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It’s Original

OMG! How could writer Scott Marks miss Encinitas’s iconic La Paloma Theatre in his top ten picks of local theaters (“Our 10 Best Movie Theaters,” Cover Story, May 17)? His number one pick, Reading Cinemas Gaslamp #1, bestows the glamor of a re-created “stylish touch of ’20s art deco.” Opened in 1928, the La Paloma has its original art deco decor.

The projectionist is probably the last guy in town that can still switch a film reel at its cue from one projector to another without anyone in the audience missing a frame or line of dialogue. And with a large screen sitting atop a real wooden stage, no other movie house comes close to “maintaining the magic of the movies.”

Ken Harrison
via email

We Got Drunk, Dozed Off

I’m just wondering how you guys could’ve possible missed the Cinepolis at Del Mar Highlands as one of the ten best movie theaters in San Diego. (“Our 10 Best Movie Theaters,” Cover Story, May 17)?

It’s an awesome experience! They serve you food and alcohol there. There’s only a few seats for each theater — you can totally lay back and watch the movie. It’s the most awesome movie experience I’ve been to in my whole life. That you guys didn’t mention it is crazy.

Dave Kealoha
Midway District

Made-For-TV Drama

The Sweetwater school district is not sweet; the water is very bitter (“News Ticker,” May 17). Let me see if I’ve got this straight.

  1. The district attorney has conducted raids, and I understand there might be more charges on others as the investigations continue.
  2. There’s a question of how interim superintendent Ed Brand was hired.
  3. The Sweetwater district office lined with police cars and several armed security officers inside the board meeting.
  4. The restraining order on a parent by a board member ($2400 in fees).
  5. The controversial purchase of iPads, with the district’s request for an additional $26,000 for iPad covers, while approximately 190 teachers are laid off.
  6. The continuing infighting and finger-pointing between the board members and superintendent, giving ammunition to the Occupy Sweetwater movement.

This is better than Law & Order or those folks waiting for Dallas for drama. No Hollywood script could have written this. It’s beyond chaotic and sad. Our students deserve better.

We are waiting for recommendations by our officials to avoid this in the future.

Cesar Q. Lopez
Chula Vista


Perhaps you can help here. First, why were heroin and meth tossed into the cell with Daniel Chong? Did the DEA want him dead (“DEA Apologizes to Daniel Chong,” “SD on the QT,” May 17)?

Second, I have searched the internet and only found two references to the heroin and meth. Just that a packet was found in his cell and tested positive for methamphetamine.

Where did this information really come from? It doesn’t seem the DEA is copping to that part of your article.

Sheilah Say
via email

“SD on the QT” is the Reader’s “almost factual news” feature. — Editor

The Ayes Of Texas

Just wanted you to pass along to Mr. Di Piero that his art review about Marfa (“Marfa Moments,” May 17) was by far the best written and most intelligent piece about Marfa and Donald Judd I have read.

I am a longtime area artist (live outside of Fort Davis, just to the north of Marfa in the mountains). I, too, have always been pretty neutral about Mr. Judd’s work, but with a few simple sentences in his piece, Mr. Di Piero unlocked something that made all those years of looking at the boxes and the concrete in the fields suddenly shift with a new appreciation and understanding.

Frankly, I’ve always avoided “art-speak” like the plague, whether it’s talking about others’ work or my own. Art reviews are typically self-indulgent critiques. Mr. Di Piero’s piece provided an insight to the work and discussed it in a way that brings the reader closer to the art with insight and understanding, without being haughty or condescending.

I’ll look forward to reading more from W.S. Di Piero.

Todd Jagger
Fort Davis, Texas

House Of Blues And Shame

What an eye-opener!!! So, it’s now a new kind of play-on-stage payola (“Blurt,” May 17)? Shades of the bad old radio days when musicians had to fork out big bucks so their music could hit the airwaves. Someone at the Reader should do a serious investigative story on this new kind of shakedown!! Good for Ken Leighton for telling it like it is, and shame, shame, shame on the House of Blues.

via email

Holy Holey

Thought I’d tell you that I liked the “Devotional Diva” little blog (“Blog Diego,” May 17). I’m not a Christian person, but I liked it.

The other thing is the style girl with two holes in her Levi’s. I thought the men would probably want them in her shirt. It was cracking me up! I don’t think she should carry leaky car batteries in her lap.

Name Withheld
via voicemail

Put Claws In That Clause

Don Bauder’s recent article about Bridgepoint (“Will Wall Street Cool on Bridgepoint?” “City Lights,” May 10) got me thinking, and I believe I have a solution to the problems with private colleges.

Bridgepoint and other such private colleges have been milking taxpayers and putting naive people in debt for too long. The U.S. Congress needs to act on this problem now. At a minimum, I suggest that all government loan agreements with college students include the following verbiage just ahead of the borrower’s signature: “This school, [college name], has graduated X percent of the students that have been accepted over the past two years. Y percent of students who have graduated from this school have found full-time jobs within a year after graduation. This means that your statistical chance of graduating and finding a job within one year after graduation is Z percent.”

I would like to call this the “XYZ Clause.” It should appear on all loan agreements, and if any one of the percentages is incorrect to the upside, the school would become liable for paying off the loan. It would also be okay to call it the “Ron Harris XYZ Clause.”

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