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Concert promoter Bonnie Wright continues her forward-leaning Fresh Sound concert series on Oct. 2, with the West Coast debut of the NYC duet of double bassist Ken Filiano and electric guitarist Anders Nilsson.

Filiano is a virtuoso of the highest order. I first became aware of his talents about 20 years ago, when he was living in LA and appeared on some Vinny Golia records. I was immediately attracted to his startling facility, dark tone and liquid sense of phrasing.

His musical partner for this concert is more of a mystery to me — although I've been listening to several CD's by Mr. Nilsson this week — and can say with assurance that he is equally adept at modern, clean-toned spiky presentations and ones that veer off into a sonic caterwaul with multiple distortion effects and electronic devices. There is also a definite "rock-guitar" aesthetic in his music--and he acknowledges influences from Deep Purple to Frank Zappa.

"The music we'll be playing will be a combination of pieces by us and improvisations that we'll weave together," said Filiano, via e-mail. "We are both coming from the starting point that improvisational processes and compositional processes have many points in common--so we like to have both on hand."

I asked Wright what put the duo on her radar.

"Well, Ken I've known for many years," said Wright. "I heard them play at the 55 Bar when I was in New York, and I was blown away--so, I asked if they were ever coming the West Coast, and it turns out they are doing a gig the following night at Redcat in LA--and I jumped at the opportunity to bring them to San Diego."

This could be the sleeper concert of the year. Highly recommended to those who love creative music.

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