Nerdcore is about embracing and taking ownership of your nerdiness.
  • Nerdcore is about embracing and taking ownership of your nerdiness.
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Everybody is a nerd nowadays. At least, that’s the premise of the monthly Nerdcore night (every second Thursday) at the Ruby Room, which features musicians, performers, and comedians who speak the esoteric dialects of fellow fanatics.

“We all grew up on Nintendo and Star Wars,” says Nerdcore promoter Aubree Miller. “It’s a part of our childhood and for a lot of us it’s a part of our adulthood, too. Nerdcore night is about embracing that kind of fun and taking ownership of your nerdiness.”

As a partner in — a lifestyle website for female gamers — Miller intended Nerdcore night to be a real-life meet-up for site members.

“The event is meant to be an experience for gamers to get out of the house but still give them an environment with which they are comfortable,” says Miller.

Soon, however, the evening grew into a staple affair for “the general nerd population,” featuring prominent poindexters such as MC Lars, MC Frontalot, Dr. Awkward, Zealous1, Shammers, Adam Warrock, Kirby Krackle, Broken Pixels, and YT Cracker.

“Nerdcore is a fun genre of music,” Miller says. “What I like most about it is that the music is smart. It’s not about a specific sound, it’s more content driven, which makes the genre entertaining because you are intrigued on a personal (usually nerdy) level and you can listen to different types of music, from rock to hip-hop.”

Hosting a gallery of models in various nerd-friendly motifs, Miller considers’s namesake girls to be role models for “female gamers who feel animosity from male gamers.”

“Whenever a girl beats a guy over, say, Xbox live or whatever, a ton of messages immediately start piling up about how you must be a fat, stoner, loser chick to have beat them at a game,” says Miller. “Boys are petty. We use actual female gamers on the site who are hot to prove these kinds of boys wrong. Honestly, girls just want gaming equality.”

Have the website and event helped accomplish that?

“In a sense, yes. It’s kind of, like, to get noticed you have to do radical things and make over-the-top statements. Think about the women’s suffrage movements. They weren’t just, like, Oh, we are going to pretend like we are equal until it happens.”

Ruby Room

1271 University Avenue, Hillcrest

(No longer in business.)

Get equal, gamer girls, at the Ruby Room on June 7 with Broken Pixels, MC Chalkskin, Dez Thrill, and MC Ohm-I. Five credits.

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AnotherWorld May 26, 2012 @ 7 a.m.

No kidding!!!! (how the male side of LIFE is nothing, but a PETTY MONSTER). I worked at several job positions which consisted more of the male body and they are nothing but mischeivous to trouble spreading creatures who also like to LOOK for ways in how to sabotage someone else's life and LIE about it in order for their own gains in whatever they think is valuable to them. The list of ERRS from the PERFECT Male MINDSET is a very LONG ONE!!!! and how I personally know a lot of them also INCORRECTLY raise daughters and are nothing, but a BAD influence toward the female race.


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