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So, you know, don't read if you don't care about superhero movies, or if you haven't seen The Avengers and don't want to know anything about anything that happens...

But remember that scene on the S.H.I.E.L.D. sky-ship thingy where Nick Fury is explaining that they had to use the Tesseract to build weapons so they could protect themselves against otherworldly bad guys who might come calling? And Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, calls Fury out by saying, "Nuclear deterrence. Because that's always worked," or some such wisecrack?

BUT. But but but but but. Isn't his WHOLE RATIONALE for not turning the suit over to the Gubmint in Iron Man 2 the fact that nobody else has an Iron Man suit, so he's a one-man guarantee of world peace? Isn't he the nuclear deterrent?

Yeah, pretty sure Stark shouldn't have made that crack.

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