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Stories by The Canyoneers

Enjoy a walk on the mild side

Rose Marie Starns South Shores Park is one of Mission Bay's nicer public walks

San Diego is blessed with many nice public walks, and this is one of the nicer ones, because it hugs the south shore of Mission Bay opposite Fiesta Island. It is named for Rose Marie ...

Watch as the bird populations change with the seasons

Explore the bayside walking and birding trail in Imperial Beach

A new birding trail has been opened at the very bottom of San Diego Bay in Imperial Beach within the San Diego Bay National Wildlife Refuge. There is a well-marked dirt path stemming from the ...

Follow Peñasquitos Creek as it meanders through South Poway and Sabre Springs

Take time to enjoy views of Iron Mountain, Mount Woodson and an abundance of California native plants

This is a segment of the 110-mile Trans-County Trail that follows Peñasquitos Creek as it meanders through South Poway and Sabre Springs. About half of the hike is an easy walk through coastal sage scrub ...

Poway's trail less traveled

Hike the loop to Tooth Rock

The out-and-back trip is an easy walk through coastal sage scrub and grassland habitat, with an occasional dip into shady live oak, poplar, sycamore and willow riparian groves. It is good for everyone, including parents ...

A peak experience with spectacular desert views

Hiking Sombrero Peak from Indian Gorge, there is no official trail or even agreed-upon route to the top

Many reasons have been given for climbing Sombrero Peak, including its distinctive shape and the fact that it is quite prominent when viewed from Indian or Bow Willow Valleys. It is on the list of ...

Enjoy various cacti, flowers, and animal tracks on the Bisnaga Wash

“Bisnaga,” is Spanish for barrel cactus

Begin the hike from the parking area and follow the wash veering to the northwest, keeping the hills on your left. Bisnaga Wash is a wide wash with gradual elevation gain, ending in a narrow ...

Bike the bayshore on Coronado's Silver Strand

Experience an uncluttered view of the south end of San Diego Bay and the Coronado Bridge

The Bayshore Bikeway can be entered at the end of the parking lot at Glorietta Bay Park in Coronado. Pay attention for riders as you enter. This is the beginning of a nice 9-mile ride ...

Step back in time on the Kelly Trail in Carlsbad

Follow the Agua Hedionda Creek wetlands bordering Agua Hedionda Lagoon

The land that is now Carlsbad was once home to Kumeyaay people, perhaps for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. Spanish priests and their accompanying soldiers displaced the Kumeyaay by the late 18th century, and ...

Hidden and well-known treasures of Balboa Park

Five trails start at the Sixth and Upas gateway

Hidden and well-known treasures of Balboa Park

A fitness routine surrounded by natural sights and sounds

Over 100-year-old oaks and wildlife abound at Potrero Regional Park

A fitness routine surrounded by natural sights and sounds

Follow part of the early stagecoach line between Poway and Escondido

The views of the surrounding hills and of San Pasqual Agricultural Preserve are outstanding

Follow part of the early stagecoach line between Poway and Escondido

An unassuming cemetery in Mission Hills

Salvaged tombstones are the only indication that Calvary Cemetery ever existed

An unassuming cemetery in Mission Hills

Hosp's loss, Carlsbad's gain

A eucalyptus forest with scenic views of Buena Vista Lagoon.

The many eucalyptus trees (Eucalyptus globulus) growing in this part of Carlsbad were originally planted by F.W. Hosp, an Oceanside nurseryman, who hoped to use the wood for railroad ties, bridges, and trestles. Hosp and ...

Trans-County—South Poway Trail

Hike an urban section of the Trans-County Trail

The South Poway Trail is part of San Diego’s 110-mile Trans-County Trail, currently incomplete, that will eventually extend from the Anza Borrego Desert State Park to the Pacific Ocean near Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve. ...

Morrison Pond

Visit a partially-secluded and quiet spot in Sweetwater Regional Summit Park.

Once the site of a sand and gravel quarry, Morrison Pond is now a partially-secluded spot within the Sweetwater Regional Summit Park that is great for nature watching. It is an open preserve with multiple ...

Stonebridge Trail: San Elijo Lagoon

Enjoy the diverse natural environments of the eastern portion of the San Elijo Ecological Reserve.

The San Elijo Ecological Reserve protects one of the largest remaining wetlands in Southern California as well as the bordering hills containing dense stands of maritime chaparral and coastal sage scrub. The Stonebridge Trail takes ...

Rolando Village Catwalks (East County)

These walkways and staircases rival La Mesa’s “Secret Stairs” for a cardio workout.

