Settling for Mediocrity

This is in response to “Lousy Bolts Won’t Bolt” (SD on the QT, November 21) where, once again, Coach McCoy is placing the team’s poor performance on the field into the laps of the fans.

This has happened once too often during the 46 years I’ve been cheering for my team. Oh, that’s right; it’s not my team. It’s a business!

So, don’t you think it’s about time the team accepts its responsibility for so many years of putting out a crappy product?

Perhaps they might consider the repeated times they’ve let ego cut key offensive and defensive players prior to a season when we’re expected to go all the way. Given the product provided to fans of San Diego for most of the last 50 years, it speaks volumes that instead of going bankrupt, your fan base is willing to settle for mediocrity.

  • John Patrick Morrissey III
  • Lemon Grove

It’s Complicated

Re: “The Kennedy Assassination’s Last Insider,” November 21.

With such significant ties and possible loyalties to prominent anti-Kennedy characters, and factions like the (Federal Reserve) Warburgs, Texas oilman and Kennedy-hater Clint Murchison, the Prescott Bush dynasty (and multiple other members of his alma mater’s Skull-and-Bones Society), and Carlos Marcello associate, Joe Campisi, among others, it would be a profound shock if Jack Ruby’s rabbi, did not (publicly) agree with the Warren Commission.

The fact of his prominent status as a retired officer in the U.S. Navy, and as an Israeli paramilitary soldier, only complicate matters further — making it highly improbable he could or would reveal all he knows and feels.

  • T.R.
  • North Park

General Dynamics Day

Recently, at a local donut shop, I checked out the November 21 edition of the Reader, with the Kennedy assassination featured on the cover (“The Kennedy Assassination’s Last Insider”). Several pages past the cover, there were two separate articles with a response from a lady named Ruth Lesley, that is somehow involved with organizing the last Veterans Day Parade (SD on the QT: “On Point” and “San Diego Police Successfully Clear Homeless Veterans from Path of Veterans Day Parade”).

Who is this woman? What credentials does she have for organizing anything having to do with veterans? Is she, herself, a veteran? Apparently, she has taken quite a bit of criticism for the way she ran things for the parade, and deservedly so.

I’m a retired Marine grunt combat veteran and DAV with PTSD. I’ve killed Iraqi soldiers during the Gulf War. I have never killed any 15-year-olds wearing suicide vests. I don’t live on the streets. I’m not a drug addict or alcoholic.

This was a Veterans Day parade that’s supposed to be about veterans. It’s not supposed to be a commercial plug for General Dynamics’ latest, greatest military hardware that they have for sale that’s skillfully operated by someone with a joystick in one hand, and a coffee cup in the other, sitting safely on the other side of the globe, who goes home to their family after killing someone.

The parade is supposed to focus on the veterans — all veterans, and the sacrifices they’ve made. That includes those wretched, homeless, drunk, and alcoholic veterans living and sleeping on the streets. America needs to see the full spectrum that happens because of war. The closest we have come is 9/11; and, look at how it traumatized so many in this world.

America can be happy that we are able to take the fight to the enemy, wherever they are in this world, instead of fighting on our own soil, which exposes not only military personnel to the horrors of war, but also our civilians, including children — and including children who think it is fun marching in a sterilized parade that inspires them to join the Armed Forces someday.

It is good that we are able to defeat our enemies because of good leadership, sound tactical, and strategic detailed planning, discipline, and skills honed from intensive training, which includes technologically advanced hardware. We are so good at easily defeating our enemies, though, that we can feel like murderers, and get PTSD, which leads some to drug and alcohol abuse.

Stop giving our troops the bum’s rush, fooling yourself into doing veterans a favor by putting us somewhere so we don’t have to be seen. If all of us are seen, maybe Americans will think twice before some politicians, and their corporate good-old-boy networks, volunteer us for wars that do not need to be fought, so they can become more powerful, and increase their bottom-line profit margin from hardware like drones!

  • Name Withheld
  • via email

Hard As Ore

Do you still have the Typo Patrol? I found a typo in the November 21 issue in News of the Weird under “Lead Story” about librarians who allow patrons to watch “hard- ore pornography.” I believe it should say hard-core porn. I have never heard of hard-ore porn.

  • Claire Newick
  • La Jolla

Who Is Dobson?

I have a question about Judith Moore’s article on turkeys titled “Savage Breast.” It’s originally from 1993 but you have it reprinted in the November 21 Reader.

It says: “Dobson’s chef, Deborah MacDonald Schnei­der, doesn’t make giblet gravy. She says she ‘hates guts,’ that she wouldn’t eat the giblets at gunpoint.’”

Well, that’s very nice. But who is Dobson? I went back through the article twice or thrice and I can’t find any prior mention of anybody named Dobson. Or maybe it’s a restaurant named Dobson’s? I have no idea. Regardless, the first mention of Dobson is at the bottom of page 62. And it’s also the first mention of Deborah MacDonald Schneider.

What happened there? Did you edit part of the story out and drop a few paragraphs? Believe me, I’ve gone back through the story several times. You have all these fascinating pages about how they masturbate turkeys to artificially inseminate the hens. But there’s no mention of Dobson or Schneider, so you must have edited out an original part of the article. That’s all I can figure. It’s very disconcerting. Please explain.

  • Name Withheld
  • via voicemail

Dobson’s was and still is a well-known Downtown restaurant on Broadway. — Editor

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