Invariably in beer making it happens, a batch of beer that did not make it, a microbial critter turning the fermenting beer sour, our mistake, now the cause of a waste of grain, of energy, and, with conspicuous contempt, the precious day. Now what? What do we do? Do we give up and admit defeat? We do not, because life goes on, but now we have to find the solution, we have the problem.

We look for the solutions because they are always here, under the problems. We plod on, we struggle, we persevere, for if we do not, who will? Ultimately, we as a species will go forward, it is said, seek and ye shall find, and in due time, we do.

But this happens every day, in all facets of life, whether it be in personal, or in business, problems will arise, and we must arise with them, and the quicker we start the process of solving, and not dwelling, the sooner we get back to peace of mind.

When we encounter the trials and tribulations of everyday life and all its grit and grime with equal amounts of gritty determination and persistence, and not accepting the no for the answer, it is only then we become successful in finding the apparent solution.

Back at the brewery, we've cleaned the lines, acid washed and sanitized all surfaces squeaky clean, and try our best to keep our unwanted guests out of our beer. It's time to brew another batch again, and life goes on with or without our perceived problematic pathogens.

Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither is a brewery, a business, nor our personal lives. Stuff happens, failure is an integral part of success, and without failing one would not learn. When we forge the strong mindset, that, when we go through life with all its problems with a clear understanding of the problem itself, the solution is readily available, we just have to look for it...~Timothy Clacton


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