La Mesa and adjacent Rolando Village stand out as one of the few areas in the county that offer a system of public walkways and stairways. Probably best known are the “Secret Stairs” of Mt. ...

Champagne Pass Viewpoint—Pine Mountain Loop

Take in a 360-degree view and sign the register on this little-known peak in the Laguna Mountains.

This is a moderate hike that offers little shade on its way to the top of Champagne Pass (~5500’) where the views are magnificent. This trail can be taken year-round, with blooming wildflowers in the ...

La Mesa’s secret stairs to peak of Mount Nebo

Get a cardio workout on staircases that date back to 1912.

For those looking for stair stepping exercise in San Diego County, there are actually several options for a cardio workout: The San Diego Convention Center has about 100 steps; the “Catwalks” of Rolando Village are ...

Del Mar Mesa Preserve

This hike explores rare vernal pools

The Del Mar Mesa is a flat, chaparral-covered plateau, with an average elevation of 400 feet above sea level. Canyons drain south from the plateau into Los Peñasquitos Creek and northwest into Deer Creek, then ...

A stroll through the City of Trails

Explore some of the lesser-known paths of Poway

Poway is a “city of trails” with some of the most popular hiking trails in coastal San Diego, especially those to Iron Mountain and Mt. Woodson. However, it has many other trails, mostly used by ...

A wild but happening place

Annie's Canyon Trail takes you through a wide variety of habitats

Annie’s Canyon Trail goes through a variety of habitats, including riparian forest, coastal sage scrub, chaparral, and salt water marsh. It also has an amazing slot canyon. There are outstanding views of the ocean, lagoon, ...

Adventures above De Anza

There is no official trail up to the peak of Jacumba Mountain

If you are someone who enjoys a little adventure through a bouldery desert landscape with few other people and you’re up for a bit of a navigational challenge, then this hike just may fit the ...

An adventure in geology

Slipping through the slots of Canyon Sin Nombre

A couple of very good slot canyons make for an interesting add-on to the impressive geology hike at the upper portion of this canyon. The Roam-O-Rama write up “The pull-apart basin” from 11/22/17 describes the ...

Dome on the range

Relax in the shaded hollow of an ancient sand dune

The Coyote Mountains are part of a larger area known as the Colorado region of the Sonoran Desert. Here two plates meet, the Pacific Plate to the west and the North American Plate to the ...

Rough beauty on Ocotillo Ridge

What is the difference between a thorn and a spine?

Three geothermal natural springs once flowed freely from the northern face of the Tierra Blanca Mountains, creating a desert oasis that was known to the Kumeyaay people. The abundant water now fills swimming pools and ...

The Canyoneers walk two cleaned-up canyons

Flourishing, accessible native habitats in an urban setting

Manzanita and Hollywood Canyons demonstrate the ability of nature to thrive in disturbed areas and neighborhoods. Not only are these canyons necessary habitats for native flora and fauna, they also act as windows into San ...

There are more than 30 palms at 17 Palms Oasis

No doubt it had 17 palms when first named

Seventeen Palms Oasis is one of the popular places to visit in Anza-Borrego Desert State Park. It has been a desert watering stop for over 100 years. A good way to experience early desert travel ...

It's called Goat Peak for a reason

Some critters have an easier time on rocky slopes than others

Nestled into a quiet neighborhood at the eastern fringes of Poway is a hiking trail that goes through the riparian habitat of Poway Creek, rises steeply up into chaparral slopes, and culminates at a panoramic ...

A biological and geological wonder awaits

Take a hike through one of the largest remaining wetlands in Southern California

The San Elijo Ecological Reserve protects one of the largest remaining wetlands in Southern California, as well as the bordering hills containing beautiful stands of maritime chaparral and coastal sage scrub. The La Orilla Trail ...

Morse's marvelous meeting place

Everything is designed to bring people together in this delightful natural setting

Alta Vista Botanical Gardens was designed and largely constructed by the environmental artist and contractor Bryan Morse, as well as by a host of dedicated volunteers. It is a work in progress and completely dependent ...

Lost meaning in Smugglers Canyon

Maybe the pictographs were used in female initiation ceremonies

After parking at the Pictograph Trail trailhead, begin your hike by heading east up the well-marked Pictograph Trail. Be sure to take a moment to read the informational kiosk so you understand the importance and ...

Beware Heart Attack Hill

But look for remnants of the Harper cabin

In the early 1900s, cattleman brothers Julius and Amby Harper, who had a family ranch with their father in Rattlesnake Valley in the Cuyamacas, discovered a large, gently-sloping valley in the Pinyon Mountains while looking ...

