Grossmont College Stories

Really smoking

Termed-out Republican state senator Mark Wyland, who has his eye on a Board of Equalization seat next year, picked up $5800 last week from tobacco giant Phillip Morris… When it comes to stealing, crime was ...

Lester Bangs, El Cajon kid

The Lester Bangs film will be pirated, natch

Interview with Grossmont College’s Raul Sandelin, who is near completion of the film A Box Full of Rocks: The El Cajon Years of Lester Bangs. Sandlein: "I'm an El Cajon cheerleader."

Sheriff's Department to hold live shooter training at Grossmont College

The Santee Sheriff’s Station has announced that deputies will be conducting “live shooter” training on the Grossmont College campus beginning this afternoon (July 16) at 2 p.m. and continuing until as late as 10:00 tonight. ...

San Diego community colleges – larger classes, higher tuition

Still cheaper than other states

On a warm September afternoon last fall, Scott Freeman sat at an outdoor table near the art department at San Diego City College. Dressed in jeans and a black-and-gray-striped bowling shirt that covered his noticeable ...

Chancellor Suarez and His Friends

What were they thinking? Sometime in August, Omero Suarez, chancellor of the Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District, and Deanna Weeks, the district's governing board president, signed a secretly altered version of the chancellor's contract. The change ...

This Isn’t Tokyo

“I need to put a little more junk in my trunk.”

Academics Exchange Fire

On March 7 of last year the Grossmont College academic senate gave its highest administrator a vote of no confidence. The rancor between faculty and Omero Suarez, the chancellor of the Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District, ...

Follow Horsethief Canyon's trickling stream into the Pine Creek Wilderness, south of Descanso.

Horsethief Canyon offers one of the quickest escapes into a designated wilderness area available to urban San Diegans. The canyon is a major entryway into the 13,000-acre Pine Creek Wilderness, south of Descanso and Pine ...

A Special Kind of Destiny

At the Carl's Jr. on Clairemont and Burgener, Michelle is on top of everything. Conscious of every customer, she double-checks the cleanliness and efficiency of the staff. Although not the manager, the other employees treat ...

Fletcher Hills water tank, Carlsbad's Split Pavilion

Public art's hurly-burly

Consider people who rant on issues about which they believe themselves experts. Everybody holds an opinion on everything -- like a fellow on the radio contending that the National Endowment for the Arts should be ...

Let’s Be Friends

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