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Stolen sailboat found, bilge fire, and a shot television

Early October Harbor Patrol calls

Oct 13 Harbor Patrol impounded a small vessel that was adrift near buoy #19. The owner of the dinghy overheard USCG broadcasting the hazard on VHF channel 16. He then met Harbor Patrol at the ...

Extreme Sailing Series Act 7 — spectators will get good look

Kiteboards to join hydrofoils at Harbor Island

In 2013 Team USA’s Oracle, a hydrofoil fitted catamaran flew around San Francisco Bay and won the America’s Cup. By 2016, the Extreme 40, a sleek carbon fiber conventional catamaran, was replaced by the hydrofoil-equipped ...

Bonito bite excellent — good bait for lobster hoop-netters

San Diego fishing totals October 8-14

Dock Totals Oct 8 – Oct 14: 3,793 anglers aboard 165 boats out of San Diego landings this past week caught 139 bluefin tuna, 4,815 yellowfin tuna, 1,331 skipjack tuna, 469 dorado, 2,164 yellowtail, 1 ...

Slip and fall, suicide attempt, boat collision, motorhome fire, distressed whale

Lifeguard calls September 18 through 24

Sept 24 09:33 - Enforcement: Transient male acting erratic at Tourmaline parking lot. Lifeguard and SDPD respond. Suspect questioned and released by SDPD. 10:56 - Boating: Vessel taking on water 1 mile off of Mission ...

Pretty darn good fishing

Lobster and tuna impressive — dock totals October 1-7

Dock Totals Oct 1 – Oct 7: 3,449 anglers aboard 164 boats out of San Diego landings this past week caught 1 swordfish, 763 bluefin tuna, 4,682 yellowfin tuna, 488 skipjack tuna, 529 dorado, 662 ...

Fleet Week: Ready to get yelled at by Marine drill instructor?

Navy cruisers, amphibious ships, destroyers, frigates, submarines, landing craft will fill San Diego Bay.

Though New York, Seattle, Los Angeles and San Francisco host military parades in their harbors, Fleet Week in San Diego was first. On May 29, 1935 a U.S. Marine Corps color guard-led parade crossed the ...

Boat fire turns out to be flag burning at Campland

San Diego lifeguard report Sept. 4-9

September 9 00:14 - Swimming: Possible suicide attempt south of OB Pier. Lifeguards, emergency, medical and SDPD units on scene. SDPD takes suspect into custody. 08:38 - Other: Smoke, possible boat fire near Campland by ...

Fewer anglers but still getting the exotic species

The shallows have been turning out California corbina and barred surf perch

Saltwater Dock Totals Sept 24 – Sept 30: 4,080 anglers aboard 175 boats out of San Diego landings this past week caught 113 bluefin tuna, 5,312 yellowfin tuna, 567 skipjack tuna, 825 dorado, 1,215 yellowtail, ...

Female swimmer unties boats; illegal aliens jump off dark boat onto Shelter Island

Two weeks of Harbor Patrol adventures

Sept 22 Harbor Patrol investigated a vessel collision that occurred at the Harbor Police guest slips when one vessel was attempting to back out of a slip in strong winds. Due to the impact of ...

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