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Scooter Chronicles, Nerdist House, Jennifer Spencer portraits, Newsies, Ninety Percent Mental

Events July 19-July 25, 2018

Thursday | 19 Scooter Chronicles release party The Scooter Chronicles is set during the local mod revival of the mid-1980s, spinning the tale of how one teen’s quest to buy a Vespa turned into a ...

San Diegans and the transcendent

Satan chasers, Mormons, Unarius, Black Muslims, Easter stories, and those on the verge of heaven

Satan chasers San Diego has many experts in the field of Satanism who say the county is a hotbed of Satanic activity. The hidden canyons of the back country, Ramona, Santee, Escondido, even Oceanside, are ...

What nearness to Baja brings

Sewage, smugglers, clubs on Avenida Revolucion, torture, snakebite, death near Cabo, the beauty of Canon Tajo

Shocking facts and horrifying history of Tijuana sewage In Tijuana maybe 50 percent of the houses have sewer connections. In those that don’t, the residents use outhouses or primitive septic tanks or they relieve themselves ...

Over-the-Line, AH-1 Cobra, Billy Bob Thornton, Comedian Doug Benson

Events July 12-July 18, 2018

Thursday | 12 A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum. “A comedy tonight.” At least Pseudolus hopes so. He’s a slave at the house of Senex, in ancient Rome.. To win his ...

Shepherd on Kubrick, warning re police commission

Letter writers dig up older stories

Duncan Shepherd flashback Alert the Guinness folks! Duncan Shepherd’s passive-aggressive, backasswards Mr. Mxyzpkik’s — Google it, kids — “praise” (Movie Reviews) for the Stanley Kubrick classic 2001 (which Mr. Shepherd actually awards four stars, while ...

Celso Piña, The Lorax, Drone-Con, Reading of Titus Andronicus, Japanese-Americans in the Gaslamp

Events July 5-July 11, 2018

Thursday | 5 King of Nortena Since 1996, Celso Piña has earned his crown as the king of modern musica norteña, bringing folk sounds into the 21st century with touches of reggae, ska, and hip-hop. ...

Spamalot, The Perfect Pickle, Poway Sportsplex Lacrosse, US Air Guitar Championship, Julian Fourth of July Parade

Events June 28-July 4, 2018

Thursday | 28 Spamalot. Ah, chivalry! When knighthood was in flower! King Arthur, the Round Table, and...what? They pretend to ride horses (while a squire clops coconuts), they sing a song about fish in Finland, ...

Mostly military heroes

Baja emergency, badly wounded in Vietnam, shipwrecked teen, Bataan Death March, Yamamoto's killer, Clairemont's savior

Somewhere Between Death and the Border “I ran over to pick the suitcase up and, yeah, Eddie was laying there, face down in this pool of blood in the sand about a foot across, laying ...

Trade jobs with them?

San Diego occupations worth writing about

Like your road widened, Mister? Roads like Old Highway 80, east of San Diego, were paved with concrete; but after the war, asphalt paving was perfected. Asphalt is cheaper to lay down, which is why ...

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