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Paige Howorth, San Diego Zoo's spider lady

Caring for the creepy-crawlies

She probably likes snakes too.

Zaraguey is the cat

The Donald is the rat

Eight years ago Cuban musicians who played bars and restaurants in Ensenada told me that while they enjoyed playing for visiting gringos, they were forbidden from crossing the border and playing for them in the ...

Wiggling fish wig

“No. Not alive. They’re just so thin, they wave around in the lightest breeze.”

Running into the god of fertility and foxes in the Gaslamp.

Vanessa Carlton navigating parenthood while on tour

How chill I am

Singer, songwriter, keyboardist Vanessa Carlton brings her new stark tunes from her album Liberman to the Casbah on Sunday, January 24. She took questions over email on working with producer Steve Osborne (New Order, U2), ...

From the stage to the page — San Diego rockers like to write

The latest from Itai Faierman and Ben Johnson

“At this time, I’m on an indefinite hiatus from writing and performing music, to focus all creative energies on the new book release,” says Itai Faierman (Speaker in Reverse). “Doing Nothing: Confessions of a Nondual ...

Langtry Comes to San Diego

Part two of two | Read part one

The first time her acting company toured the West Coast, Lillie Langtry skipped San Diego. That flea-bit Podunk wasn’t up to snuff. In 1888, she booked May 4 and 5, at the Louis Opera House, ...

Newbreak pastor sees God surfing all the time

Pastor Quinn’s pet subject is the why of suffering — theodicy

Membership: 2600 (on five campuses: Tierrasanta, East County, Ocean Beach, Pacific Beach, Scripps Mesa) Pastor: Mike Quinn Age: 62 Born: Great Lakes, Illinois Formation: Point Loma Nazarene University, Point Loma; Bethel West University Seminary, San ...

Itchy, scratchy, catchy Glasmus

Borderland goth-rock band finding its niche in San Diego scene

Itchy, scratchy techno-tronica that makes my eardrums feel mistreated. Glasmus has that, along with the capacity to re-create the sounds of a ’90s Tijuana disco band. Or weird polit-tronica: “New World Odor,” for example, is ...

Return of the devilfish

A whale of a time

Once known as Devilfish by whalers due to their defending themselves and their young when attacked, the Eastern Pacific gray whales are migrating again off the San Diego coast. In the Arctic feeding grounds, where ...

Behold the roses, beware the bees at Otay Valley Delta

Stroll through a restored riparian habitat in South Bay

The Otay Delta Habitat Restoration Project is part of a much larger management plan to restore ecosystems and provide necessary habitat corridors for wildlife between San Diego Bay and Otay Mountain along the Otay River ...

General Atomics: bad welds

Only 35 percent were discovered to be acceptable

General Atomics, the big La Jolla–based military contractor most noted for its Predator killer drones, is in hot water over a bunch of bad welds at a new federal weapons destruction plant in Kentucky. As ...

Jamie Shadowlight — hired gun

San Diego violinist explores classic rock at 98 Bottles Friday night

In a town full of virtuoso violinists and fiddlers, Jamie Shadowlight cuts a unique figure as she bears the bow down on her five-string NS WAV electric violin, feeding the resulting sounds through various processors ...

Who are these drifters?

Peering under a pier

Every day under the Scripps pier in La Jolla, two cameras capture thousands of images of the weird and wonderful organisms called plankton. “Plankton,” a Greek adjective that can mean “drifter,” is a diverse group ...

You bought her a new stadium

It wasn’t long before her nagging resumed

Your girl, wooed away by the Swaggering Beast of the Midwest.

A rare chance to own history

Henry Hester home comes on the market

Current Owner: Richard & Laura Anderson Beds: 7 Baths: 10 List: $15.5 million Promotional materials for the estate listed for sale at 7400 Hillside in La Jolla promise to deliver “one of the most amazing ...

No to weather systems, yes to Beefheart

Looking through the Hipster Archive of Obscure Errata

Hipster: When it comes to the highly anticipated unveiling of the 2016 Hipster Hall of Fame class, the name we are all waiting to hear is, in fact, “tropical storm El Niño.” Getting two weeks ...

Play-acting, maybe

There was a rehearsed quality to his pretend understanding

With hat in hand, farewell.

Iggy did it...

Europe remasters "The Final Countdown," starts the hard-rock clock all over again

Two years ago it may have seemed that Europe, the metal band that gave the world “The Final Countdown,” was down for the count. But a Geico car insurance ad has changed things in ways ...

SneakPeek says it can determine the sex of an unborn child

Mothers say it is as reliable as a coin flip

On March 21 of 2014, a San Diego–based company named Gateway Genomics applied for incorporation in Delaware. Ten days later, the company filed for a trademark for its product, called SneakPeek. I found that “SneakPeek” ...

Three poems by Gail Wawrzyniak

"An Insomniac’s Prayer," "With Abandon," and "St. Jean de Belleville Wedding Music"

An Insomniac’s Prayer I should have listened when they said it was unlucky to point at the moon and count the stars. But while at the mountain, I was foolish. Too close, I invaded their ...

Marco Rubio hits up Californians

And Faulconer boards the bandwagon

With the presidential campaign of Florida GOP senator Marco Rubio gaining traction among some big money San Diego Republican elites, it was only a matter of time, insiders predicted, before Kevin Faulconer would be rolled ...

Trump incites variety of responses

From "I'm not mad or anything" to "I've stopped my delivery of the Reader"

A Map Would Help Re: “Maple Canyon Conundrum,” January 7, City Lights Interesting, but I think a map might have helped. I lived here as a child during the war from 1943 through 1945, going ...

Ms. Carlton, Mr. Cross, Mustard Plug

...and the best of the rest in San Diego clubs this week

Sunday 24There’s always a “final countdown” somewhere, and the band Europe will be there — including your office lunchroom — planting that ’80s earworm in your head. It’s clogging up my brain as I type ...

Adicts, Kings, and All Them Witches

...and the best of the rest in San Diego clubs this weekend

Thursday 21I always get nostalgic for the ’90s when I see Mike Doughty’s name pop up. Back then downtown had some substantive bars, like the Green Circle, where you could catch out-of-town up-and-comers such as ...

Should I surf today?

Stay home or suit up and head out?

The surf is big today, scary big. says it is six to eight feet at Tourmaline Cove, with some sets double overhead. At P.B. Point (False Point) the projections are for over 10 feet, ...

January 14 Sudoku Contenders

Evil Bliss Beedle, Encinitas, 11. Gregory Chauncey, La Jolla, 11. Alford Claibone, San Diego, 11. Patrick Driscoll, Santee, 11. Rafael Gaceta, San Diego, 11. Larry Lewis, Poway, 11. Hiroshi Miyazaki, Normal Heights, 11. (winner!) Jim ...