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A local activist who was reported missing after disappearing for five days has been found alive and well. U-T San Diego reported late Tuesday, September 25th, that 32 year old Aleph Jiménez Domínguez was on his way to Mexico City to be questioned by authorities. Jiménez had reportedly been in federal custody in La Paz for several days.

Jiménez stated he has been hassled since his first arrest on September 15th during a Yo Soy 132 protest. He told friends that he feared for his life before temporarily disappearing on September 20th.

Tuesday evening Jiménez filed a formal complaint with the Comisión Nacional de los Derechos Humanos (National Commission of Human Rights) in Mexico City. Reports conflict on whether Jiménez initially was on his way to Mexico City to file the complaint or to be further questioned by federal authorities.

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