The Canyoneers

Canyoneers are San Diego Natural History Museum volunteers trained to lead interpretive nature walks that teach appreciation for the great outdoors. Read more about them in Coast to Cactus: The genesis of San Diego's definitive hiking guide.

Schedule of free public hikes.

Articles by The Canyoneers

Lakeside – not rednecks

El Monte sand mine, Barona Indians, Lakeside River Park, loser's guide to Lakeside

Lakeside turns out “I don’t know if you noticed, but the whole town of Lakeside is here,” said local resident Barbara Sessions, pointing to over 500 people who recently filled up a 250-seat room at ...

Hike Carlsbad Beach, bluffs, & seawall from Buena Vista Lagoon to North Ponto Beach

Explore the worlds of the ocean intertidal zones.

This beach hike extends from North Carlsbad Beach and Carlsbad State Beach to North Ponto Beach. Along the way, notice our natural beach ecology, especially the intertidal zone, its plants and wildlife, along with the ...

Mission Trails’ 5-Peak Challenge — accepted!

Challenge yourself to a fitness adventure and do it at your own pace.

Hiking to the top of one or more of the major five peaks in Mission Trails Regional Park has always been an adventurous challenge for park visitors. The 5-Peak Challenge became a formal activity beginning ...

Quail and eucalyptus in Encinitas

Discover native habitat in these open space areas

This part of Encinitas is dominated by a dissected sandstone plateau, with an elevation of up to about 250 feet above sea level. A golf course and many large homes have been built on the ...

Find works by Nam June Paik at the UCSD Stuart Collection Art Walk

Continue discovering unusual works of art by leading artists.

This walk continues exploring the many works of art commissioned by the Stuart Collection in partnership with the University of California, San Diego campus. Part 1 left off at the university’s Media Center, where works ...

Rancho Bernardo – in the thick of North County suburbia

Neighborhood turn-around, olive tree fruit fly, drought, Presbyterians sued, Tony Pepperoni

A Feeling of Hope in Rancho Bernardo How do I even begin to tell you about the incredible turnaround my neighborhood has taken? I will start here. Hi, my name is Mychal McMahon. I am ...

UCSD Stuart Collection: sculptures and buildings that may be tricky to find

This walk is a treasure hunt for unusual works of art by leading artists.

One of the more intriguing walks in San Diego is on the University of California San Diego campus, where commissioned sculptures are integrated into site-specific works that may be tricky to find. The collection, named ...

William Heise’s Cedar Trail: a smell reminiscent of shoe polish

There is always something new to explore in this park.

Located at just over 4000 feet elevation, this 929-acre park is a mixture of forest and manzanita chaparral. Over 10 miles of hiking trails, ranging from short and easy to moderately challenging, lie within or ...

Coastal Rail Trail: Encinitas and Solana Beach

Walk through and along three city beaches on this promising hike.

The San Diego Coastal Rail Trail is an ongoing project that will ultimately provide a way to navigate the 44 miles between downtown San Diego and Oceanside without a car. Ideally, this will be mostly ...

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