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Baja is back for visitors

Reader writer gets a reassuring tour of Tijuana.

Tijuana is making a comeback, thanks to hipsters, hypesters, and people that never gave up on the border city.

Allied Gardens hosts speech by U-T chief John Lynch

On Filner, Obamacare, Chargers stadium, and the “media company”

U-T San Diego CEO John Lynch referred to mayor Bob Filner several times during his talk at the July 23 Allied Gardens Community Council town hall meeting at Ascension Lutheran Church. Lynch also spoke about ...

Tijuana offers safe transportation for women

Pink Line for elderly men, as well

The city of Tijuana this week launched a limited special municipal bus service to provide secure transportation for women traveling alone or with children and for the elderly of either gender. The pink line began ...

Righteous Exploits slated for August open and September run

Performance art from Margaret Noble and Justin Hudnall explores generational narratives and struggles with family history.

Open your ears

KSDS assistant music director Chad Fox plays nontraditional jazz: “I’d say that at least 85 percent of our listeners have been very positive.”

Glass Castle and Half-Broke Horses by Jeannette Walls

What are you reading? “I’ve read two books lately that my wife turned me on to: The Glass Castle, by Jeannette Walls, and Half-Broke Horses, which is also by Walls. The Glass Castle is a ...

Cocktail casual at the Turf

If you can stomach some ’tude with your food, hit the Turf Supper Club in Golden Hill.

We must be talking bánh mi

Mom's dream

At Linda Vista’s Bale Restaurant & Deli (serving Vietnamese, Chinese, and Thai Cuisine), Ed attacks an egg loaf and other morsels.

Record-release roundup

The release party for Shiva Trash’s new seven-inch happens at Til Two in City Heights on Friday, July 26, with Northern Tigers, the Natives, and California 666 also playing sets. The same day will see ...

Lester Bangs, El Cajon kid

The Lester Bangs film will be pirated, natch

Interview with Grossmont College’s Raul Sandelin, who is near completion of the film A Box Full of Rocks: The El Cajon Years of Lester Bangs. Sandlein: "I'm an El Cajon cheerleader."

Paddleboard safari

Stand-up paddle board lessons are a good, easy way to learn how to surf. But don’t do it. Surfing is no fun.

Shakey Graves

Alejandro Rose-Garcia, from Austin, Texas, goes by the stage name Shakey Graves. If this makes him sound like an itinerant Delta bluesman, in the design of his performance, he is — partly. Graves is a ...

Zeke Hindle is not quite a tennis bum. Close, though

On the tour

Making a living as a professional athlete is for a very few. Making a good living is for a tiny percentage of the very few. Introducing Zeke Hindle (real name), 27, professional tennis player. Zeke ...

The flip side of vinyl

Mark Alan Hamilton bought a downtown record store in 2007 (Fiesta Records) and his timing couldn’t have been worse. Now he says vinyl is making a comeback (probably so we’ll publish an article about his record store).

This week in the San Diego clubs, July 25–31

Thursday 25If, like me, you were hoping to join the Cult at House of Blues, too late, mein freund, that salty alt-rock banger is sold out.... Chin up, though, I got something Sonny for ya, ...

Mt. Gower Open Space Preserve, South Route

Unusual rock formations, views, and a variety of landscapes and habitats make this one of the better hikes in the county.

South Bay’s most expensive, most mysterious property

Sitting on a one-acre lot that the listing office describes as the “highest point in Bonita,” the 9045-square-foot estate at 368 Surrey Drive is the most luxurious property currently available in any of San Diego’s ...

Vinyl addiction

Former M Theory record store founder Eric Howarth thins his record collection while at the same time staging “Vinyl Junkies” record swaps.

Are the volunteers getting hosed?

Firefighting is no less than an American tradition in Julian.

County government is poised to take over the Julian Cuyamaca Fire Protection District. Whether that’s good or bad is an open question, even to those residents who are emotionally involved.

Into Mexico

Barb, Dad, and David’s Mexican adventure

Sometimes I forget that a mere 15 miles away from downtown San Diego is a-whole-nother country, with its own customs and laws that, despite their close proximity to America, are light years away from those ...

News product placement

What’s news to NBC-owned TV station KNSD, at least according to its latest federally required “issues and program list,” covering the operation’s news coverage during the period between April 1 and June 30? First, a ...

Destination Lindbergh; destruction Old Town

Old Town residents suspect the freeway is coming through.

"It would transform the way travelers use our airport, reduce traffic congestion around [Lindbergh Field] and take advantage of the airport’s close proximity to Interstate 5 by providing access right into the airport.” That was ...

UCSD flunks rabbit test

Federal regulators have sent UCSD a warning notice regarding the university’s alleged violation of federal regulations in the treatment of an animal at one of the school’s experimental test labs. On April 8, administrators were ...

Moving targets

The controversial possibility of installing new electronic billboards downtown continues to be a lucrative affair for GOP lobbyist Paul Robinson. According to his latest financial disclosure report of July 11, he got $5000 from Capitol ...

Caffeine Club and the Patter of Tiny Royal Feet

A Brit ex-pat marvels at American ways, especially when at Starbucks.

Gonna sit right down and write...

Correction Gather No Moss last week included a misidentified photo; the ruins of St. Paul’s Cathedral are in Macau. — Editor G-Rated Humor I was amused and delighted to read Barbarella’s “Laugh Lines” (July 18 ...

Calvary Chapel Fallbrook

The toll of large-scale biblically illiterate Christianity.


You come in big and high from the beach though your shoulders are small your arm is in place around the red board and your orange swim trunks are just where they should properly be ...