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A couple of mako sharks have hit the deck this week on 1.5 day trips. Like the thresher shark, makos are good fare for the dinner table. It is one of the fastest fish in the ocean with bursts of speed up to 60 miles an hour and, if not fishing with properly tuned and sized gear, the mako shark can strip a reel clean of line in seconds.

These sand bass were caught in San Quintin Bay. The one on the top had an exceptionally small mouth and bugged out angry eyes. I have never seen one like this...I call it "the Donald" bass.

The white seabass are slowly making a show in the San Diego area, with an occasional legal caught off the kelp edge. They are doing well up north at the Channel Islands but have yet to make their appearance in numbers locally. The sand bass are certainly on the chew in 60-100 feet of water, especially off Imperial Beach.

And what? A couple of bluefin tuna caught from the New Seaforth 1/2 day just off the kelp edge? Really? Yup, it's gonna be an interesting summer.

Here's what the boats did yesterday:

31 anglers aboard the Chubasco II 1/2 day am run teamed up for 9 yellowtail, 1 lingcod and 1 calico bass.

The Dolphin 1/2 day morning run with 10 anglers aboard reported 2 sculpin, 1 sand bass, 5 rockfish, 2 calico bass and 1 barracuda, with another 10 calico bass caught and released. 20 anglers aboard their pm 1/2 day trip caught 1 sheephead, 87 rockfish, 53 calico bass and 3 bonito, 50 of the calicos were released.

The Shogun returned from a 3 day trip with 30 anglers aboard that put 165 yellowtail, 2 yellowfin tuna and 92 bluefin tuna in the hold.

19 anglers aboard the Chief 1.5 day trip boated 1 mako shark, 6 yellowfin tuna and 42 yellowtail.

2 anglers aboard the Joanna overnight trip boated 10 bluefin tuna.

38 anglers aboard the Malihini 3/4 day run put a total catch of 2 yellowtail, 15 yellowfin tuna, 1 bonito and 5 bluefin tuna in the gunnysacks.

A total of 101 anglers aboard the Premier 1/2 day am and pm runs accounted for 9 sand bass, 119 rockfish, 2 lingcod, 2 cabezon, 1 yellowtail and 36 calico bass.

21 anglers aboard the New Lo-An 1.5 day trip brought 51 bluefin tuna to the gaff.

The Daily Double 1/2 day am run with 16 anglers at the rail reported 2 whitefish, 2 sculpin, 54 rockfish and 1 lingcod caught. 28 anglers aboard their pm 1/2 day run boated 1 sculpin, 5 rockfish and 23 sand bass.

16 anglers with passports aboard the Mission Belle 3/4 day run to the Coronados caught 70 yellowtail, 2 rockfish, 1 lingcod and 3 bonito.

The New Seaforth ran three trips for the day (two 1/2 days and a twilight run) with a total of 96 anglers and reported a total catch of 21 yellowtail, 9 whitefish, 41 rockfish, 3 sculpin, 1 barracuda, 1 lingcod and amazingly, 2 bluefin tuna!

The Tribute 1.5 day trip with 19 anlgers aboard returned to the dock with 25 yellowtail and 27 bluefin tuna in the hold.

55 anglers aboard the San Diego 3/4 day run caught 5 rockfish, 5 bonito and 156 yellowtail.

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