UCSD housed a rabbit without providing it with water.
  • UCSD housed a rabbit without providing it with water.
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Federal regulators have sent UCSD a warning notice regarding the university’s alleged violation of federal regulations in the treatment of an animal at one of the school’s experimental test labs. On April 8, administrators were told that they had failed a March 13 inspection of the facilities: “In the animal room, a rabbit was being held in an enclosure that did not meet our minimum space requirements for the weight of the animal,” the finding says. “The rabbit was not provided with water and the enclosure was placed on top of a standard round, plastic storage container.

“According to the facility representative, an animal care staff member had cleaned 
the rabbit’s cage and temporarily placed the rabbit in the smaller enclosure which was then left in the room unattended,” continued the report.

“The representative stated that an animal care staff member would be back in 10 to 15 minutes to 
return the rabbit to its primary enclosure. The small size of the enclosure and lack of water could lead to the unnecessary discomfort of the rabbit.”

Concluded the citation: “The placement of the holding cage on the plastic container was not secure and could potentially be knocked over. The facility took immediate corrective action and moved the rabbit to an enclosure 
that met our minimum space requirements and provided the animal with water. Failure to handle all animals in a careful and safe manner may adversely affect their health and wellbeing. A system should be in place to ensure all 
animals are handled as carefully as possible.”

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