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Dorado Invasion 2.0

Fishing in San Diego Aug. 5-11

Dock Totals Aug 5 – Aug 11: 6,512 anglers aboard 270 trips out of San Diego landings this past week caught 155 bluefin tuna, 2,984 yellowfin tuna, 1,594 skipjack tuna, 3,493 dorado, 6,676 yellowtail, 2 ...

Stingrays at Blacks, Boundary Line, Tourmaline

Lifeguard report, July 16-22

July 22 10:55 Medical: Lifeguard, fire, and medical units respond to traumatic injuries from contact with a police officer after an arrest. San Diego Police Department officers take the arrest and medics are cancelled. 11:45 ...

Hot water: good for exotics, bad for kelp

Welcome yellowfin, skipjack, dorado, and wahoo

Dock Totals July 29 – Aug 4: 6,072 anglers aboard 232 trips out of San Diego landings this past week caught 192 bluefin tuna, 1,235 yellowfin tuna, 544 skipjack tuna, 1,306 dorado, 6,685 yellowtail, 9 ...

Rocks, rips, and reefs

Diving classes, free and open to the public

Of the several hundred rescues on summer weekends by San Diego lifeguards, most are people caught in rip currents. Yet those currents are used by surfers, kayakers, and swimmers as a path out through the ...

Tired kiteboarder needs a lift

Harbor Police reports July 15-27

July 27 Harbor Police responded to the area of Harbor Island for two jet skis that were capsized. Harbor Police called for the rental company to respond, assisted the subjects out of the water and ...

Why the kelp keeps producing — and Baja's fish vigilantes

Fishing in San Diego July 22-28

Dock Totals July 22 – July 28: 5,446 anglers aboard 209 trips out of San Diego landings this past week caught 213 bluefin tuna, 310 yellowfin tuna, 11 skipjack tuna, 139 dorado, 1,318 yellowtail, 5 ...

Man falls over 30 feet from cliff at No Surf Beach

Lifeguard report, June 25 to July 1

July 1 09:51 Diving: Rescue vessel responds to the Ruby E dive site for a 29 year-old male with a dislocated shoulder aboard the Humboldt. Rescue vessel transports patient to the reception dock. Patient turned ...

San Clemente Island has been pointing at the tuna

Some of the counts look horrible

Dock Totals July 15 – July 21: 5,356 anglers aboard 199 trips out of San Diego landings this past week caught 669 bluefin tuna, 243 yellowfin tuna, 19 dorado, 777 yellowtail, 1 white seabass (released), ...

40-foot sailboat stolen from the Chula Vista Marina

Harbor Police reports July 8-13

July 13 Harbor Police issued a citation to a boater who was illegally anchored in the A-1 La Playa Anchorage. The subject had been warned earlier. Harbor Police assisted a boater who fell out of ...

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