The offending SDQT piece that appeared in the June 1 print edition
  • The offending SDQT piece that appeared in the June 1 print edition

Murder Is Not a Joke

Our friend was tragically murdered. Do you think this is funny to us? A joke? Do you think that Jess Robles or his friends and family find your “Who Plays Who” (SD on the QT, June 1 print edition) to be remotely entertaining?

It is vile and trashy to take those whose lives are forever ruined and use them as a form of juvenile entertainment. Please stop this section of the Reader (which I will never pick up again). It is disrespectful and completely dishonored our murdered friend.

A family member of his sent me a picture of this “Who Plays Who” today and was extremely disturbed and upset by it. I would appreciate it if you would pen an apology to the Robles family in your next edition.

Praying you arrive at a place of showing compassion for others rather than making fun of them. This murder is not a joke, it shouldn’t be anyone’s form of entertainment.

  • Jess Robles’s friend
  • Pacific Beach

Truly Shameful

Re: “Who’s Playing Who: OB Pharmacist Manslaughter Edition” (SD on the QT, June 1)

Not funny to try to make a joke of a catastrophic murder. What new low will the Reader stoop to next? Truly shameful and inexcusable use of space in your publication.

  • Eric
  • via voicemail

Callous Humor

Your gag, “Who Plays Who: OB Pharmacist Manslaughter Edition” (SD on the QT, June 1) was extraordinarily tasteless. I knew Jess, he was a good-hearted person who was a good son, friend, and brother before he was murdered. Joking about his death trods on his grave. His family and friends see the callous humor and it really reopens scars that will never heal.

A good start to making good would be an apology to his family and memory.

  • John Waterson
  • Fairmont Park

Take a Step Back

I came across your comedic piece about the murder of Jess Robles and Thomas Burke in “Who’s Playing Who: OB Pharmacist Manslaughter Edition” (SD on the QT, June 1). I was a friend of Jess Robles’s, and I’m sure that me, and other people who knew him, and his family would find that not in good taste to have a comedic piece about their son’s murder, or their friend’s murder.

I would really hope you would take a step back before you would write a piece like that. It’s infuriating to know that someone got murdered, and now you’re making jokes about it. Take a moment to think about things like that in the future, okay?

  • Name withheld
  • via voicemail

No Laughing Matter

I just found out that there is a “Who Plays Who” in the latest edition of the Reader that is about my friend Jess Robles (SD on the QT, June 1). Jess was viciously taken from us when Thomas Burke committed this unspeakable and heinous act. The trial just finished up, and the outcome was extremely tough for Jess’s friends and family. Now we have to see something like this!

The tragedy that occurred on June 22, 2016, is no laughing matter. Families have been ripped apart. There is confusion, and grief, and loss. I just wanted to let you know that publishing this was callous and gutless, to say the least. How can you possibly think this is OK? What is the family supposed to think when they see this? Clearly there was no thought put into any of this, and I am saddened and heartbroken by what I have seen. The only time I will ever pick up a Reader again is if I need something to start a fire.

  • Scotty Coulon
  • University Heights

Since When Is Homicide Funny?

Re: “Who Plays Who: OB Pharmacist Manslaughter Edition,” SD on the QT, June 1

Just writing the title of this stupid segment makes my stomach hurt. I am in disbelief that a magazine of your size would publish something so senseless. Since when is homicide funny? This is beyond disrespectful, tactless, and stupid. These people are not celebrities who signed up to be in the spotlight — they don’t deserve to be ridiculed.

And what about their families? Haven’t they been through enough anguish? If you need content to fill your pages, why not be stand-up journalists and dig a little deeper? Tell the stories of who these people are and were. Talk about the case. Talk about the mental issues associated with jealousy. Talk about how someone moves on after experiencing what Larae went through. Talk about how Jess’s family is getting by. These are people’s realities!!! How dare you make a joke out of the situation.

How does someone look at Jess’s photo and not get that his life was cut short, and then disrespect his memory? Does that not mean anything? If not for his sake, then for the sake of those who knew him and love and miss him (many of which happen to be readers of your magazine!)? To you, you’re just doing your job, but your idiotic segment is about real people.

Shame on the San Diego Reader. Next time pick on someone who can at least defend himself.

  • Name withheld
  • via email

I Was Offended

I was just calling to express my displeasure at coming across an article, “Who’s Playing Who: OB Pharmacist Manslaughter Edition” (SD on the QT, June 1). That was my good friend who was shot and killed, and I just felt like that was trying to make a joke out of something that wasn’t ever funny to begin with. I was offended by what I saw.

  • Name withheld
  • via voicemail

Laws Older Than Me

I have noticed a lot of columns on bicycles lately. I am a walker and some of the things that are written about I agree with, some I don’t. Tickets at any price in Coronado I agree with.

There are California laws older than me (I’m 64) about how to ride a bicycle. The laws are there for safety. If you don’t want to be safe you should get a ticket.

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blade March 7, 2009 @ 12:13 p.m.

isn't 'where have all the rude boys gone?' the title of a song from the fantastic Goldblade album, 'Mutiny'


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