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Four poems by David Mason

Poet laureate of Colorado from 2010-2015

Security Light The glow outside our window is no fallen star. It is futility itself. It is the fear of night a neighbor burns with, nightmare of a stubborn child. I dreamed of chasing crows ...

El Niño from hell

Wavves plays psych-rock for the surf and skate set

The seas may have been calm for Wavves in 2014, but the San Diego band is about to hit the West Coast like El Niño from hell, with a new album, V, hitting the shelves ...

Congressman Scott Peters did a lot of buying and selling in July

Peters' picks

This July, not long before world stock markets headed south last month, La Jolla Democratic congressman Scott Peters did a lot of buying. According to a disclosure filing with the House ethics commission, from July ...

The cheeky swagger of Twin Peaks

From Mom's basement to opening dates with Wavves

From one mom’s basement to your ears: the four core members of Twin Peaks (nothing to do with the television series of the same name, they once told a reporter) know each other going back ...

Salvadoran grower visits Bird Rock Coffee

Trying to put a face on coffee

Local coffee enthusiasts got a rare glimpse into the supply side of specialty coffee when a farmer from El Salvador paid a visit to Bird Rock Coffee Roasters for a pair of Meet the Grower ...

San Diego musicians busy writing books

All words, no music

Area musicians who’ve moonlighted as authors over the past year include Ben Johnson, Alfred Howard, JD Boucharde, Wayne Riker, and former Bauhaus bassist David J. Add to that list of literary locals Kevin Lydy (Vinyl ...

Whiskey with and without stones

Are whiskey stones worth it?

It’s the melting, called the “heat of fusion,” that makes ice magic.

Feast! The Mesas

Culinary explorations in the land between freeways

Adventurous eaters know to dig deep into Kearny Mesa, Clairemont Mesa, Mira Mesa, Linda Vista, and Miramar for hidden joys and authentic Asian restaurants. And while some are launching more convenient outposts closer to a ...

Flying is serious business

Birds might also be stoked about it; wouldn't you be?

Dear Hipster: Do you think birds enjoy flying? I know I would! — Danny (age 10), South Park If we’re anthropomorphizing (ask your parents), I’ll go out on a limb and say that birds regard ...

Mr. Tube talks Freddie Feelgood and Flying Objects

Pall Jenkins shares his muse — a Chinese chatting ex-con train conductor and TV repairman

Mr. Tube and the Flying Objects is back in action supporting their first new record since 2006’s Listen Up. The local 11-piece continues their tradition of “Mexican funk music” on their new disc, No Wrongs, ...

Welcome to the Pit

...a new all-ages venue in Pacific Beach

San Diego’s newest music impresario isn’t even old enough to drive. “I wanted to promote the music I like,” Jack Habegger told the Reader last week on his 16th birthday. He co-promoted the Burger Revolution ...

Rodents love barbecues

Hire someone to get up in your grill

"At least half of the barbecues I work on have rodent droppings where the burners are, and/or nests, and/or actual rodents inside. People are cooking rodent droppings along with their food. "

Your destination is the pigeon roost

Hike through this Palomar Mountain forest thick with oaks and conifers

Parts of Fry Creek Trail are reminiscent of forests much farther north.

Can the Phoenix-Mesa Gateway airport sell enough tickets to San Diego?

Dumping ground

Call it the battle of the high-flying San Diego subsidy. Back in June, the board of the Phoenix-Mesa Gateway airport voted to approve an “incentive package” valued at more than $1.3 million to entice Portland, ...

Marx Madness

Bests (and worsts) from the frontlines of cinema

With something like 30,000 shorts and features at my back and a 60-candle birthday cake just weeks in the offing, the time seemed right to gift my audience with this ruminative list of personal bests ...

Why kayak fishing got going in La Jolla

The La Jolla submarine canyon runs east to west, beginning a few hundred yards off the sandstone bluffs that feature the caves and the La Jolla Cove. From the La Jolla Shores side, the ocean ...

Point Loma is a drippy mess

Don't worry about that water leak

Chrissy Seigler noticed a leaky water main valve on the sidewalk in front of her Point Loma home. The water was seeping out from the lid and dribbling down the street. In early June, Seigler ...

