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This agent could not be perceived by any of the senses

From Alive, Son of Awake

If the world would be produced anew, it must needs have a producer or creator; and if so, why did this creator create the world now and not before? Was it because some motive supervened ...

The strangest chicken sex scene you’ll ever see

What’s there not to love about Pink Flamingos? It’s pure John Water’s B-movie gold with bad acting, horrible (but oh-so-good) dialogue, the late and fabulous Divine, the egg lady, and the strangest chicken sex scene ...

South Bay serenade

The Bassics bring the San Diego music scene to their neighborhood in Imperial Beach

What is Imperial Beach famous for? “I don’t know, [HBO’s] John from Cincinnati...Lords of Dogtown was shot at the pier,” says Bassics lead singer Sam Martinez about his hometown. “Sand Castles, I guess. But there’s ...

Dog days of bummer

Duo in Tijuana post torture video on Facebook

Tijuana police have arrested two men who allegedly videotaped their torture of a dog and posted it on Facebook. The video, which appeared on Facebook over the weekend, led to widespread expressions of outrage among ...

Delicious bad stuff

Duska, who’s slim and svelte, says she doesn’t eat this kind of dish so much.

‘We could see the blizzard coming,” says John. “I was ten. Our school was small. Five students. Winnie, my pony, was waiting outside. This was winter, Wyoming. Had to get home ahead of it. It ...

Wasn't was my brother

Michael J. Conrad produced false documents to keep getting federal contracts

In 2012, Asgard Associates, a company owned by Michael J. Conrad and his wife, pleaded guilty to storing hazardous waste at its facility on Roselle Street in Sorrento Valley. On June 30, Conrad pleaded guilty ...

G Burns: the screaming red Ferrari of jug bands

Local folkies will take you waaaaaaay back at the Black Cat

“Jug band — the term refers to a specific style of music and a specific historical period,” Clinton Davis tells the Reader. “And most of those bands were in the 1930s and ’40s, and they ...

Bye bye Broke Girls, hello Backyard Café

Normal Heights lost a coffee shop in June, then promptly gained a replacement, as the owners of Broke Girls Coffee Bar (3562 Adams Ave) sold their business, brewing equipment and all, and moved on to ...

Mako my day

A couple of mako sharks have hit the deck this week on 1.5 day trips. Like the thresher shark, makos are good fare for the dinner table. It is one of the fastest fish in ...

Lake Jennings is a hidden gem for wildlife sightings close to urban areas

Begin from any starting point you choose

Lake Jennings is a manmade 9800-acre-foot capacity reservoir owned by the Helix Water District. In 1962 the Helix Irrigation District built Chet Harritt Dam, which forms the reservoir, storing water that is treated and used ...

Down to Cow

Hanging in an O.B. record shop, Al and Birdy hatch a album

A couple of years ago, Birdy Bardot went on a cross-country road trip but eventually found her way back to Ocean Beach. Upon her return, she began trekking down to Cow Records on Newport Avenue, ...

Put on your vintage Freedom Trousers

Allegations of hipster indifference toward the Fourth.

Dear Hipster: With Independence Day just around the corner, I have to know why you hipsters hate America so much. You’re all so quick to blame the government when you can’t find a job, but ...

Cetacean collisions

Yield the right of way for whales

As the human population and oceangoing traffic expand, interactions with whales increase. Southern California’s waters have a cetacean community with potential for problems. On March 11 off Cabo San Lucas, a tour boat out for ...

Party like its 2016

With next year’s June primaries less than a year away and campaigns growing ever costlier, local politicos have been throwing a record number of parties to attract well-heeled donors. Democratic congressman Scott Peters, whose campaign ...

Willie, Johnny, and Patsy Were Here

Rough and rocky travelin’ led them to Bostonia Ballroom

“Jerry Lee Lewis just beat the hell out of the piano. He used his feet on it. He broke three keys.”

Yellow bricks and rain-slicked asphalt

Tired of fireworks and the ever-looming promise of spending a lifetime using three fingers to order five beers they bring? Do you moan at the thought of having your Doodle yanked by another look at ...

