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Mug On Trash

I’m calling about an interview that Chad Deal did (January 19). You put this guy’s mug on the front of your Reader. I can’t believe that you would write that kind of trailer-trash and foul-language piece-of-crap article. I don’t care if that son of a b ever comes back to San Diego. Vegas is a good place for trailer trash like that. But for you guys to put that on the front page of the Reader is disgusting. I’ve read the Reader for years and years, and I’ve never seen such trash in my life.

And, by the way, it’s “Diego” — D-I-E-G-O. That’s coming from a native San Diegan. It’s not Daygo, it’s San Diego.

Ron Chapman
via voice mail

Away With Words

My son brings me the Reader as soon as it comes out, and I have the new one here in front of me. But there’s an article in there that really bothers me, and it’s on page 80, and it’s “Peace in Vegas: ‘I Had to Leave Daygo to Get Respect From Daygo’” (January 19). Why is he allowed to use all the dirty words that could possibly be used? It just does not make sense, ’cause all kinds of people pick this paper up to read. I am 78 years old, so it’s not that I’m a little kid. I think this should be stopped.

June Montz

Do We Care?

I’ve been a regular enthusiastic Reader reader since the 1970s. I’m puzzled about your running Chad Deal’s interview with this Gonjasufi guy, as a cover story no less (January 19). I know I’m kind of old and out of touch, but, Who cares? Enlighten me please!

Ila Schmidt
via email

Print Me

After trying to find interest in reading the complete story “You Have to Know Yourself” (Feature Story, January 19), I know why the photo on the cover was about a totally different story. I have a great photo to go along with a more interesting (or so I think) cover story: Harbison Canyon to Alpine…The Hard Way.” If you would only print it and let your readers decide… 

Allen Stanko

Progressive Sit-Down

This is a response to the “Teacher or Preacher?” article about College Republicans complaining about some of the professors at San Diego State University, on page 54 of the January 19 issue (“News Ticker”).

If you College Republicans would stop (1) inserting yourselves into the private residences of mature, consenting adults; (2) forcing religion into schools below the college level; (3) putting up crosses and Ten Commandments on public property; (4) replacing “E Pluribus Unum” on our currency with “In God We Trust”; etc., etc., then we progressives would love to sit down and negotiate with you.

Ted Rodosovich
University City

You Don’t Know Tacos

Maybe there is a reason why places like Taco Bell still do well in this area (“Mean Beans,” Restaurant Review, January 19). I have lived in Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, and California. In my opinion, the Mexican food in New Mexico is by far the best. California comes in dead last — too heavy, too greasy, too “wet,” and far too likely to include refried beans as filler. I am willing to have my mind changed if anyone can recommend some good places.

Larry Whittaker
via email

Thanks For Dinner

Dear Naomi’s Posse,

Thank you for sharing with us the loving gustatory good-bye you gave her (Restaurants, January 12). I remember Eleanor Widmer, a true food snob, yet the language she used was so beautiful, erudite. For Naomi, it seemed the simple act of eating was a sacrament, so your meticulous “last supper” so very apropos. Reading her reviews was like embarking on an adventure, across time and continents, as every bite seemed to evoke memories she delighted in sharing. It was as if she had climbed a mountain and from her vantage point could survey the whole culinary landscape. Thank you also for revealing tidbits of what sounds like a juicy life. How charming that she and you took aliases for the writing. May her daring spirit continue on, your friendships endure.

Name Withheld by Request
via email

Hey, Mira Mesa Loved It

Your mini review of War Horse, as it appears on page 93 this week (Movies, January 12) and possibly on other pages during the past weeks, is so absurd that, as far as I am concerned, the person or persons who wrote this are total idiots, morons, and imbeciles and belong in a mental hospital where they don’t show movies. It is a rare occasion these days where almost an entire movie audience (Edwards Mira Mesa) stands up and applauds. Instead of one black-ass dot, there should have been four stars. For this alone, I should go around and take all of your papers out of their racks everywhere in San Diego County and turn them in for recycling. And the persons involved in this travesty should also be recycled. And to give Hugo only three stars is just as stupid. Take your movie reviews and shove them.

via email

SDQT All Right To Me

Thank you so much to whoever is responsible for “SD on the QT.” I am crazy about it — one of the best entertainments of the week!

P.S. Enjoy all of the Reader except the ads!

San Diego

As Boring As Ever

After skipping over her pages for a while now, I am succumbing to the temptation of writing. Occasionally (very), I check in to see if Diva’s column (“Diary of a Diva”) has become any less neurotic, insipid, boring, and self-absorbed. Nope. In a world of reality shows on TV, I guess your readers find the lives of others interesting. As for me, I always wonder who her friend is there at the Reader that keeps her as a regular contributor.

Name Withheld
via email

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swedeboi Feb. 6, 2012 @ 3:41 p.m.

In response to June Montz' letter re: "I Had to Leave Daygo to Get Respect from Daygo," I believe her argument is invalid.Even if that article wasn't published, children would still get exposed to things they shouldn't, which is up to interpretation, because the last couple pages of The Reader contain ads for medical marijuana dispensaries and doctors. Those are in every issue of The Reader and I can bet children will find those before they start reading random articles.

I do not have a problem with medical marijuana or the ads for establishments that cater to those with prescriptions for mmj and I also do not have a problem with profanity being used in articles such as Deal's. If you want to put your child or grandchild in a bubble and force them to not learn about the real world where things like this exist, they will be shocked and may make worse decisions regarding things like these than if you just had an honest conversation with them. There are far worse things that they could get exposed to than an f bomb in a magazine, and it might just be from another child or any other media that is everywhere these days.


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