Ghost flower tricks bugs

A little surprise awaits you in Little Surprise Canyon

According to former State Park Superintendent Mark Jorgensen, this canyon “is a surprise during good wildflower seasons and holds many species of blooming plants in its shady confines.” It is the canyon commonly recommended for ...

Don't even think about hiking there

Carlsbad's Ridgeline Trail is ok, though

The Ridgeline Trail is a highly scenic trail through native chaparral and coastal sage scrub habitat. It has inspiring views of the Batiquitos Lagoon and the Pacific beyond as it takes you along a ridge ...

Easy trail near a tough golf course in Carlsbad

Golf-course trail connects to undeveloped habitats and parklands

The Crossings at Carlsbad Golf Course was designed by Greg Nash with the preservation of habitat and the city’s trail system being an important consideration in creating a challenging course. The holes for this city-owned ...

Elsinore Fault Zone’s tectonic forces in play

Sweeney Wash and Canyon is located in the Elsinore Fault Zone. Look forward to viewing twisted and turned pegmatite dikes along this hike that reflect Cretaceous tectonic forces in play. The wash may be part ...

Kit Carson Park: where organized activities meet open space

Hike includes internationally know sculpture garden

Something for everyone in Escondido (especially on weekends and holidays).

Three short hikes in high part of Anza Borrego

No wonder the Kumeyaay liked Culp Valley

At an elevation of 3400 feet, Culp Valley not only provides relief from scorching desert temperatures in the months when it is too hot to hike at lower elevations in Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, but ...

All this for roofing granules, poultry grit

Hike to West Dolomite Mine Peak to see interesting damage in the Coyote Mountains

The main feature of this hike is the mine and its ruins, which is interesting to explore. It is a prime example of an open-pit strip mine (now closed off). The owners, Fred Elliott, Mrs. ...

Up close to vernal pools

Water's End Rail Trail in Carlsbad

The Coastal Rail Trail is projected to become a continuous path following the Coaster commuter train line from Oceanside to San Diego. As of 2017, only discontinuous segments exist. The Water’s End Trail in Carlsbad ...

How the least tern was rescued at Batiquitos Lagoon

See what restoration can do

The North Bluff Trail is on a coastal plateau at an elevation of 60 to 100 feet above sea level, overlooking the Batiquitos Lagoon. The plateau once was almost entirely covered by coastal sage scrub ...

Link two trails in La Costa, get a four-mile hike

Experience different habitats on La Costa Valley and La Costa Glen trails

La Costa Valley and La Costa Glen are Carlsbad City trails that are near each other and relatively short. They are within or in close proximity to similar riparian and coastal chaparral/sage scrub habitats, but ...

Eucalyptus Trail — between backyards and Batiquitos Lagoon

Leafless does not mean dead

Start hiking up the short, steep trail through somewhat degraded coastal sage scrub habitat. If making this journey after a long rainless summer, many of the shrubs will be leafless or nearly so. They are ...

Damon Lane County Park’s thick slice of riparian habitat

Beauty in spite of eucalyptus

Tucked discreetly into a Rancho San Diego neighborhood and unknown to many is a 29-acre county park that offers a shady retreat in the form of eucalyptus groves towering above a year-round creek. Several short ...

Best way to see Sandstone Canyon, Red Narrows, and Mud Palisades

A delightful surprise in the Anza-Borrego

Hike up to a spectacular red narrow gorge at the head of June Wash on the ridge of Whale Peak.

The old ranches of Borrego

The Bailey cabin, the Campbell Ranch, the trap for cowbirds

The old Vallecito Ranch is now part of Anza-Borrego Desert State Park and has been designated a preserve known as Hawi-Vallecito Cultural Preserve. Hawi is Kumeyaay for “the place where tules grow” and vallecito is ...

Ride your bike around Borrego's prehistoric sculptures

And stay for the stars

Borrego Springs is the unincorporated town in San Diego’s desert area surrounded by Anza-Borrego Desert State Park. It is an official International Dark Sky Community where you can really see the stars at night. Borrego ...

Stay on the Anderson Canyon trail

Watch for beetles, ants, and our friend the Torrey pine

Del Mar Canyon Preserve, sometimes alternatively known as Anderson Canyon, has two of the best elements of San Diego County hikes: stunning views and unique biodiversity. The trail is short and easy, but take time ...

Gaze at oaks from your business park

There are scrub oaks and there are scrub oaks

The trailhead is south of the parking area, on the east side of El Fuerte. To reach it, walk about 0.1 mile up the sidewalk to the sign pointing to the trail going east. The ...

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