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Is High Tech High at Liberty Station smoke and mirrors?

We like the idea of public high school, but we have a few concerns

Thousands of applicants, a little over 100 seats to fill at High Tech International school.

Anti-war protesters visit Juan Vargas’s Chula Vista office

Invited in for a sit-down

On this auspicious day, September 11, on the corner of Third and F Street in Chula Vista, six protesters chanted “No justice, no peace, U.S. out of the Middle East!” and “Money for jobs and ...

Hungry crows feast on figs in San Marcos

Undeterrable thousands

Fig-tree groves along North Twin Oaks Road in San Marcos are being invaded by thousands of crows. According to Jerry Burke, who has a small grove on Solar Lane, just off Twin Oaks Road, it’s ...

The Toasters

My desktop screensaver is of an anonymous woman sitting poolside, back to the camera, showing an inscription tattooed onto her right shoulder: “Don’t let the bastards grind you down.” That’s solid advice. And I’m guessing ...

Iron-gut hotshot hits Asia Wok

Ed raves about the offerings at Asia Wok (and the low prices!). Then he goes ahead and dispels the legend of Mongolian barbecue — another dirty lie revealed, kids!

I'm in Guns 'N Roses (and Mudgrass)

One of the guys in Mudgrass says Facebook is “a massive waste of time.” Another guy says he rode a bicycle in Manhattan for almost ten years. Geniuses all!

Phantom feeling groovy

South Bay drummer Victor Penalosa scores full-time gig with San Francisco’s Flamin’ Groovies.

Divine Manipulation

My friend and creative cohort Terri likes to joke about how manipulative she thinks I am. “I’m not manipulating you,” I’ll say, to which Terri will respond, “How do I know that your saying that ...

Chaplos' Gaslamp Quarter

If there was any doubt that bartending and cocktail culture is becoming a community effort in San Diego, Chaplos bartender Bek Allen’s new namesake drinks she mixes behind her bar will put them to rest ...

Mutual wounds

Destin Cretton’s award-winning Sundance short film, Short Term 12, gets a feature-length expansion.

Pain in the foot: part one

The plantar fascia and you.

Plantar fasciitis. The mere whisper of these words will make a runner tremble. Maybe you think runners are too delicate and fragile. How about Eli Manning? He’s a tough football player. Yes, but he’s a ...

Coast to Crest Trail, Del Mar

Early morning or late afternoons are the best times for birding on this section of the Pacific Flyway.

Here comes the Thing

MxPx front man Mike Herrera and Sonic Youth front woman Kim Gordon, rock-star headliners of this weekend’s San Diego Music Thing.

This week in the San Diego clubs, September 12–18

Thursday 12“San Diego Music Thing” really captures the imagination, doesn’t it? Ooph. The “Thing” is much too much for my brief blurt, so click on this for the gist: As luck would have it, ...

Zane Zillner paints with scent

Hillcrest aromatherapist goes way beyond the idea of scented candles as he makes art for the sense of smell.

Painters blend and layer pigments to make their art. Musicians layer sound. Zane Zillner, working in his fantastic-smelling little office at Hapenstans Salon, layers smells. While he earns his living as a massage therapist, it’s ...

Thinking Flashes in the Sky (Part 1)

Newfangled aircraft or UFOs?

On June 23, 1947, pilot Richard Rankin saw a fleet of ten aircraft that became known as the first “flying saucers.”

Mobile phone cash

A bit more light has been shed on funding for that dark money group calling itself “No Labels,” and backed by Democratic ex-president Bill Clinton. Despite Clinton’s endorsement, the non-profit says it is “a growing ...

Meet Duck Foot Beer

Upcoming brewery leading with flavor while leaving out the gluten

It’s hard to sum up exactly how it feels when a brewer uncaps a bottle of their beer and tells you the first time they tried it, it tasted like armpit. It’s a real anticipation ...

Pointed toes and pompadours

Formerly of Billy Bacon and the Forbidden Pigs, drummer/singer Chris Giorgio talks about his piggish past and new Farm Jazz EP. Oink!

Trash, gambling, and Democrats

It’s second call for San Diego Democrats and their annual convention at the Pala Casino next month. The sign-up deadline was extended to September 12 to drum up business. “We’ve just confirmed California Assembly Speaker ...

Sex scandals that preceded Bob Filner

Even our beloved Founding Fathers had sex scandals

Watergate wasn't a sex scandal, but it ignited decades of them as media learned where the money was.

Really smoking sediment

Some big news over at Southwest Strategies, the lobbying boutique founded by ex-Tribune city hall reporter Al Ziegaus. The firm, which represents a colorful array of clients, from the MedBox marijuana vending machine company to ...

The roots of San Diego rock ‘n roll

Hunting Elvis naked

Remember when Elvis came to town in 1955? Remember the 12 girls running nude through the halls of the El Cortez Hotel, looking for Elvis? This blogger does.

Deep thoughts from deep readers

Stop Blaming Men Is Maggie Young (“Peter Pan in San Diego”) vying for the Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind reward of the post-sexual revolution when she passes herself off as an eternal virgin yet ...


We walked the city after dark, talking about the things that mattered to us then: the most vivid ways to live, how to keep the fire ablaze inside; the girls we’d loved, the women we’d ...