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Trail angels: From Campo to Canada on foot

Bread Stick = Trail Food

“Each day on the trail was the only possible preparation for the one that followed.” — Cheryl Strayed, from her introduction to Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail

God exists: George Fox

Often persecuted, frequently imprisoned

One morning, as I was sitting by the fire, a great cloud came over me, and a temptation beset me; and I sat still. It was said, “All things come by nature”; and the elements ...

Genetically speaking

Union-Tribune gives Craig Venter a pass

La Jolla’s Craig Venter, the genomic giant who gets regular positive write-ups in his hometown Union-Tribune, was spared mention in the paper when it was announced two weeks ago that his Human Longevity, Inc. was ...

A moonshine cocktail that pairs well with steak

Preston Cobb shares recipe for Blackberry Basil Lemonade from Farmer's Table

Farmer’s Table bar manager Preston Cobb says the establishment’s Blackberry basil lemonade, served up in a Mason jar, fits in at the organic eatery as well as stanchions in a milking parlor or feed troughs ...

Mariachi man

“I was just starting high school when my parents got a letter of deportation."

Southwestern College professor Jeff Nevin has been teaching Mariachi music for 20 years. Proceeds from concerts he organizes fund $20,000 in annual scholarships for music students. His teaching clinics help keep Mariachi alive. But Nevin ...

A Golden Hill feast

“Oh man. Can something so good be actually good for you?”

"Hey, want buy this Bluetooth headset?” Guy’s talking to me. I’ve just come down to sit in the bus stop. “Cost me $90. I’ll give it to you for $30.” We’re at the #2 bus ...

55 gigs in 24 hours is a big enough wow

“We didn’t break the record on our first try, which was okay.”

The Guinness Book of World Records achievement for “Most Concerts in 24 Hours” (65 gigs set in Norway, 2012) is safe for now. Local vocalist Leonard Patton and his group with pianist Ed Kornhauser, bassist ...

Watch out for horse pies on Dead Horse Trail

This technically advanced riding trail is also a challenge for hikers.

Merigan Fire Road was the main road for a ranch owned by Dr. Haig Merigan, a pharmacist and dentist. His family lived and rode horses in La Mesa until it became difficult to ride due ...

The janitor did it

The P-Cards do not have p-documentation

Disappearing ink on thermal vanishing paper and a clueless janitor have been blamed for missing records at the San Diego Unified School District that a recent audit says could represent only the tip of a ...

Grimy Black Lips to smack the Belly Up

The high school remains in these boys

How these things sometimes get started: in the case of the Black Lips, from Dunwoody, Georgia, the lo-fi garage-rock band may have never come to exist if two of the founding members had not been ...

Watching logs ignite flaring, listen for the charred rhymes

Three poems by Adrian Ernesto Cepeda

On the Balcony of The Signature “I like her; I could watch her the rest of my life.” — Philip K. Dick As my best man handed me a bubbly drink we toasted clinking clear ...

Musicians kick out the books

"I wrote it in honor of my son Dillon and our cat Cake."

“I work eight hours a week for a yoga studio, but the rest of my money is currently made playing music on the streets, in venues, and selling my first book,” says Martin Stamper, aka ...

Inklings of communism, and primitive strains of marijuana

the 1950s Beatnik was absolutely the hipster of his day.

Dear DJ: You write of the east. I am from the east, born in 1957. My parents and their friends were beatniks. As an avid hipster watcher I enjoy reading your recent field guide series. ...

"Hey, is my face on?"

Sumatra, Panama, Salvador, Oahu — and Ocean Beach

Name: Korey Pohen Age: 30 From: New York Surfing today: Ocean Beach For Korey Pohen it was easy to surf after years of skateboarding. “I think board sports just come natural to some people.” One ...

San Onofre — another Chernobyl?

Radiation would be 40 times worse

A terrorist attack that could endanger 8.5 million people. Who cares? A tsunami or earthquake that could spread even wider damage. Yawn. A potentially disastrous meltdown. Fuhgeddaboudit. A utility stock that zooms upward, paying fat ...

Hand-pumped, bellows-powered

“Most people practicing yoga don’t know Kirtan exists."

“The Kirtan scene [in San Diego] is pretty small,” says Tom Warner, bassist in Pilgrimage of the Heart Kirtan Band, which has performed on over 400 occasions throughout Southern California. “Most people practicing yoga don’t ...

Stem cell research program out of funds in three years

PR’s miracle cure

California’s taxpayer-funded $3 billion stem cell research program, officially known as the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine, is spending money at the rate of $22,000 an hour, and expected to run out of cash in ...


A mixed bag of letters

Lack of Interest? Really? I enjoyed the well-researched article “Bonkers for Bonobos” in the June 8 issue. The author provided a great deal of valuable information (and history) about these affectionate and intelligent great apes. ...

Let’s Be Friends

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