Feast! North County Inland

Growing foodie movement in the county's northwest corner

Food chains and family restaurants once dominated the dining hours of Escondido, Rancho Bernardo, and Poway, and the rest. But a growing foodie movement looks to change this. They've added some quality midrange fare to ...

The hardship of finding good help

Barberica Industries

“You want every person who works for you in any capacity to be able to make the same kind of intuitive decisions you would make, and you’re absolutely unrelenting when they don’t.”

Feast! Beach Towns

Ocean-side eateries are stepping up their game

If BEACH TOWNS never offered better than fish tacos and carne asada fries, we'd all be fat and happy. But gentrification always brings a taste for something more, and even the Beaches Ocean and Pacific ...

Healthy motivation to stay on top of your cultural game

Best taken with a grain of smoked artisanal sea salt

The plaid-suit secret police may come for you.

No glamping at Kaaboo — say what?

Del Mar's inaugural music festival kicks off next Friday, September 18

Like La Jolla tennis instructor Rob Hagey whose love of music led him to launch the San Diego Street Scene (1984–2009) as a music industry outsider, Kaaboo creator Bryan Gordon drops into the concert business ...

Feast! Uptown

Best restaurants from the Heights to the Parks

From Mission Hills to Kensington, in Heights both Normal and University, and in Parks North and South, UPTOWN residents don't rest on good looks or thick pocketbooks. They thrive on personality and artful presentation. So, ...

San Diego water supplies dropping. Water salaries rising.

Higher rates for water customers, fat raises for executives

Managing life’s most essential element is richly rewarding.

When your Airbnb guest won't leave

And they’re addicted to a video game

It's a steamy afternoon in August, and Kristen Lang sits, frazzled and deflated, on the patio at Ponce's, hoping to cool her exasperation with a margarita. When her husband moved out two years ago, leaving ...

Best restaurants in the Gaslamp and East Village

Feast! Downtown

The ultracompetitive restaurant landscape around the DOWNTOWN neighborhoods of Marina, Gaslamp, and East Village leaves little room for error in what's already a risky enterprise. The mere fact these restaurants survive recommends them. That they ...

Labor-union trouble at the Navy shipyard in Maine

General Dynamics takes a bath

There’s heavy-duty labor-union trouble brewing at the Bath Iron Works, the Navy shipyard in Maine run by General Dynamics, owner of National Steel and Shipbuilding here. Last year, as part of a turnaround effort, the ...

Feast! Little Italy-Old Town

Middletown's best restaurants

These days Little Italy offers some of the best food in town, or at least the most photographed. The neighborhood keeps serving up hits, almost eclipsing the tried-and-true eateries that sit between its shiny new ...

Hello, hair on the back of my neck

Johnette Napolitano comes to town, as does Mystic Braves and Destruction Unit

Thursday 10Former Concrete Blonde singer/bassist Johnette Napolitano has been leading a quiet life out in Joshua Tree with her horses, dogs, and found art, reflecting on the sorts of things that ended up in her ...

Giving us a piece of your mind

Profoundly Inadequate Your article (“San Diego Universities Botch Sexual Assault Investigations,” September 3 cover story) focused on a couple of campus sexual assault cases poorly handled by authorities at local universities. It concerns me that ...

Feast! North County Coastal

Restaurant scene blossoming along the county's northern coast

Along 20 miles of coastline between Del Mar and Oceanside you can find food aimed at surfers, yogis, young families, and millionaires. Del Mar and Solana Beach give fine dining spectacular views, Carlsbad embraces the ...

Grooves and Gravy

ZZ Top and Blackberry Smoke, The Who, Wavves, and Hum all hit town this week

Sunday 13Texas trio ZZ Top and Atlanta band Blackberry Smoke bring their “Grooves and Gravy” tour to Humphreys by the Bay on Sunday. In 2004, Billy Gibbons, Dusty Hill, and Frank Beard were inducted into ...

Thou hast given me all things that I should give thee myself

…8. Though O merciful God has preserved him by thy providence who hath thought of no other thing, but how to violate thy commandments, and to set up the kingdom of sin against thee. 9. ...

Feast! Best of the rest

Worthy restaurant spots from East County to South Bay

Foodies living close to the city's center are waking up to the fact that there are excellent reasons to drive all over this county. Reader feasters have caught on to worthy spots in East County, ...