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San Diego's official fashion week

A few yards of lace

San Diego Fashion Week (the first ever) will involve more than flip-flops and bathing suits.

Yacht Fire on Harbor Island

A large yacht went up in flames on Harbor Island near downtown Wednesday morning just after 11 a.m. Smoke from the fire, which was docked at Harbor Island Marina, blew over downtown and was visible ...

Blood Red Shoes

Aimee Mann, meet Cold War Kids. Blood Red Shoes, yet another drum-and-guitar rock duo sound as if tutored by both L.A. artists. They were not. They are, in fact, a British band. Laura-Mary Carter and ...

Mandelbrot Set

I grimaced at the tiny slip of paper in my hand. “I think this one’s written in German,” I groaned. “How am I supposed to give clues or act it out if I don’t even ...

Josh Damigo defected to L.A. — he's back.

"I’m a mix of Switchfoot and Taylor Swift,” says singer/songwriter Josh Damigo. “My music is pop, with a slight twang. I usually play acoustic, but I also have a technically talented group of guys that ...

Red Velvet Cheesecake

Joe Burns of Waters Fine Foods offers up a red velvet cheesecake with chocolate ganache.

The Lei Lounge's Tokyo Plum

As an Asian-fusion restaurant that seeks to bring the best of Eastern and Western cuisine under one pagoda, the Lei Lounge is offering an intriguing twist to the cocktail concept. Take, for instance, one of ...

Sweet, Salty, Sticky

Always order the fish sauce chicken wings at Que Huong.

Raunchy Peaches

DJ Peaches to host the Peaches DJ Extravaganza in Tijuana.

Record-Release Roundup

The local band compilation Staring at the Sun Volume 10 will debut with an all-ages show at Lestat’s on October 6, featuring a bill that includes Tolan Shaw, the Comeuppance (performing as a quartet), David ...

Fur Peace

Fur Peace Ranch guitar camp, established in 1989 by Jorma Kaukonen and his wife Vanessa, comes to San Diego.

Two guns up

Thursday 27Highwayman Billy Don Burns rides into town to highjack the Shakedown stage on Thursday. Burns has produced albums and written songs for country luminaries Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson, Connie Smith, and Johnny Paycheck. His ...

Torta Trundlers

Bolillo aims to be as big with their tortas as Chipotle is with burritos.

Communist Daughter

Communist Daughter’s “Not the Kid” rumbles along on a rolling rhythm. There is a part of the song in which singer-songwriter Johnny Solomon breathes loudly, like he’s running to get away from the rest of ...

Jerry Schad Memorial Trail

Guidebook author Jerry Schad’s favorite Balboa Park trail and an opportunity to volunteer service.

The Hood

After the sun goes down, the fists and sushi start flying.

Allegiance, an important musical at the Old Globe

Everything became extreme, chaotic, life-threatening for over 120,000 Japanese Americans.

The Greek Sombrero

Garlic carrots and surly regulars at the Greek Sombrero.

Mounted Martial Arts

An interview with Katie Stearns, mounted martial artist (she does archery while riding a horse).

The Bunny Was Fine

How Bunny Gang was born and how well they’re doing.

Twinkle Lights for Hillcrest

Earlier this month, the Hillcrest Business Association voted to approve a new project that will add some sparkle to a block of the community’s streets. The Uptown News reported that "the project to install a ...

It's all Chinese to Spelich

Once upon a time, John Spelich was the king of San Diego PR. Today he’s in a war with Google, fighting on behalf of one of China’s biggest internet companies over the future of the ...

Get a Manly Pedi in TJ

Pedicabs experience a surge of popularity in downtown Tijuana.

Shamu's Super PAC

It hasn’t given away any money yet, but a federal political action committee set up by the new owners of SeaWorld has been raking in a lot of cash from park employees. The SeaWorld Parks ...

Mary Hoffman takes on CPUC

California Public Utilities Commission president Michael Peevey under the microscope

The state’s major utilities — San Diego Gas & Electric, Pacific Gas & Electric, and Southern California Edison — realize that renewable energy represents the future. So, in defiance of federal law, these big utilities ...

Best Places to Train as a DJ in San Diego

It started at Disneyland, of all places. The park brought in a DJ to perform in sync with a light show built around Tron: Legacy. My teenage son saw stars. He already makes music on ...

Air travel in the jet stream; why your specs can't be glued

Hey Matt:I got my tickets yesterday to fly from Los Angeles to São Paulo, Brazil, at the end of the year. On my way to Brazil it will take 10 hours, 45 minutes on my ...


Correction Andaz San Diego was incorrectly referred to as “a Hilton hotel” in our August 30 cover story, “<a href="http://Guys Are Gross.” Andaz is a Hyatt hotel. — Editor Prostituted, Not Prostitute I was very ...

The Popol Vuh

Wait! thou Maker, thou Modeler, look at us, listen to us, don’t let us fall, don’t leave us aside, thou god in the sky, on the earth, Heart of Sky, Heart of Earth, give us ...


It’s a sad posture I’ve been placed in. The gates are guarded and I can’t jump the fence; the peptic nature of too much roughage. Pills for this, pills for that. I guess I’m here ...

Amin Nash: Journal

A San Diego newcomer (a Muslim from Vegas) falls in love with the city.