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Billy Gibbons, Lifeguards to the Rescue, Antiques and Appraisals, Mother Courage and Her Children, Daybreak at Del Mar

Events November 15-November 21, 2018

Thursday | 15 HELP! San Diego Lifeguards to the Rescue Michael Martino, author and lifegaurd, presents the evolution of lifeguard services in San Diego. The book chronicles the early pre-lifeguard years, when citizens provided aquatic ...

The sensual pleasures of print

Sitting by the sea while perusing the Reader events section

Painfully uneventful One of my favorite mid-week pick-me-ups is walking to our local La Jolla coffee shop, picking up a hot-off-the-press Reader, and sitting by the sea while perusing the events section. Imagining all the ...

Unexpected American influence in Tijuana

Baseball, school, journalism, rehab

Baja's tough-love drug rehab I’ve heard there are Americans down here kicking drugs the tough Mexican way, because the more coddling, more expensive American clinics didn’t work. As soon as you got out, you went ...

To farm in San Diego County

Avocados, marijuana, eggs, bees, ostriches, end of the farm

40 percent of U.S. avocados come from San Diego Alternate bearing is particularly pronounced in the Fuerte variety, and for this reason North County growers are increasingly planting the Hass. The Hass is a relatively ...

This Beautiful City, Chili Cook-Off, Coast to Cactus, Walk from Rim to Creek, Joni Mitchell Throwback

November 8-November 14, 2018

Thursday | 8 This Beautiful City Colorado Springs, home of the Air Force Academy and located at foot of Pike’s Peak, was transformed into the “capital of the Evangelical movement” when Ted Haggard and New ...

Obscenely delayed police response

Native New Yorker never felt unsafe before San Diego

What is Faulconer doing? I love San Diego. Your perfect weather, friendly people and exceptional natural amenities are forcing me to consider keeping a vacation home in SD County. Nevertheless, Mr. Faulconer’s feckless policing policies ...

The Reader gets snarky

La Jolla's Bohemian rhapsody Isn’t that a little-known Renoir sitting there coyly in a comer all by itself? An unfamiliar one to be sure. but. well, there is the poppy field, and there is the ...

San Diego politics in a less cynical era

Maureen O'Connor, Si Casady, right-left rent control debate, Pueblo land, convention center, district elections

The Cinderella story of Maureen O'Connor Maureen’s twin, Mavoumeen, reacted to the idea dubiously. ‘‘Oh God, Maureen,” she told her sister. ‘‘We don’t know anything about government.” Yet Mavoumeen promised to think about it and ...

What San Diegans do with spare time

Jogging, sculpture, cooking, silverware collecting, electronic bulletin board, and ballet

Father of Fitness It is possible one or two other “lone nuts” might also have been jogging somewhere in the county back then. But he knew of none, and the common wisdom in 1948, he ...

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