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  • 64°
  • Overcast
  • Dew point: 50.0
  • Wind from SW 3 mph
  • Visibility: 10
  • Humidity: 60%
  • Pressure: 1014


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  • Lo 60°


AM Ht. PM Ht. AM Ht. PM Ht.
MON, MAY 22 1:25 0.6' 1:13 0.5' 7:21 4.5' 7:36 6.1'
TUE, MAY 23 2:11 -0.2' 1:54 0.6' 8:15 4.7' 8:13 6.6'
WED, MAY 24 2:56 -0.9' 2:35 0.8' 9:07 4.7' 8:51 7'
THU, MAY 25 3:42 -1.4' 3:17 1' 9:58 4.7' 9:32 7.2'
FRI, MAY 26 4:30 -1.6' 4:01 1.3' 10:51 4.6' 10:16 7.2'
SAT, MAY 27 5:19 -1.6' 4:49 1.7' 11:47 4.4' 11:02 6.9'
SUN, MAY 28 6:11 -1.4' 5:43 2' 12:46 p.m. 4.3' 11:52 6.4'
MON, MAY 29 7:07 -1' 6:47 2.4' 1:53 4.2'
TUE, MAY 30 8:07 -0.6' 8:08 2.6' 12:49 5.8' 3:05 4.2'
WED, MAY 31 9:10 -0.1' 9:42 2.5' 1:57 5.1' 4:16 4.5'

Waves (Mission Beach)

Height Direction Interval
Mon, May 22 2'-3' SW 15 seconds
Tue, May 23 2'-3' SW 14 seconds
Wed, May 24 1'-2' SW 13 seconds
Thu, May 25 2'-3' W 9 seconds
Fri, May 26 1'-2' W 5 seconds
Sat, May 27 1'-2' SW 14 seconds
Sun, May 28 1'-2' W 7 seconds

Water Conditions

64ºF 66ºF

Small seas out of the west/southwest coupled with moderate onshore winds should provide decent visibility along the coast. Mornings should be better, given the stiffening afternoon winds. Not much to crow about for the surfers, though the small stuff should set up well for the longboarders before the wind comes up.Boaters should keep an extra eye out for divers near the reefs and channel edges and divers always mark yourselves and area appropriately.

Visibility based on existing conditions and NOAA predicted swell and weather conditions at press time. Check up-to-date daily visibility/conditions at the San Diego County Lifeguard info line: 619-221-8824.

Waterfront Stories

16- and 17-year-olds to get a fishing license break?

New bill gets through Assembly committee

In an effort to increase interest in fishing, 75th District assemblymember Marie Waldron (R – Escondido) has written AB478, which would eliminate fishing licenses for those teen anglers age 16 or 17. Last month her ...

Sailboat sinks truck at ramp

Excerpts from last week's Harbor Patrol report

May 20 — HP responded to a north bay anchorage for a subject that was feeling depressed and suicidal. HP transported the subject to shore and then to County Mental Health for an evaluation. — ...

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Fishing Report

It’s been an odd week in the blue with a humpback whale taking a tour of Ventura Harbor, and great whites posting up just out of the lineup as might the one surfer too far out to catch a wave. Both seem very dangerous, but it is just life interacting as we all collide on an ever-shrinking planet. I hope, by the time this ink dries, the whale is safely out of the marina and on its way, and no injurious shark encounters transpired.

Other than whale tales and shark sightings, over this past week, ¾ day trips boated more yellowtail and bluefin tuna per angler; some of the calico bass caught off the kelp were larger than the average yellowtail caught offshore, and the long-range season ended with a slow bite while the local boats have been generally killing it. It’s looking good up and down the coast when spring takes a break between blows. Large schools of bluefin tuna are being metered, though they have been slow to bite. Those that are taking the bait have been in the 25– to 40-pound range. Yellowtail are thick on the nearshore banks, and though mostly in schools of juvenile 5 to 8 pounders, a few up to 20 pounds or so have hit the deck. The larger fish are coming just off the Coronado Islands and occasionally under floating paddies offshore.

For those wishing to fish the bottom, rockfish, lingcod, sheephead and sculpin are all biting well on the dropper loop. It’s a good time to get out; the changing conditions have kept a few folks at home, providing a lot of elbow room for the anglers that do go. Two ½ day trips by the 85-foot Dolphin this past week had 5 or less anglers on board. That’s commitment, running when you know you won’t cover fuel, much less crew wages. I expect the elbow room to shrink considerably as the seas calm and the weather warms into summer. The fish are there and the signs are good for another epic year.

Dock Totals 5/14 – 5/20

1942 anglers aboard 91 boats out of San Diego landings this past week caught 21 bluefin tuna, 2,089 yellowtail, 220 calico bass, 51 sand bass, 2,153 rockfish, 623 sanddab, 19 lingcod, 290 bonito, 113 sculpin, 10 mackerel, 3 whitefish, 16 sheephead, 1 mako shark, 1 cabezon, 1 rubberlip seaperch and 3 halibut.

Top performing boats of the week

5/20: The Tribute called in with limits (165) of yellowtail and 4 bluefin tuna for the 33 anglers aboard their overnight trip.

5/18: 12 anglers aboard the Chubasco II ¾ day run boated 127 calico bass (100 released) and 1 rockfish. The Pacific Queen reported 99 yellowtail, 5 bluefin tuna and 27 bonito caught by the 26 anglers aboard their overnight trip.

5/17: The Vendetta called in one mako shark, 1 bonito and limits of 45 yellowtail for the 9 anglers aboard their ¾ day run. The San Diego ¾ day run with 29 anglers at the rail returned to the dock with 101 yellowtail, 2 bluefin tuna and 75 bonito.

5/16: 15 anglers caught limits (75) of yellowtail aboard the Liberty ¾ day run.

5/15: The Malihini reported limits (80) of yellowtail for the 16 anglers aboard their ¾ day run.

5/14: 23 anglers aboard the Mission Belle ¾ day run boated limits (115) of yellowtail.

Fish Plants: 5/30 Cuyamaca, trout (1,200)

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