Architecture & art

A certain kind of God

A full-body hit of the gorgeous agressions of late 19th and early 20th-century art.

A certain kind of God

Burgled secrecies

The shots are exposures of exposure, sometimes detailed with bite marks, scars, bruises, and burns.

The first photograph I saw by Brassaï, many years ago, was a 1948 portrait of Jean Genet. Hands in pockets, slight of form, his face an ambiguous index of skittishness and cunning, Genet offers and ...

Beauty built on blood

Teotihuacan 2003 finds at L.A. County Art Museum

In 2003, an archaeologist digging near the Feathered Serpent Pyramid, one of the grand structures at the ancient city of Teotihuacan in Central Mexico, felt a soft spot in the earth that turned out to ...

Arts in San Diego: From the visual to the hard-to-find

Movies, theater, artsy spots, special nonprofits, textiles, classical music, dance

No better musical experience of its kind in the world (!) Opera, symphony, Mainly Mozart, L.J Music Society, Bach Collegium, ProArte Voices. By Garrett Harris Used T-shirts, medical gauze, old hankies — The faction of ...

Plays and actors to look out for in San Diego

Not overwhelmed, but definitely whelmed

Director in demand — Christopher Ashley The La Jolla Playhouse’s artistic director Christopher Ashley won the 2017 Tony Award for best director of a musical, the playhouse’s Broadway hit Come From Away. So, what’s he ...

Dance is all around us, but hard to find

Lux Boreal, Blythe Barton, SD Dance Connect, Mojalet, Malashock, P.A.W., Jean Isaacs, and White Box

San Diego is home to accomplished dancers and choreographers, but not home to many venues appropriate to showcase their works. As choreographer-dancer Blythe Barton explains, “The San Diego modern dance scene is ever-evolving and seems ...

No better musical experience of its kind in the world (!)

Opera, symphony, Mainly Mozart, L.J Music Society, Bach Collegium, ProArte Voices

The San Diego classical music scene encompasses every genre of the artform. Chamber, orchestral, opera, and choral music are well represented. We’ve selected two large organizations, two medium-sized, and two boutique groups. They are the ...

Used T-shirts, medical gauze, old hankies

The faction of San Diego artists who work in textiles

Whether it’s oil painted on canvas, a photograph printed on paper, or a dance performed on stage, an artist’s medium is chosen because it best suits the message the artist intends to communicate. And for ...

Why I joined Rotten Tomatoes

Big world on a big screen

Over a recent weekend, I listened to the audiobook of Patton Oswalt’s memoir Silver Screen Fiend: Learning About Life from an Addiction to Film. At one point, the actor and comedian recounts a 1996 trip ...

San Diego arts nonprofits on the ground

Open to homeless, recycling, immigrants

Nonprofits nationwide are nervously waiting to gauge the impact of the recent tax overhaul, which reduces the number of taxpayers who qualify for the charitable deduction by about half and is predicted to slash giving ...

Quirky artsy spots sprinkled all over the county

Favorite Color and One Pointed Attention murals, Pigment, Harper's Topiary, S.D. Botanical Gardens, Heritage Park, Spanish Village

Thanks to our constant sunshine, San Diego is one the most photogenic cities in the country. And then there are the views from of our coastlines, inland valley, desert, and mountains. We don’t lack for ...

Familiar muralists, but a lot unfamiliar

The uncanny in Balboa Park

One pleasure of anthology exhibitions is discovering pictures by unfamiliar artists. The English-born artist Leonora Carrington was new to me when I saw a small picture by her in Modern Masters from Latin America, currently ...

Deep, unusual Mexico in photos

Our Lady of Guadalupe, drug-war dead, the border from above, filthy rich girls

Modern Masters from Latin America reminds us, if we need to be reminded, that Modernism knew no borders. Point/Counterpoint, a compelling selection of 19 contemporary Mexican photographers currently at the Museum of Photographic Arts, has ...

Eyes of O.B. Pier

Guerrilla artist comes forward, explains dragon tears project

Jann Manning says, “One day when I was walking on the [O.B.] pier, which I love to do, I noticed there were a lot of holes in the pier [concrete] and it was kind of ...

La Jolla's version of Henry Darger

The corkscrew-childlike inner life of Santiago

A recent exhibition of works by the artist known as Santiago — aka Charlie Chimpo, aka “the Scripps Institute of Oceanography’s Retard Grandson” (a self-applied sobriquet) — during a festival at La Jolla’s Mary Star ...

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