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Slowly, the population of Grazin’ Pig Acres grew

We had no idea that our first pig was leading to this

If you make a right onto Dye Road off SR-67 north, past a sign advertising midget wrestling, tucked amidst dusty chaparral and dirt roads, you’ll find Grazin’ Pig Acres. A kitschy “Pig Lover” sign announces ...

From translation of Veni Creator Spiritus (Come Creator Spirit)

A time when being Catholic was not popular

Creator Spirit, by whose aid The world’s foundations first were laid, Come visit ev’ry pious mind; Come pour thy joys on human kind: From sin, and sorrow set us free; And make thy temple worthy ...

Jail diplomas in demand

Please apply, if you can teach for free

San Diego County jail is looking for some new education providers for its incarcerated citizens. “The current program services allow inmates to increase their level of education, teach practical life skills, and teach a trade ...

Magma from another planet

A music so specialized it required its own language — Kobaïan

Even the most conceptually aggregated rock bands usually stop short of creating their own language. Call them prog, call them avant-garde, call them way out, but Magma founder Christian Vander took that plunge decades ago, ...

Ukes for Ukraine

Local musician Quinn Boylan volunteers vacation time and little guitars

“Do I play the ukulele? Yeah. I actually do,” Quinn Boylan, the former Tan Sister Radio bassist tells the Reader. “When I was coming up with this project, I decided I’d better learn how. It’s ...

Future fast food

Clacking chops help save the world at Plant Power

“The methane that cattle produce warms the world 20 times faster than auto emissions.”

Pet project

Commemorating Beach Boys classic Pet Sounds at San Diego Zoo

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the San Diego Zoo and the 50th anniversary of the classic Beach Boys album Pet Sounds. Local history professor and music writer Steve Thorn has a pet project ...

The cult of Magma

Interplanetary band lands at Brick by Brick on Tuesday

Magma sounds like a mini-opera company performing the music of Yes or King Crimson. But that doesn’t come close to describing the complete package. The full Magma ride is about prog rock with drums, electric ...

Park in the hard-packed sand when visiting Bedrock

Let your imagination run wild among the bizarre shapes of wind-carved caves.

On the eastern edge of Anza-Borrego Desert State Park lies Split Mountain, the Carrizo Badlands, and a feature known as the Wind Caves. Here, the exposed sandstone of the marine beds from the five-million-year-old Imperial ...

SUP with your pup

For dogs who aren't into surfing

In 1778 John Webber, captain James Cook’s ship artist, sketched what is thought to be the first representation of a paddleboarder. He later added the image to an engraving in 1781 that depicted Cook’s arrival ...

Three chances to catch El Gran Noche

That and more at the Latino Film Festival

The 23rd Annual San Diego Latino Film Festival runs March 10–20, and with it comes one of the biggest names in international cinema: Mexico’s incontrovertible auteur, Arturo Ripstein (Deep Crimson, La Tia Alejandra). Mr. Ripstein ...

Where's that horse going to be dumped?

You don’t discard Grandma and Grandpa, so...

Gunilla Pratt has become accustomed to waking up at her house in Temecula only to discover yet another abandoned animal in her yard. “People will just leave them,” she says. “I’ll get up and be, ...

Give us an inch...

San Diego, I Love You (I Love You Not) as a Choose Your Own Adventure agency

I loved Choose Your Own Adventure books as a preteen, probably because every classroom in school had a near-complete set on the shelves. That, and we didn’t have iPhones to stare at. The best part ...

Smell the campaign lilacs

Controversial North County development gets new push

Fallbrook real estate broker Paul Schumann has taken the helm of a new political committee established to run an initiative campaign on behalf of Lilac Hills Ranch. The controversial North County housing and commercial development ...

The 14-dollar hot dog and sauerkraut are cries for help

Is contemporary society bereft of artistic activity?

Dear Hipster: I have two kids and a successful career. As you might guess, balancing those things makes my life more often than not pretty stressful, and I’m hardly swimming in opportunities to unwind. I ...

Selections from the author of Industrial Oz: Ecopoems

Poems on climate change

Near Paisley, Oregon the ancient lake’s giant redband trout fin small creeks. Among swirling ice sculptures in thawing Chewaucan River, I daydreamed their lateral lines as one long red sunset after a bad storm, Buddhist ...


"My business card is a book."

Judgment gets a bad rap. This is understandable, seeing as the term sounds so much like the closely related “judgmental,” which is used to describe someone who is overly critical, even disapproving.

Live like Junior Seau

In 1994, the Seaus purchased the home for $2.9 million

Stones and Bowie money bought this one ten years ago.

Gobies go on vacation

Got to take care of the gobies

The endangered tidewater goby, native only to the California coast from Del Norte County to San Diego County, is a tiny fish. Growing up to two inches long, the species lives exclusively in coastal brackish ...

Will the NFL be as powerful in three decades?

The long-term viability of professional football

Anybody looking forward to Super Bowl LXXX? You could build a stadium for a sport that doesn’t exist.

Flesh meets hard concrete

Mature lady trips in Mission Beach

My mother has been dead for two years now, but we never cease to feel that we have been given a gift by her inheritance, which allowed for our condo here. (Today, I am silently ...

Gotta watch those Navy “internal control weaknesses”


There’s big trouble brewing with the Navy’s bill-paying setup in San Diego, and taxpayers face the unpleasant prospect of being robbed blind. So says a February 25 audit of the military’s Invoice, Receipt, Acceptance, and ...

Erudite readers write in

Also: Gary defends his position on Tijuana

Invincible Ignorance I had to laugh when I read Joe Deegan’s article on the history of World War I. This person is an historical illiterate, and does not know what he is talking about. The ...

Sesame Street dreams

Eleanor Friedberger shares a secret and a dream

Eleanor Friedberger first went around the world as half of the Fiery Furnaces, which cut nine albums covering almost every base of Western music. The band went on hiatus in 2011. Friedberger comes to the ...

March 3 Sudoku Contenders

Evil Bliss Beedle, Encinitas, 6. Gregory Chauncey, La Jolla, 6. Patrick Driscoll, Santee, 6. Rafael Gaceta, San Diego, 6. Don Ganoe, San Diego, 6. Paula Henderson, La Jolla, 6. Richard Johnson, La Jolla, 6. Larry ...

March 3 Crossword Contenders

Martha Awdziewicz, Clairemont, 6. Dennis Butterworth, San Diego, 6. Chris Byzewski, San Diego, 6. Leslie Chase, Campo, 6. Allan Dorfman, Del Mar, 6. Chad Griffith, Poway, 6. Susan Haley, Chula Vista, 6. Ron Hootman, Santee, ...

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