Blowing up the Baja stigma

Glasmus goads gringos into coming south of the border for the Fourth

As Mousiky, guitarist for Tijuana’s Glasmus, sees it, there are a couple reasons gringos should consider spending the Fourth of July in Mexico. “I hear [fireworks] all the time down here. In September, when we ...

Vamos a Baja Sur's Todos Santos

Make the hour drive from Cabo to see what this pueblo magico's all about.

“Be careful,” said the sixtyish snowy-haired gentleman with a matching white beard, weather-beaten face, gray twinkling eyes, and a wry smile hinting at some private little secret. “Before you know it, you’ll be looking to ...

Guitars, Banjos, and the American Dream

Local luthiers.

At Sam Radding’s shop, the twang was destined to meet.

Unstoppable spoiler force

Spoil your shows? Spoil his life.

Dear Hipster: I have one friend who is an unstoppable force of TV and movie spoiling. He even spoiled the Game of Thrones finale for me! Unacceptable! He claims that he is powerless in the ...

Mr. Monster Truck

Disappointed by a less-than-honorable Marine

“It’s just — who does that? What kind of person smashes up someone’s parked car and then leaves without making any attempt to find out who owns it?”

Learn how to cook

Date night gets cooking

“Our ‘Endless Main Course Salads’ class contains a solid hour of knifing skills.”

Mommy, look, a pirate!

Like dust in the wind, them wayward sons of Topeka, Kansas, blow into the San Diego Fair

Kansas, the wayward sons of Topeka, carry on at the San Diego County Fair on Friday, July 3. And we’re told to watch for a new album in 2016. Founding guitarist Rich Williams took some ...

It’s a co-op, not a cult, in Ocean Beach

My favorite cousin lives in nearby Ocean Beach in a large home with ten other people (kids and adults). It’s something I might call a co-op, but it’s also referred to as shared living. Each ...

Big bust at the dog park

Neighbors prompt crackdown on pet owners

A failed plea to city officials to install a new fence to enclose the Grape Street off-leash dog park in South Park led to a crackdown that resulted in more than two dozen dog-owners receiving ...

Thanks and admonishments

Three Comments Re: “Nico Tried to Get Out,” June 25 cover story. First comment: It should be one vertebra. Vertbrae is the plural. It should be: “Doctors informed Nico that one bullet bounced off his ...

Portland unlikely...maybe Austin

Yo DJ: I don’t believe you that there is a world hipster conference. — Max D., Hillcrest It’s in a pretty obscure location, so I’m not surprised you’ve never heard about it before.

Juan’s foreign affairs, cont’d

Fresh from an April junket with his wife in the Bavarian Alps paid for by nonprofit foundations backed by German industrialists, House Democrat Juan Vargas embarked alone on another free foreign journey in May, thanks ...

Whibley, Woods, Wauters Picturebooks, Fairy Bones, and Veruca Salt in San Diego clubs this week

Sunday 5The ex–Mr. Avril Levigne, Sum 41’s Deryck Whibley is back with the living, apparently, after an alcohol-related near-death experience last year, and the “underclass hero” is now plugged into the Happiness Machines, a new ...

Sannhet gets me

Plus holiday hoodoo from Redwoods Records, Operation: Mindblow, and Don't Tread on the Tower Bar

Thursday 2Brooklyn-based post-metal band Sannhet gets me. Not lyrically, there are none. I mean rhythmically. The instrumental trio just happens to play in my circadian rhythmn. The tones on this year’s very recommendable Revisionist (for ...

A Memory of Manaus

— For Loren and Janie Slye We’ve come by boat upriver some nine hundred miles along the Amazon, and reached its origins, the meeting of the Solimões and Negro waters, confluent but not commingled, flowing ...

Monsters and swingers

The Monster Squad is Goonies meets every Universal Monster movie, and it doesn’t apologize for how it deals with it. It’s a combination of the macabre and the genre of kids getting shit done, with ...

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