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Baseball is different in Tijuana

“We know baseball games are too long, so we are there to help make the game more fun.”

Every pitch is a party at a Toros de Tijuana baseball game. At least that’s the atmosphere the team is trying to create. The Toros compete in Liga Mexicana de Beisbol, an international AAA affiliate ...

The Coming of Gluscabi

A Native American story told by Joseph Bruchac

After Tabaldak had finished making human beings, he dusted his hands off and some of that dust sprinkled on the Earth. From the dust Gluscabi formed himself. He sat up from the Earth and said, ...

A neo-noir about revenge and remorse

And a neo-noir with the late Bill Paxton

Too Late (USA, 2015, Vanishing Angle) is a wicked little gem that went practically unnoticed last year. Rectify that immediately by checking it out. The film is a neo-noir about revenge and remorse told in ...

Metal is alive and well at Brick by Brick

San Diego is secretly angsty.

Bar ownership Rule No. 1: You snooze, you lose. “We learned it's not real easy,” says Shannon Sgrosso, part of the rock-star contingent that swooped in to save the struggling Brick by Brick three years ...

A burrito is many things, but ... a sandwich?

The best thing you ever ate at 4:17 a.m.

Dear Hipster: Is a burrito a sandwich? — Gary Why you must ask me such things as lie beyond my sphere of expertise, I shall never know. Is a bicycle a vehicle? Is a chihuahua ...

Ido Fluk’s a director, not a puppeteer

The Ticket proceeds with the deliberate, inexorable force of a fable

Director and co-writer Ido Fluk’s The Ticket stars a lean and hungry Dan Stevens as James, a blind man who recovers his sight and immediately sets his sights on the horizon. The way he sees ...

Second thoughts about Hillcrest 111 at Seventh and Robinson

Cheap housing means going 92 feet straight up from sidewalk

A deeply divided Uptown Planners voted 9-5 to appeal its approval of an 111-unit, 92-foot tall project at Seventh and Robinson if the developers fail to incorporate the group's suggestions in the building design. The ...

Chomps dogs by the seashore

The sun’s last horizontal rays make my hot dogs look especially red and delicious.

"Never?” “Never.” The three of us stand, jaws on the floor. Cameron, me, Lavonn. “Trust me,” says Eoghan, “Michaela has never eaten a hot dog in her life. Me neither.” We’re standing on a deck ...

Bleached doesn’t adapt so easily to standard genre classification

"We’re in a band…to play for everybody. Not just 21 and over."

Los Angeles’ Bleached played South By Southwest last month where they were pleasantly surprised by a less claustrophobic atmosphere. According to guitarist Jessie Clavin, “The traffic wasn’t as horrible. I guess there was a big ...

The history of magnetic tape

The rise and fall of VHS in documentary form

Rewind This! (USA, 2013, Film Buff) is a fun, informative walk down memory lane that documents the history of magnetic tape and the impact home video had in the '80s, which ultimately changed people’s relationships ...

Everything Easter

Will it be brunch? A cruise? An egg hunt? Real live chicks?

The kids get Easter baskets every year. This year, I told them I want one, too, and I want it to be stuffed with chicks. Not the marshmallow kind, either. The real deal. Chick days ...

Hounded by thugs

Old Globe’s Red Velvet has one strong scene

Lolita Chakrabarti wrote a mediocre play about an important subject. The Old Globe Theatre’s puzzling, under-rehearsed opening night was no help. There are great reasons why our Calvin Manson named his company the Ira Aldridge ...

Goldsmith’s lobby break

One-year post-employment cooling-off period

As long expected by city hall insiders, ex–city attorney Jan Goldsmith is one more step along the road to his big-money reward in the lucrative world of influence-peddling. “As Of Counsel, Jan will be leading ...

Sinister nonnatives at Sunset Cliffs Natural Park

View impressive ocean views and sandstone cliffs

Sunset Cliffs Natural Park, a 68-acre City of San Diego regional park, offers spectacular sunset viewing, as implied by the name, however beauty can be found at any time of day. The park is most ...

They tried to bury us, but they didn’t know we were seeds

Jarabe Mexicano to premiere “Get Up Stand Up” version in May

“I am both. I’m Mexican, and I’m American.” Gustavo Alcoser says Jarabe Mexicano’s pending release of an old Bob Marley protest song came together as the result of a number of factors. First inspiration, he ...

The hipster was inside you the whole time

Seven solutions

Dear Hipster: You’re in a lightless, windowless, doorless room with four pills; two red, two blue. Take one of each, and you will attain hipster immortality. Everything cool will be old news to you before ...

The Hot Nerds blend includes sarcasm

“Being inside your head too much is kind of what the record is about, just sabotaging yourself...”

"You’re just in time for the cupping,” Hot Nerds keyboardist Alia Jyawook says as I enter Modern Times Beer in Point Loma. Images of medieval hack medicine and bizarre sex moves flash through my mind ...

Off-duty sheriff’s detective chokes driver who cut him off in El Cajon

DA’s office charges motorist

Young, black, and choked out by a questionable detective.

The holdings of top ethics officials

Stacey Fulhorst leaves no paper trail

As the city’s ethics commission slumbers during the reign of San Diego mayor Kevin Faulconer, executive director Stacey Fulhorst has been buying and selling lots of securities, according to her personal financial disclosure report for ...

He dips down, a lion, drinking in her nectar

Two poems by Marie Parrish

Heritage He sits Frozen Bent over a book A beaker He stands on steps And looks to the future My future The one he doesn’t know I’ll have Lips tight, determined forehead He sits On ...

We got mail

Readers write in

Four Retorts I am responding to the article, “Rumble in Sorrento Valley.” I am the engineer mentioned in the article. Unfortunately, this article contains several important errors that require correcting. First, the owner of the ...

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