on a leisurely stroll.

Yacht: A Band, a Business, a Belief System

Yacht is sometimes spelled like the boat, sometimes all in capital letters, sometimes as Y.A.C.H.T., and sometimes with a triangle in place of the “A.” And Jona Bechtolt and Claire Evans invariably describe their venture ...

Queen of TMI

A customer speaks of her experiences.

One, Two, Many Poetry Readings

A poem by Dan Propper

Always three in red and six in black; always at least one lined face; always a few on display; usually a headache, and absolutely always a hangover; 2 or 3 God-struck ones. 2 blond kids ...