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Navy nabs lobster divers, Harbor Patrol rescues tired swimmer

Harbor reports Oct. 22 — Nov. 10

Nov 10 - HP issued three citations to subjects that were caught scuba diving within San Diego Bay. The subjects were caught by the Navy and were found to be lobster fishing. - HP responded ...

Tuna still loitering as freezer filling time nears

Plan your trip around windy days

Dock Totals Nov 5 – Nov 11: 1,751 anglers aboard 86 boats out of San Diego landings this past week caught 106 bluefin tuna, 241 yellowfin tuna, 45 dorado, 828 yellowtail, 380 calico bass, 63 ...

Dead sea turtle, dog locked in car, drunken dad with infants

Lifeguard reports Oct. 23 through Oct. 29

Oct 29 09:00 - Medical: Lifeguards and emergency respond to incident with multiple patients. Lifeguards clear. Fire handles. 11:28 - Medical: Lifeguard responds to 911 call of stingray patient near Black Gold Rd. Patient is ...

Dixon Lake — small lake, huge fish

Nov. 18-19 trout opener will draw the bass

Dixon Lake, one of the smaller lakes in San Diego County, has proven itself mighty in the bass fishing realm. From April 2001 until May 2003, the little lake within the Escondido city limits produced ...

Full moon brings on bluefin tuna bite

Hard to fish through the bonito

Dock Totals Oct 29 – Nov 4: 2,320 anglers aboard 106 boats out of San Diego landings this past week caught 536 bluefin tuna, 314 yellowfin tuna, 199 skipjack tuna, 87 dorado, 1,095 yellowtail, 1 ...

Kayak fishing like the Pericú

Southern Baja resort brings back the spirit of early natives

As European explorers made their way northward along the eastern Pacific, the natives at the southernmost portion of Baja were the Pericú. The Pericú had little, if any, interaction with other tribes. Their isolation left ...

Always use a hot bait

1000 pounds of trout put in Santee Lakes

Dock Totals Oct 22 – Oct 28: 3,370 anglers aboard 141 boats out of San Diego landings this past week caught 123 bluefin tuna, 2,945 yellowfin tuna, 595 skipjack tuna, 368 dorado, 3,271 yellowtail, 1 ...

Two persons rescued at Blacks Beach cliff, stingray barb imbedded, speeding at Hilton, stuck kayakers at Devil's Slides, human-like sea lion

Lifeguards busy Sept 26-Oct.1

Oct 1 07:55 - Swimming: 54-year-old male pulled from the water at Bahia Point, Mission Bay Triathlon event. Special events lifeguard on scene, CPR in progress, automated external defibrillator deployed. 1 shock given. Medical, emergency ...

Lake Jennings spookiness just before it closes

Scripps oceanographers and Helix Water will put dye in water in November

If you see an eerie reddish tint to the water at Lake Jennings on Halloween, it’s not spooks and goblins at work; it is a result of the lake’s hydraulic mixing action being tested by ...

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