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Lovers Lane

Baseball field proposal, meeting on Mira Mesa Bl., I Love You at Buffalo Joe’s, meeting the ex at E Street Alley, bowling at Palomar Lanes, poem at La Jolla Shores, and orange toe ring from Target

Some Women You Want to Hate Lt. Weinpel knew Ms. Smith was the girl for him. “From then on, it was just a matter of how am I going to finance the ring?” The lieutenant, ...

Arts in San Diego: From the visual to the hard-to-find

Movies, theater, artsy spots, special nonprofits, textiles, classical music, dance

No better musical experience of its kind in the world (!) Opera, symphony, Mainly Mozart, L.J Music Society, Bach Collegium, ProArte Voices. By Garrett Harris Used T-shirts, medical gauze, old hankies — The faction of ...

Reader stories from 1995

Drums, cholas, hospice care, Eckankar, French school, gangs, Michael Reagan, Bishop McKinney, Orchids and Onions

Orchids and Onions — 20 years later “You could actually turn off Highway 80 at various points and go to the farms. Mission Valley Center was the one thing that changed the whole character of ...

Southern neighbors — Tijuana culture and history

Mexican Revolution next door, architecture, slang, poets, books about TJ

TeeJay — Back To The Way It Used To Be At Cali-Max, T-bone steaks were selling for 90 cents a pound, compared to American prices of about $1.88. Filet mignon, when bought uncut, costs around ...

Hottest food reviews of the year

Chicken, dumplings, burgers, bagels, Baja, and the closure of Anthony's

Ocean Beach prices in Baja Between Tijuana and Rosarito, semi-upscale, gated communities catering to American ex-pats and retirees line the Baja coast. One of these communities, San Antonio del Mar, has been the subject of ...

Top San Diego music stories of 2017

Rest in Peace, Boss Lady Anilee Griffin, known to many punk and metal musicians as the tattooed music lover who hired bands at Hensley’s Flying Elephant in Carlsbad, Brick by Brick in Bay Park, and ...

Most popular Reader stories of 2017

Porn and Jehovah's Witnesses top the headlines

San Diego's Porn Studios Fourteen women, ranging in age from 18 through 22, including one still in high school, may have felt like stars when they walked into the Hard Rock Hotel and the Kimptbn's ...

Stories from winter and spring, 1997

Beekeeping quirks, life as castrated man, Army-Navy Academy without blinders, serious wine drinkers, the dissection of paintings at Balboa Park

San Diego beekeepers know all the flowering plants One time, Mikolich says, he got a call from a friend, a commercial beekeeper whose helper had driven a truckload of hives off a road and then ...

The great Santa swindle came crashing down

Reader writers dig deep into their psyches

Every Power Rangers toy known to man The exact moment the sleigh bells stopped jingling — by Chad Deal Sister Santa’s once-a-year smile I adored American Christmas — by Tam Hoang We were ruthless Christmas-letter ...

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