Clairemont -- it isn’t Las Vegas.  But it’s home.
  • Clairemont -- it isn’t Las Vegas. But it’s home.
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Title: Amin Nash: Journal


Author: Amin Nash

From: Clairemont

Blogging since: March 2012

Post Title: Tales of An Insomniac: The First Month in San Diego

Post Date: June 29, 2012

Reminiscing over past events is often necessary to stir a spark within oneself to step up and succeed. Last month, I had a very turbulent first night in San Diego, but I am not surrounded by the type of people who will allow me to turn to any harsh forms of personal punishment. Happily, since the adventure of my car being towed, I have discovered the beautiful city and people of San Diego, and with them a completely new inspiration to step up my personal goals for life.

On June 3rd, I decided to drive back home to Las Vegas. I spent two nights there, telling my friends and family the story of my first night in San Diego, and taking the opportunity to spend a night out in the city for the last time. For me, things got interesting when my buddies and I stopped by one of the most high-profile strip clubs in the city, because when the strippers tried to make small talk with me they asked me where I was from. I didn’t know if I should say I was from Las Vegas or from San Diego. I had a long talk with one of the girls that I knew at the club (yes, when you’re from Vegas, you will have stripper friends), and we eventually came to the conclusion that going through such a harsh first night solidified my residency in San Diego.

My heart was breaking when I was saying my farewells to all my friends and family, but it wasn’t until I arrived back in San Diego that I was filled with a new feeling of ambition. I felt like crying, not out of sadness, but out of the overwhelming feeling that I have the entire city of Las Vegas behind my back. Thinking of how my friends guided me with open arms and how my family supported me with a strong grip made me realize just how hard I need to work for their honor and my own well-being.

I didn’t even take one second to rest, for as soon as I arrived in Clairemont, I spent the majority of the day stopping by every single business around my house to apply for a job. I spent the majority of my second week in San Diego just walking around the gorgeous area of Clairemont, meeting wonderful people and applying for different jobs.

Detailing all the things I have seen in downtown San Diego would need a completely separate post, but the one thing I will mention is how some kids here think they can get away with doing something stupid just by talking. If I watch you go up to a girl and smack her in the face, why would you try to tell me that everything is fine? You just smacked a girl; you’re obviously a worthless piece of crap who needs to spend a month or two in a Neil Strauss class in order to learn how to behave around the opposite gender.

Along with exploring the wonderful beaches, I spent a few days exploring the enormous Balboa Park. The fact that the city gives such history to its residents is breathtaking in itself. I took full advantage, taking notes from every single museum and botanical garden.

San Diego is a city where one can discover what his spirit is meant to accomplish. Through the gorgeous environment and geography, to the unprecedented amount of hard work that every resident has to do, San Diego is probably the most spectacular city in the world, and I’m proud and honored to call it my new home.

Every night is ended in the local Masjid (the Muslim temple, for the non-Muslims reading). For an hour, I spend time in silence, recollecting my soul to God and everything around me. During the last days of June, I realized that I am always saying, “Please help me,” begging higher powers to give me what I want. I shortly realized that I need to always be thankful for this wonderful adventure I am on, and have now started saying “Thank you” to the higher powers. I have been given a gift to succeed further in this beautiful life.

[Post edited for length and clarity]

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