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Shades of Sweetwater at Calexico Unified School District

As the San Diego County grand jury opens an investigation this week into allegations of corruption in the Sweetwater Union High School District, new intrigues play out in Calexico with Sweetwater’s former attorney firm, GCR, ...

The Seychelles

In search of a secluded beach on the island of Mahé.

I signed up for a wildlife volunteer project in the Seychelles. In order to get accustomed to the time change and to get my PADI, I went a few days early. Another volunteer for a ...

Record-release roundup

A limited-edition vinyl pressing of P.O.D.’s new full-length, Murdered Love, drops this week. It’s available in two colors: transparent red and clear with red splatter. On November 30, the Tin Can Alehouse will host the ...


Thursday 22Clozz-zz-zzed for Thanksgiving. Tryptophantastic, I’m tired. Friday 23Need to get your groove on and work off a couple extra holiday ell bees? Well, shine up your skids, kids, because funky soul brother Karl Denson ...

Cow chip bingo?

Helix High School band directors get creative in the absence of funding, including mattress sales and cow-chip bingo.

Trackin' critters on Fiesta Island

Hike on a man-made island in Mission Bay where invasive plants dominate the landscape.

Brian Lyng on getting in and out of P.B.

Name: Brian Lehman Lyng Car: 2003 Acura TL How’s your commute? I live in Pacific Beach. It’s about seven miles to downtown, maybe ten miles to SDSU. And it is crazy everywhere I go. There ...

Topless males vs. topless females

Where it’s OK for females to go shirtless (and bra-less) in public?

Nena Anderson's full of surprises

We talk by phone, Nena Anderson and I, about her winter vegetable garden. She’s been working in her yard, getting ready for the coming cold front. A single mother, Anderson works as a designer, a ...

Is this mic on?

Are Arbitron’s Portable People Meters fairly measuring the San Diego listenership of FM 94/9?

Calculating Attendance at the I.B. Sandcastle Festival

Hi Matthew:I read that the Sandcastles Festival here in Imperial Beach had over 400,000 visitors during the three-day weekend, more than any previous festival. Any clue how they can possibly calculate that figure and how ...

The Earthen Berm East of Amboy

Hey Matt:Can you find out why an earthen berm was constructed along the north side of the National Trails Highway/Route 66 for many miles east of Amboy, CA? Does it still serve any purpose? Was ...

The Press Box

Rancho San Diego’s Press Box Sports Lounge has a beer selection that outshines any sports bar for at least ten miles in any direction.

The adult-oriented Pony Death Ride

‘We perform musical comedy inspired by burlesque, vaudeville, and punk rock,” says Jaye MacAskill, who cofounded Pony Death Ride with her husband Joe in 2009. “As a multi-instrumental duo, our songs reference a variety of ...

The oddball aesthetic of Delicate Steve

Delicate Steve’s song “Redeemer,” from the new Positive Force, is an original, but it sounds like an oddball cover version of the instrumental theme song from some forgotten 1980s TV drama (I’m thinking Hill Street ...

From under the radar: Antojitos Colombianos

Cali, as in Colombia

In spite of the ever-rising price of gas, I try to get out of my neighborhood(s) and see what’s going on elsewhere. And so, one morning about three months ago, I took a drive along ...

To serve big government

The local branch of Service Employees International Union, the giant public employees union, has been in the market for a new employee. “We’re looking for a Political Organizer to work in our San Diego office ...

Waiting for Lightning

A little board, a giant wall, a good movie

About Danny Way, the North County resident who jumped the Great Wall of China on a skateboard.


The Old Globe's Measure for Measure

“The comic and tragic parts equally border on the hateful.”

Leave it to me

Ed leaves his order to Cool Hand Kate, Miss Sushi

Kate Murray went to sushi school against the advisement of men who told her raw fish begins cooking in women’s hands because they’re warmer than men’s.

Hispanic vote calls shots in San Diego

Does San Diego’s great awakening include Republicans?

I call it blunk

SDSU student/musician Ariel Schwartz says Associated Students has stopped paying to host bands and only includes DJs for entertainment.

Thanksgiving Volunteering Opportunities in San Diego

Lose yourself in the service of others.

My son recited a Gandhi quotation at dinner. “‘I shall pass through this world but once. Any good therefore that I can do or any kindness that I can show to any human being, let ...

Job security, priceless

Though the Obama administration’s second-term housecleaning begins soon, one controversial San Diegan is given good odds to hang around another four years in one capacity or another. Alan Bersin, currently assistant secretary of international affairs ...

EPPICard fees heaped upon child-support recipients

Woman starts

It was a good year for collecting child support in California. More aggressive collection efforts helped the state bring in $38 million more in the fiscal year that ended in June. San Diego ranked 22nd ...


Standing Up for Servers I have been an avid fan of the Reader for over ten years. You have written great articles about my friends, local bands, I love the food reviews, etc. But this ...

Birthday fantasy

In a public gym on a Stairmaster having an erotic fantasy.


Owls glide off the thin Wrists of the night, And using snow for their feathers Drift down on either side Of the wind. I spot them As I camp along the ridge, Glistening over the ...