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Burglary ring broken up in Rainbow

An investigation into a burglary ring by the U.S. Postal Inspection Service and the San Diego Sheriff’s Department bore fruit yesterday, as law enforcement officers raided a property on Huffstatler Road in the rural North ...

Carpool with my wife on La Jolla Village Drive

Daily rituals, interrupted

A middle-aged husband and middle-aged wife can’t find a good reason not to share the lengthy commute to work.

Confused man takes a drive in Tijuana River Valley

Police send him home in tow truck

An elderly man who police said has Alzheimer’s disease drove his car through the Tijuana River Valley Regional Park, up to the top of Spooner's Mesa, and became stranded in his white Honda just feet ...

Marine aircraft conduct training exercise at Gillespie Field

Two V-22 Ospreys delay our guy in the sky

I was sitting in the engine warm-up area at the end of Gillespie Field's runway 27R at 10 a.m. on February 26, getting ready for takeoff on a flight to Camarillo. Four other planes were ...

Forced entry thwarted in Carlsbad

Neighbors help track perp

An 80-minute search for a man who tried to force his way into a Carlsbad home on the 800 block of Ginger Avenue ended with his arrest on February 25. The search began around 5 ...

The Saltbox's French 75

When the old folks talk about the ritual evening cocktail as “shooting the sunset gun,” they probably had the French 75 in mind. Stroll into the Saltbox any evening at the right time and manager ...

What Men Think

David’s phone buzzed on the table. He picked it up and smiled down at the screen. “What’s that?” I asked. “Oh, it’s Kik,” David said. “What? When did you join Kik? I thought you said ...

Rockefeller style at Spike Africa's

Ed kills by eating

Ed kills an oyster at Spike Africa’s, in the Gaslamp District. He also learns about Spike Africa, the man.

Creedle dreams

Performer/poet Jimmy Jazz publishes new edition of book titled Cadillac Tramps.

The Muffs

Kim Shattuck started the Muffs with Melanie Vammen in Los Angeles in 1991. They were fresh out of a metal-ish act called Pandora. In the next couple of years they would generate enough buzz as ...

Horn-free high school

B Side Players trombonist/Helix High associate music director Michael Benge tries to land Poncho Sanchez to do show with his students, but parents don’t want to enter into contract.

Gluten-free pasta

It wasn’t gluten-free spaghetti that gave Sophia those hips.

Still Life with Dad

Linda Nevin was an editor and writer for the Reader for over 30 years. She wrote — as Matthew Alice — the Straight from the Hip column for over 20 years, until mid-2012. The following ...

Go pros play chess to relax

4000 years and counting

Go, simultaneously the most simple and complex game ever.

Who wants to jam? launches after a delay; Doyle Thomas wants musicians to be able to find each other for impromptu jam sessions.

Why congress no longer approves gas prices

Heymatt: Please set the record straight. Back in the day, when gas prices first hit $2/gallon, Congress would have had to approve the increase. What happened to that law? There seems to be no need ...

In the San Diego clubs, February 28–March 6

Thursday 28The Wildbunch is back. And they “Wanna take you to a gay bar, gay bar, gay bar!” Sexy Trash act Electric Six plug in at Casbah Thursday night. This sextet kicks out the dance ...

Artistic underworld

Mexico’s artistic underworld visits Normal Heights.

Yaqui Well, Anza-Borrego State Park

This historic watering hole is a premier birding site in San Diego County.

San Diego Musical Theatre presents a killer diller Chicago at the Birch in North Park

San Diego Musical Theatre’s knock-out production of Bob Fosse’s Chicago must close Sunday, March 3. If you like your entertainment steamy, decadent — and all that jazz — then sprint, don’t just run, to the ...

Say yes to No

A friend who saw it in Cannes apprised me of the situation: No was Pablo Larrain’s bid for commercialism. If using an old-fangled 1983 U-matic video camera to shoot a 2012 re-creation of the 1988 ...

Moon reflections

Hi Matt: I was gazing at a full moon and a bunch of questions flooded my mind. How reflective is the surface of the moon? Does moonlight have a UV content? Would there be any ...

The Writer

True tale of a journalist on the trail of a former young sci-fi writer who became a grizzled street person.

He feared his maturity as it grew upon him with its ripe thought, its skill, its finished art; yet which lacked the poetry of boyhood to make living a full end of life. — T.E. ...

Record-release roundup

When the band formerly known as Short Eyes drops their Granado’s full-length on March 5 at the Belly Up, it’ll be the first show under their new name, North Beach, and one of their last ...

San Diegans in their 20s don't make enough for rent

Couch-surf or get a roommate

Youth is too beautiful to be wasted on the young. That may have been true in the 19th Century, but in 21st-century San Diego — and elsewhere — being youthful is no longer so beautiful, ...

Getting more ink from a ballpoint pen

Heymatt: Here is one no one can answer: how to restart ink flowing in a ballpoint pen after non-use. This has everyone stumped, so if you can’t answer, that’s OK. — John, via email At ...

Newsom's San Diegans of interest

Democratic Lt. governor Gavin Newsom made some waves here just over a year ago when then–Jerry Sanders media handler Rachel Laing tweeted a link to a letter from Newsom to Milford Wayne Donaldson, advising the ...

Issa tries to rescue Drakes Bay Oyster Company

Will local Carlsbad Aquafarm be affected?

North County GOP congressman Darrell Issa is among the leaders in a fight against the closure of Drakes Bay Oyster Company in Northern California. Issa, current head of the House Committee on Oversight and Government ...

Illegal recycler tracked down by SDPD in Ocean Beach

Officers cite woman for pilfering bottles and cans

I was sitting on my couch on a quiet, sunny morning in Ocean Beach on February 25, when the not-too-unusual sounds of police sirens made me get up to see what the ruckus was about. ...

Low-level lobbying

Reports published after word came of ex–San Diego mayor Maureen O’Connor’s admission of stealing from her late husband’s foundation to feed a billion-dollar gambling compulsion had it that her game of choice was video poker, ...

Rose crème brûlée, the hard way

An amateur Indian chef offers her recipe of rose-flavored crème brûlée.

Dear Reader

Other People’s Money Your [Neal Obermeyer] political cartoon on page three of the February 21 issue is unclear. I know they’re talking about Petco Park and a billion dollars of other people’s money, but you ...

Excerpt from the memoirs of John Brooks

I look back on my humble life with humility. I am sensible of many imperfections that cling to me. I know that the present is neither the season nor the place to begin the preparation ...