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Four Retorts

I am responding to the article, “Rumble in Sorrento Valley.” I am the engineer mentioned in the article. Unfortunately, this article contains several important errors that require correcting.

First, the owner of the property is not Newland Communities. Instead, the owners represent a group of retired individuals.

Second, the project has already received its approvals from the City of San Diego. After a redesign of the project, which reduced the number of units from 11 to 8 units, thus protecting a vernal pool in perpetuity.

Third, once the new homes are completed, it is the intent of the project that the eight new families would contribute their fair share to maintain common facilities. In addition, fire safety will be improved simply by having the new homes there.

Finally, given that the existing homes were built over twenty years ago, the new homes will increase property values for the neighboring homes.

  • John Leppert
  • Mira Mesa

We’ve Got a Problem

On the sale of the Qualcomm site to this FS Investors group, I was checking with Santee School District on how you dispose of surplus property as a government entity, and you have to follow California Code 54222, which dictates that you get it declared surplus, then get governmental entities before you can actually offer it on the open market. So, I think we’ve got a problem with FS.

  • Richard Martin
  • Lakeside

A Treasure for the Jazz Scene

The Jazz Scene articles (Blurt) by Robert Bush are invaluable to the jazz scene in San Diego, and Robert Bush’s writing is always a delight to read. Without his column, it would be extremely difficult for audiences to know what is going on, where to go, and what to listen to. Without this column, it would be even more difficult for musicians to have and build an audience for their performances.

Robert Bush is a true treasure for the San Diego jazz scene. He is incredibly knowledgeable, dedicated, and so enthusiastic about the music. His writing is wonderful and always describes the music perfectly. Thank you for giving space to this column — may it and the jazz scene continue to flourish!

  • Diane Moser
  • New Jersey
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