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Not Offbeat, Just Tasteless

I have been a faithful fan and reader of yours for decades. I especially have appreciated your inclusion of the offbeat and unusual in your choice of topics and humor. The recent SD on the QT section in the July 28 issue, however, disgusted and outraged me to the point of compelling me to write in. Satirical humor regarding a tragic death is tasteless, disrespectful, and uncalled for. This will cause me to think twice before picking up my usual weekly Reader. In my view, an apology is in order to the affected persons and to your readership.

  • Dr. Beth Green
  • Mission Hills

More Modesty, Please

Aloha. I moved here in June. Upon reading your acticles I was appalled at the terrible language in them. I am also disturbed by the near-nude female in your paper. Please encourage professional and proper language in your articles, and the female modestly dressed. Thank you so much.

  • Monica Mangold
  • Rolando

Nobody Asked Me

Regarding your article “Gays Make History” on page 14 (SD on the QT, July 28) this was a setback to democracy. Once again the liberal democrats did not bother to ask the voters if they approved of that. If they did, the voters would have said no.

  • Paul Lang
  • San Carlos


Flame On! Hillcrest Firefighters Calendar Raises Entire Cost of Station Redesign,” which ran in SD on the QT of the July 7 issue, was not a true story.

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