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Stuck on rocks at Ladera Park

San Diego lifeguard reports Sept. 17-23

Sept 23 07:45 Medical: Lifeguard requests medics to tower 13 for a 27 year-old male with a dislocated shoulder from a fight the night before. Medics and San Diego Police respond. Medics transport patient to ...

What to do with bonito

Tax imposed on Guadalupe Island

Dock Totals Oct 14 – Oct 20: 4,339 anglers aboard 204 trips out of San Diego landings this past week caught 452 bluefin tuna, 9,469 yellowfin tuna, 3,806 skipjack tuna, 3 bigeye tuna, 766 dorado, ...

Fleet Week's celebration on Broadway Pier

Ship visits plus Notre Dame-Annapolis party

It was the water that brought them. Since the first forays of Europeans, San Diego’s natural harbor offered a strategic naval location. Silts carried by runoff and outflow from the inland mountains could not fill ...

How a fishing boat ticket can pay for itself

Bluefin loin runs $15, lobster $21 per pound

Dock Totals Oct 7 – Oct 13: 4,334 anglers aboard 192 trips out of San Diego landings this past week caught 546 bluefin tuna, 9,322 yellowfin tuna, 3,261 skipjack tuna, 1 bigeye tuna, 636 dorado, ...

O'pen Bic – extreme sailing

Kid boats mimic skateboards

O’pen BIC is another product from Bic, and open is for the open transom of the junior-sized sailing dinghy. Like many vessel designations, the prototype became the class. The capital O and apostrophe of O’pen ...

One out of three lobsters were keepers this week

But what about San Diego or Mission Bay pollutants tainting them?

Dock Totals Sept 30 – Oct 6: 4,001 anglers aboard 183 trips out of San Diego landings this past week caught 80 bluefin tuna, 9,062 yellowfin tuna, 3,900 skipjack tuna, 3 bigeye tuna, 263 dorado, ...

Divers who want to see meet at La Jolla Shores

Why use a Secchi Disk

Snorkeling is usually a shallow water endeavor where you see the bottom while you breathe. Freedivers drop to depth, usually to hunt or forage. To get the best use of time below the surface, freediving ...

Paddle boarders pinned down

Two swimmers – one naked – transported to county mental health

Sept 22 Harbor Police responded to the A-3 Anchorage and investigated a theft of some rigging from a moored vessel. The stolen rigging is used to hoist dinghies up to the stern of a vessel. ...

Reader fish man drives further south into Baja

Washboard tooth-clatterer road is now paved

Dock Totals Sept 23 – Sept 29: 5,557 anglers aboard 250 trips out of San Diego landings this past week caught 310 bluefin tuna, 12,327 yellowfin tuna, 7,361 skipjack tuna, 11 bigeye tuna, 847 dorado, ...

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